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The Strange Situation EP



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October 22nd, 2005 | 1 replies

Release Date: 2002 | Tracklist

Call Florence Pow have released one full length album and one EP. I can't get my hand on the album, so I only own The Stange Situation EP. Call Florence Pow is an electronic/rock band with a lot of energy and emotion. This duo combines hard rocking guitars with a heavy does of electronic effects. This EP is not very long, docking in around 15 minutes or so if you want an album with a lot of length, this won't do the job. I've heard some people refer to Call Florence Pow as "nintendo rock" or the equivelent to electronic rock. You should enjoy this EP if you like rock music mixed in with a lot of electronic effects and synth noises. CFP is a perfect band if you want some energetic, loud electro/rock music.

Electronic rock can mean a lot of different things. Bands like Air, and The Killers may come to mind. Although those are two completely different bands they could possibly be shoved into the same category. Call Florence Pow isn't like Air or anything like The Killers. CFP has a bunch of energy and they use it in all of there songs. This EP is very loud and is heavily influenced by hair metal rock and electronic music. "One Of A Kind" starts off with hard rock power chords, and then quickly turns into an expiremental electronic jam. These songs don't have too much range but I would describe this music as hard rock plus expiremental electronica. This EP is not soft at all. Blazing guitars, and out of control vocals dominate the music, and when CFP adds in the effects this duo is at there best. "Mother Dying" is a very eerie and emotional track that sounds like it would be used in an old scary movie. "New Life" is an expiremental electronic track that doesn't feature much heavy-rock influences, this track is a breath of fresh air. I would say that Call Florence Pow is a great pump up band, there music has energetic and it hardly ever lets up.

Although this music can be fun and exciting for the most part there are some down sides. "Creepy Girls" is a freaky track, that is stricly hit or miss. It's foundation is a power chord and "la la la" vocals. "Creepy Girls" just doesn't seem to work because it is too basic and there isn't much emotion or energy. Aside from that track the other weakness would be that you can't play this whenever you want. This music is useful when you need to be pumped up or get excited for something. You simply cannot listen to this EP if you need to think about something or even just relax because there is so much going on in each track. This EP is also very loud, CFP hardly ever let up.

The vocals could also be a possible weakness. The vocals are fuzzy, muffled, loud, and are sometimes too much. The vocals can get on your nerves because they can be too loud and too difficult to understand. Although the vocals mix in well with the hard rocking electronic music, you just want Jacobs vocals too take it down a notch. I didn't like the vocals at first, but they really start to grow on you if you give this EP some time.

Overall this is a good EP. This is nothing amazing but Call Florence Pow should be more well known because they are a good solid hard rock electronic band. It's hard to find band similar to CFP, because of there ability to combine hard rocking riffs with a very heavy dose of electronic effects. This EP is great if you're into this type of music. Even though the songs seem to be a disaster at first, you should give this EP some patience, because it needs it. Once again CFP is an electronic/rock band that is expiremental electronic, eerie, quirky, loud, and fun. Everyone who likes that type of music should give Call Florence Pow a listen.

Overall Rating : 3/5

Members :
Brian Jacobs
David Tobias

Album Art :

Great combination of electronic music and rock
Energetic and it pumps you up

Vocals can be too much
The music can be to loud at some points

Recommended Tracks:
"One Of A Kind"
"Mother Dying"

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October 22nd 2005


you never cease to amaze me Zebra.

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