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October 22nd, 2005 | 3 replies

Release Date: 1999 | Tracklist

Super Furry Animals is a very interesting band. They construct some very catchy pop tunes, while combining a lot of different elements into there songs to make them interesting. This is amazing because very few bands can write good pop songs yet manage to keep them interesting by combinging different genres to keep things interesting. SFA have been around since 1996 and have released seven albums. This is my second favorite SFA album next to there brilliant album "Radiator." "Guerilla" features a lot of catchy pop songs that you should be able to get into right away. However, even though "Guerilla" features a lot of pop tunes it has less lyrical and musical depth. That being said "Guerilla" is still a brilliant album but I slightly prefer "Radiator."

"Guerilla" is energetic, fun, and quirky at some points. In other songs they can be moody, witty, and soft. Throughout all of this SFA are very unique and this album has a lot of range. "Do Or Die" is a short, catchy, loveable pop tune that will get you singing along right off the bat. "Night Vision" is an eerie, distorted, psychadelic tune that clocks in at 4:41. From this we go to "The Door Remains Open" a soft & smooth track that hints toward techno and electronica. This album is all over the place yet all of these songs sound original and fresh every time you listen to them. This a unique album because the basic sound of it is pop, but the Super Furry Animals combine in techno, rock, psychadelica, electronic, and soft tunes to make the sound more full and fun. "Guerilla" never features a dull moment just because Super Furry Animals keep things intersting all the way throughout the album. These songs are fun, catchy, and quirky, while a few songs are delicate, soft, and complex. "Guerilla" won't disappoint pop fans, or fans that are looking for something different and unique.

If there was one other band I could compare the Super Furry Animals with I would. The funny things is they don't sound like one seperate band. I would describe them as a combination of Mercury Rev and The Apples In Stereo. They can be spacey and dreamy in one track and another track later they will sound like a catchy pop band. Sometimes they even combine these two elements to make a truly unique and interesting sound. I would say that "Guerilla" is definately an expiremental album. SFA expirement with different keyboard synths, guitar solos, ambient tracks, odd vocals deliveries, and funk sounds. No two songs on this album sound the same. The Super Furry Animals are constantly mixing things up and they keep you guessing. This album is fun, playful, energetic, free spirited, quirky, expiremental, and complex. The Super Furry Animals cram so many different sounds into there pop music that it comes out perfectly. Even though this album is expiremental it works. "Guerilla" amazes me nearly every time I listen to it just because these songs can be catchy and I discover new stuff every time I listen to it. This album is for those who like catchy pop tunes, or for someone who just wants something fun and unique.

Gruff's vocals also mix excellent with the music, but they need your patience. At first his vocals may sound odd, off key and hard to understand. I thought this the first time I heard the album, but after three listens I got used to them, and now I love them. Please, do not let the vocals ruin the music because you will get used to them. Gruff can sound out off tune and high pitched in some moments, and then he can sound like a soft old man whispering the vocals. His vocals are not whiney and annoying, they are just sort of odd and quirky. Once you listen to this music a few times you will get used to the vocal delivery and find out that it works great with the expiremental pop tunes.

The Super Furry Animals use a bunch of instruments. Keyboards, all kinds of guitars, mandolins, pianos, brass instruments and more. These instruments don't take over the sound induvisualy, but they each do there job by adding in there sound to give the music more depth. While this album uses a ton of instruments you might not even notice. If you are just a casual listener than a lot of these songs may just sound like pop tunes. Listen more carefully and you will discover that SFA have a deep, complex sound. That's what makes "Guerilla" so great, it will satisfy the casual listner, and the listener who really wants to hear everything. You do not need to crank the volume way up when you listen to this album, but you should give it some attention if you want the full effect. There is a wide variety of instruments used so keep listening and you will discover new things with each listen.

Overall this album is one of my favorite alt/pop albums of all time. SFA just do so many different things that amaze me. This album isn't a basic pop album, but it is a complex album with interesting melodies and hooks. You don't need a lot of patience to get into this album, but you may have to listen to it two or three times to get into it. Once you get into "Guerilla" you may never want to stop listening to it. I've had this in my cd player for a weeks at a time, it is just so catchy. This album covers a lot of genres, so don't get this if you are picky and need a certain genre of music. "Guerilla" isn't an over the top weird album, but it is odd at points. I recommend this album to anyone who likes alt/pop music, or for anyone who wants something new and truly unique.

Overall Rating : 4.5/5

Album Art :

Catchy Songs
Great combo of catchy songs and expirementation
Not a bad track

Some may not like the vocals
May be too odd to listen to

Recommended Tracks :
"Do Or Die"
"Night Vision"
"The Door To This House Remains Open"
"Keeping The Cosmic Trigger Happy"

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October 23rd 2005


amazing work as usual.

Scott Herren
October 23rd 2005


if i had time, i would review rings around the world as it is my favorite album of the century. nice to see super furry animals reviews. for i while i thought they wouldn't get a review.

October 23rd 2005


Very nice revew.


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