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What Separates Me from You



by KrissWatts USER (3 Reviews)
November 15th, 2010 | 10 replies

Release Date: 2010 | Tracklist

Review Summary: What Separates Déjà Vu

I’ve always quite liked ADTR. A perfectly ordinary band who’ll never extend themselves outside of their musical boundaries. Each album cruises through the same old procedure that makes the listening experience hard to love or hate. No surprises, nothing new. It’s just well, tolerable.

The album opens with one of the heavier songs on the release and showcases the first noticeable change; the screaming and breakdowns have been severely narrowed down. The outcome" Refreshing. For so long now have each and every one of their songs been plagued with the ‘Scream, Sing, Scream, Sing’ regime and it got old about halfway through For Those Who Have a Heart. This hasn’t completely gone but I think at some point, as a band, they realised that writing choruses with hooks was their strongest and most defining feature; this decision was definitely for the better. It’s revitalising to hear Jeremy McKinnon’s decent singing voice for the entirety of a track rather than it being interspersed with his uncomfortable screams.

However, this is the only change that’s worth referencing. The 9 songs left on the album are crafted (without revelation) in a rinse and repeat format. There’s no attempt to try anything new which makes each song sound like the last. In all we’re left with a catchy but ultimately divided collection of songs that all have their own individual qualities but never complement each other. This is where the main issue lies. I listened to the album and looked back on the experience. Sure, it was enjoyable at times but there were no provocative moments that made me feel something. The album doesn’t work as a whole and simply staggers along at the same momentum; drop a catchy chorus here, splash a heavy interlude there and that’s it really; another day at the A Day to Remember office.

It’s time to stop expecting this band will improve or change: They’re far too comfortable for that. It’s a matter of knowing and understanding they’ll continue writing crowd-pleasing songs that are accessible and appealing. They’ll always be ‘baby’s first heavy band’ and they fill that role quite aptly.

What Separates Me From You is just another A Day To Remember CD. It doesn’t subtract or add anything new; it’s merely a continuation of everything they’ve done before.

Prepare for the expected.

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November 15th 2010


Album Rating: 2.5

Sorry, I did another 2.5 review. Naughty me.

Staff Reviewer
November 15th 2010


Album Rating: 5.0

this isn't a very good review

November 15th 2010


within a week, this will have 20 reviews

Digging: Camila Cabello - Camila

November 15th 2010


Album Rating: 3.5

I pos'd for the pun. It made me lol

November 15th 2010


Album Rating: 2.0

Reminds me of BMTH's last CD where anyone who listens to it feels like they need to write a review, sayin the same shit that has been said 5 times before

November 15th 2010


Album Rating: 1.5

If I see this fucking album reviewed one more time.....


November 16th 2010


Album Rating: 2.5

@theacademy How would you amend it?

I think I may have written just because I thought of the pun... haha.

November 16th 2010


Nerds don't like it when someone else reviews the album they did with a similar opinion.

Nerds will be nerds. Gross.

November 16th 2010


hmm so same old same old?
uncomfortable screams?? i always liked his screams.
ill have to check this out.

November 20th 2010


Album Rating: 2.5

Thank you Nomos. I was getting the impression I'd written this badly but if it's mostly because I've said a lot that's been said before, I can understand that.

And yeah Mechatanner, it's same old same old. If you like the band, you'll like this.

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