My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult
Death Threat



by Raul Stanciu STAFF
November 2nd, 2010 | 4 replies

Release Date: 2009 | Tracklist

Review Summary: "Death Threat!!Baby that's what I do!"

My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult took the business in their own hands by creating their own Sleazebox Records and releasing albums on their own without any restrictions. But that never really affected their creative input, since they’ve always done what they wanted.

“Death Threat” is mostly a return to their murder and satanic-themed early efforts like “Confessions Of A Knife” (see the cover) and “I See Good Spirits And I See Bad Spirits”. After the jazzy “The Filthiest Show In Town” they bring back the dark atmosphere and the buzzing guitars and more diverse arrangements.

The first song on the album “Witchpunkrockstar” starts with some laboratory-like sounds and overall is a nod to their newfound “liberty” and a self-celebration song “We get what we want cause we're steering the wheel, T K T K Kult”. A nice intro but not too spectacular. The album takes off on the second song and single, “Invasion (Of The Ultra Modelz)”, a slow burner filled with a tense bass line, screams and ultra models “out for danger! danger! danger!”. The song has a similar vibe with their early hit “A Daisy Chain 4 Satan” but with a bigger accent on the bass.

The title track is the real “stalker” track and a highlight. The song creates the image and the soundtrack of a hidden camera following a serial killer out for a kill “Death threat! All black and blue/Death threat! Baby that’s what I do” and “Let me look in your eyes/Let me look in your mind/Let me cut up your life” . An amazing track with a creepy, evil tone. Also, “Spotlite Hooker” is another highlight of the album. A somewhat lighter track than the others with the lyrics focusing on fame seekers and long gone Hollywood stars “Tumble like a house of cards, deep Hollywood pocket/Tumble like a house of cards and then a mental case/Tumble like a house of cards cheap Hollywood horror!”

The dark atmosphere returns with “Lone Road”, a late night road kill with a drug loaded hysteric putting himself a lot of murder related questions like ”Who’s blood is on the door"/who’s blood is on the wall"/who’s body is on the floor"”,etc, and trying to calm himself “you’re running alone/the streets are your own…victim of a violent society of lies!!”. The opening piano line along with lots of noise effects and Groovie Mann’s distorted vocals give the track more credibility and create a brooding atmosphere.

The next two songs are more party-oriented but quite different. “Who R U Now"” has a great trashy groove with horns and pianos and lyrics that make it seem like a party with cheap hookers “I ask you to hop in the car cause I’m free”, “You look like a spider-lady, crawling up the wall, creeping down the hall… right into your bed”, while the other, “Foxxy Rockit”, is a funkier number filled with wah wah guitar leads and samples. The lyrics are more about fetish sex “ ya hit me one, ya hit me twice now, now you’re gonna pay cause I’m cold as ice”, “ you can call me crazy but I know you’re insane”( A true TKK track).

“The Ultimate Nude” sounds like a 3-in-the-morning-jazz track, closer to the “The Filthiest Show In Town” vibe. A weird and dark track with Groovie’s disgusted voice impersonating a man having a one night stand with a woman “squirm in the fire like an insect”, ”dreams of flesh and the ultimate nude”.

“Bottoms Up” may not be the most immediate song on the record, but after a few listens it proves to be a really great track. It has a hypnotic instrumental, with pianos, horns, guitar solo and an acid house style bass line, especially in the last minute of the song. The lyrics concern TKK’s love for evil sex “you’re the devil’s daughter and I’m the demon’s son”. It’s nothing new but the overall result it’s amazing. Then the album ends with a 7 minute instrumental “Psychik Yoga” which gets somewhat dull after the first 3 minutes.

Overall, a great effort showcasing TKK’s 20 years+ experience in music. Their last album may be “The Filthiest Show In Town” but this album gets dirtier with each track.

Highlights – “Death Threat”, “Who R U Now”, “Bottoms Up”, “Spotlite Hooker”

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November 29th 2010


Album Rating: 3.5

Is this nearly as good as Confessions, Spirits, or 13 Above? Those were awesome.

Staff Reviewer
November 29th 2010


Album Rating: 4.0

It's kind of a mixture of everything from their 88-95 era. It's really good, you should give it a spin

Digging: Fennesz - Agora

March 15th 2011


Album Rating: 3.5

It's good... Nothing wquite compares to 13 Above the Night though, and it doesn't approach Confessions or Good Spirits, Bad Spirits either, I think.

July 3rd 2012


Sweet..... great to know these guys are still around and kick ass

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