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On The Outside



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Release Date: 2008 | Tracklist

Review Summary: A Very well designed and arranged album by Terry Sullivan.Worth a listen.Music is great,lyrics are good and even the singing is good

Hmmm well to start of,sometimes there are albums which just come and go without anyone noticing out by anyone.Such albums sometimes contains such songs that are heard in the scenario of dark which we sometimes like and the questions that occurs in our mind are WHICH SONG IS THIS" ,WHO'S THE ARTIST"even if we dig out who's the artist we quest for the name of the album and just surf out leaving no stone unturned in finding the tags of the song and just download it as soon as we find it hopelessly even if the cost of the album is $5 per song.Well in my case this is such an album.the album got me stymied when i first heard it.THE First single i heard of was MOVE ON which shattered my ear drums on the very first listen.

When i wrote move on on the google search bar guess what happened" it showed me the following message Your search -Move on- did not match any documents.after which i thought that's preposterous that the song which got played on the radio a few days ago whose name was name was luckily said by the RJ that its move on but he did not said the artist name.Later my happiness knew no bounds when i heard the song on my new Nokia 5610 express music in which the song was put inbuilt.Then I was familier with the artist and i immediately went on itunes hoping that i may get the song.but miraculously i found the whole album for $10.i purchased it immediately.

I know that i am getting a bit personal in this review page but thats the only way i got to listen this yummy album.now without wasting any time lets move to the main review of the album track by track...

1)- Move on
This is the first single from the album.It starts with a melodious guitar and later with the arrival of the punch line it turns into a wonderful rock song.the whole song has a constant tinch of pianistic instrument which is unknown to me which ideally makes the song the addictable.the chords are great music is too good and it can even make a person die of happiness.The best song of the album
My Rating would be 10 on 10

2)- The Cost
Even this song starts of melodically and then rock.The song is basically later purely rock.it may look simple and ok kind of in the beginning but if you hear it lookin in the debth the song is very good due its constant chords changing in the background
My Rating would be 8 on 10

3)- Today
The second single of the album.It stars of slow and with emotion.Terry has sung this song really well.Later in few seconds a melodic electric guitar takes the song in the world of rock and the beats later are truly wonderful.The whole song is basically based on the concept of sad rock with extreamly good arrangement.
My rating would be 9 and a half on 10

4)- Wasteland
The third single of the album.My second favrouite song.It stars with a beat changing the mood of the listener after listenin the initial song.It takes of a guitar and makes a punk rock not only rock.Even if the tune is a bit common the arrangement of the background music of the song is truly worth praising.
My rating would be 10 on 10

5)- Sometimes
Well this song is such which again takes back the mood of the album as it was in track 3.even this song is due to magical guitar having unusual chords.the song is purely mild rock with no harsh lines or harsh music.
My Rating Would be 7 and a half on 10

6)- Aint that the truth
Hmmm.this song is the one which terry has used a spanish guitar in a very unusual mood or we can say chord style.truly the piano in the song is amazing and the overall song has a very good musical arrangement
My Rating Would be 9 and a half on 10

7)- On the Outside
This is the title song.even this song has a beginning of spanish guitar with a background of electric guitar.one new instrument has finally arrived in the album thats the mendolin which plays simultaneously with a few gaps making the song a worth listen
My Rating Would Be 10 on 10

8)- Step On Through
A very unusual song with unusual style of arrangement but its good
My rating would be 7 on 10

9)- Between the lines
This Song starts of good and is worth listening.Basically if u notice every song focuses on the beauty of the guitar been used.
My rating Would Be 8 on10

10)- Another Day
A Mild Song with lots of emotions.In This Song too a very pleasant guitar is used worth extreamly good rhythm.You Guys will love this song
My Rating Would Be 8 on 10

11)- Roddy
Starts of with a slow beat with a tune like a punk but turns out to be a mild beginning which carries out till the end.The song is a bit rock in the end making it one of my favrouite
My Rating would be 9 on 10

12) Miracles (Kaitlyn Avery)
This Is the last track of the album.a slow start with good guitar.pauses a bit in the end and continuous making it endurable.A Lovely song to end the album
My Rating Would Be 9 and a half on 10

On the whole a fantastic album.Basically the arrangement of the music is excellent.use of guitar is fantastic and if we see the lyrics the lyrics are not too poetic or significant but good.the album mainly focuses on music rather than lyrics.My rating on lyrics would be 7 on 10.Guys this album is worth a buy.i dont think u will get in the stores because it is not released all over the globe but only in specific countries.It is not released in my country and hence i purchased it from itunes.Hurry up guys

Recommended tracks -
move on
on the outside
between the lines

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