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Forever Again



by Romulus USER (30 Reviews)
January 13th, 2011 | 10 replies

Release Date: 1994 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Eric's Trip escapes from reality

Released less than a year after Eric's Trip debut full-length, Forever Again came as a jolt in more ways than one. Whatever romantic tension flared between vocalists Rick White and Julie Doiron that made Love Tara such an engaging listen seemed to have dissipated, or at the very least, wasn't really the first thing on the band's mind anymore. It's tough to put any of the weight on White or Doiron, as each turns in an impressive vocal performance (although the role of the latter is disappointingly limited), instead Eric's Trip seem to have lost their subtlety. It was this that made Love Tara special, the way that a line like “I didn’t even tell my brother. I just finished telling my mother. She took it okay” just wouldn't have been acceptable on the band's debut--- but here it makes up the majority of the minute-long "About You."

Even forgoing the comparisons, Forever Again rarely eclipses adequate, especially throughout its first half. "New Love" starts off well enough with its bass-heavy gallop complementing White, but is succeeded by a string of sub-two minute tracks that ebb and flow seemingly without purpose. The record gains no continuity for it, adopting a forced and choppy feel that it fails to shake until the final few cuts. Furthermore, the first taste of White and Doiron together is buried far too deep into the album in "December '93," one of several nostalgia-heavy tracks on that fall well short of their potential both musically and lyrically. Never is the dropoff more noticeable than in the harmonized opening line "I don't know what to do/I'm not in love with you," a far cry from the poignancy of the song's Love Tara counterpart, "Stove."

Perhaps most surprising is the band's newfound affinity for quick electric rompers and generally, their dismissal of their acoustic side. The instrumentation is unpolished, yes, but the album suffers more for its haphazard track placement and refusal to alter-- or more accurately, develop-- a formula. The ideas here, especially lyrically, just aren't fully developed, at times seeming like little more than a collection of Love Tara (or more accurately, Purple Blue) outtakes, yet small moments of brilliance remain that remind of what Eric's Trip is truly capable.

Still, the album begins to find more depth in its guitar-heavy sound in the latter half. "My Bed is Red" effectively makes use of its four-plus minute length, and the grungy riffage of several of the cuts is more than welcome, adding a fair bit of electricity and contrasting with the lethargic groove that Forever Again manages to slip into far too often. Both "My Chest is Empty" and the title track are anomalies as far as the rest of the record is concerned, but while Doiron turns the former into a beautiful acoustic piece, the latter serves more as a reminder of what Forever Again could-- and should-- have been.

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Love Tara

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January 13th 2011


1- hi guys it's been ages since i reviewed
2- i guess this could be a discog maybe. but not really because it's been so long but i plan to get to purple blue eventually
3- hoping to start anew and get some of my old reviews deleted but for that to happen i'd have to both review more and get my reviews deleted neither of which seem likely at the moment
4- summary was also my summary for love tara except i used the actual line there

January 13th 2011


love tara is gold but nothing else these guys have done really holds up to it

nice review :X

January 14th 2011


Nice Ryan, haven't heard this but I'm not sure I'll get it to considering the low ratings. Love Tara is amazing though.

January 14th 2011


i've wanted to check these guys out

most because they're named after an awesome SY song

January 14th 2011


yeah i'm basically agreed with you kane. i wouldn't bother with this mike, but Purple Blue is much better if you're looking for something else by them.

banana if you haven't picked it up by now Love Tara is definitely the place to start if you're interested

January 14th 2011


Love Tara rules, never heard this though

Digging: Bad Books - III

January 14th 2011


just seeing this on the front page makes me want to rock love tara again; it's been too long

this is their worst album by a large margin (it just feels disjointed, I guess, and the songs themselves just aren't as strong) but it's still pretty solid, though

great review too

December 21st 2012


This is their best album. Holy crap...maybe it's a matter of taste, but at least it deserves a 3,5.

December 21st 2012


hey eric's trip!

haven't listened in ages but i much prefer their other two to this

December 21st 2012


Album Rating: 4.0

I wouldn't say this is their best, but it's still fantastic imo. I don't really dislike a single Eric's Trip album, I just like some more than others aha. I'd say Purple Blue is my favourite though.

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