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Release Date: 2009 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Adelaide is a young metal band that is sure to make a name for themselves in the near future. Their debut release Pergamum is loaded with powerful vocals, catchy guitar riffs, and intricate drumming.

Adelaide is a Christian Death Metal band based out of Columbia, TN (about 40 min. south of Nashville) I have watched these guys go through many line up changes and record countless demos. Pergamum is their first legitimate release. The first thing I want to comment on is the recording quality. They went to Brian Hood (ex. MychildrenMybride) and they got pretty much what you would expect; over processed vocals, obviously triggered drums, and you guessed it inaudible bass. But aside from the flaws that you will get out of pretty much every metal record, it's a solid recording.

First track is "Way We Roll" starts out wit a series of impressive fills from drummer Tyler Matyskiela; who handles the majority of the transitions on the album. The track is slightly lengthy but has a solid groove that makes you wanna flail your arms around like a chimpanzee. Not one of the better tracks on the album but's it's worth an occasional listen.

Next is their hit track "Shadowed By Serpents". This track really defines Adelaide's sound with a solid groove, catchy guitar licks, and outstanding vocals. Guitarists Jake Marsh and Shea Kimbrough do an excellent job of keeping things interesting in this release; they shy away from the generic super melodic riffs, and brutal chug parts, and replace them with well thought out written riffs that any metalhead can boogie to.

"One Like The Son Of Man" kicks it off with one of the bands few melodic riffs. It's a fun track but nothing here you wouldn't hear from any other band of the genre. I would say this is my least favorite on the album.

"Faltered Has Become Self Aware" is where Adelaide starts to branch out into some new territory. The track features the album's only guitar solo; the tone makes it sound like something you would hear out of a video game, but it's still quite enjoyable. Following the solo is a series of intricate tom beats building up to a massive breakdown to finish things off. This is the only track written by the current line up; the rest of the songs were 1 to 2 years old, and it definitely shows the progression of this group.

They end "Pergamum" with my personal favorite track, "For All Those In The Dark". Lee Moss from Resurrect The Morning is featured on this track, and does a brilliant job of bringing a straight hardcore feel to the part he does. Musically the song is heavy filled with plenty of breakdowns and stand out vocal's from Vocalist Sam Schneider. As much as i enjoy the music on this track the lyrics are what I really enjoy. The song is talking about all the people living outside of the light of Christ. It shows off their passion for serving God and sets them apart from most Christian metal bands who can often seem like a trend fading in and out.

Exceptional vocals; broad range
Catchy Guiar riffs
Energetic Drumming that holds a very solid groove

Inaudible bass
Guitar tones are a little too clean at times
Drums sound like incredibly fake

It's a great release from an up and coming band. I'm am very excited to see what this band can do in albums to come.

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December 4th 2010


Album Rating: 2.5

Like, holy shit, I got their demo a year or two back, didn't know they still existed.

December 5th 2010


Holy shit, I used to play drums in this band. Tyler puts me to shame haha.

Strange to see it reviewed on Sputnik.

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