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October 8th, 2010 | 10 replies

Release Date: 2010 | Tracklist

Review Summary: The long awaited growing pains is here. and I the most awesome person in the world have made a Track By track on it.

The long awaited Growing Pains Have finally arrived. Ive been listening to this album nonstop the latest days and i can only say excellent!

It’s been a bit of a sharp rise within the past year for the rocky trio, having only released a single EP prior to this full length album. Who’d have thought this time last year that the guys would be getting the sort of attention that they are now" Not that they don’t deserve it, more that I'am surprised the mainstream press have caught up so quickly for once. Since we first heard ‘The Most Powerful EP in the Universe", the revitalisation of good straight-up-and-down ROCK had us foaming with anticipation with what was to come… and here it is.

Opening with the first single Birds & Planes, Growing Pains carries on through another 11 tracks of awesome riff-led brilliance. 12 tracks total is such a perfect number for an album, don’t you think" 10 is too few, 14 too many, and 11 is just.. not normal.

No one can deny the Weezer fuzz-pop mixed with kurt cobain's Totally awesome and cool Grungey guitar influences to this debut, and its sure is prevalent throughout, it’s not something to bore or tire of… the best bits of other greats of the same era are there. Just listen to Barce-loner to be reminded of why you all love Queens of the Stone Age, Bush and Nirvana. The end of Hey Man might even conjure up the ghost of Silverchair’s Freak if you’re that way inclined.. don’t let that put you off mind you. There is no cheese here.

There is enough material on this album to keep everyone happy, with only a couple of older tracks (Traynor, My Rock and Roll and All Around The World) being re-done for this release… there’s no incidence of plugging their entire EP into the new product, which is definitely welcome. The new versions sound very well put together as well.

Birds & Planes
It's Loud it's fast and it's Totally awesome and cool. It has Great lyrics and if you turn the volume up You'll be jumping around in the buss like a freaking maniac (awkward silence....). Great vocals and after that Bass breakdown at 2:24 this song will have a deserving place on your Ipod. It simply Rocks.

This is one of my favourite songs by Dinosaur pile-up. Extremly catchy lyrics, Great Guitar intro and, as all drum parts on this album it is pretty straight forward and very basic but it fits in the songs so very well. And it also have that Queens of the stone age feel to it, BTW distorted guitar and bass can't go wrong. 4.5/5

Never That Together
This song is the low-point off the album. I still think its an average song, It just sound to poppy for my taste but the distortion make it listenable. The vocals is the thing that anoys me the most. one part of the song is awesome though (1:55) that part is heavy it makes you believe that the song has some potential, and the BOOM!.. pop songs starts again, totall erection repellent. This song is basicly Coldplay with some distortion. 2.5/5

Mona Lisa
The second single from Growing Pains. This song is the catchiest song on the album, Amazing vocal and guitar. They made a video for this song its very amusing it have that slow-mo moments like smells like teen spirit have. This is one of the best song on here i highly suggest this one to anyone that havent listend to DPU before. 4.5/5

Broken Knee
this one change the pace of the album with some uniqe vocal harmonies. This one is very good placed whitin the album to since its such a pace changer. Broken Knee also have the best vocal performance on the album. The song is kinda slow punk rock style instumentaly. Drums also does a great performance here, probobly the funniest drum track to play (except Traynor) 3.5/5

Hey Man (home You Ruin)
Starts off with the amusing lyrics ¨Hey there tiny flee, hey how does it feel, To live under the feet of giant rulers of the world¨ The song is one off those song that are kinda quiet in the verses and then totally rocks in the chorus. There isnt anything bad about this song it's just not as good as some of the others. There is also a ¨solo¨ at 3:00 That is actually really good. The solo makes this a 3.5/5

My Rock 'n' Roll
When i got the cassette with this song and i thought to myself ¨Wow these guys are gonna be huge!¨ When i bought the Cd they had
re-done it, something which can go horribly wrong when bands attempt to do similar things. But i ended upp liking this version better. My rock 'n' Roll is the song that most fans like the most but not me. I mean it still ROCKS, Only not as much as traynor or beach bug.BTW 3:00-4:05 one of my favourite rock moments in the year. 4.5/5

Maybe It's You
This song remainds ¨Never That together¨ me of Wich mean that i dident like this song to much. If you liked ¨Never That together¨ You will like this one. You might wanna say this sounds like Avril Lavigne With some awesome riffs 2.5/5 P.S Dont mean to offend anyone for listening to Avril Lavigne P.S

Love To Hate Me
Starts off ROCKING and keeps that througout the entire song. My favouite lyrics, very pop oriented chorus but i still like it. Defenetly one of the high lights of the album This song have catchy lyrics after ine listen you will sing along in the chorus. And at 2:44 you catch yourself headbanging

My favourite song on here. I might even stretch as far as one of the best this year. The Song is Totally awesome and cool, And if you dont turn upp the volume on this song you cant become the greatest person ever lived. The lyrics are awesome, the drums is awesome, Bass is awesome and guitar is legendary. 5/5 P.S Song may/will melt your face down to a pudle of face P.S

Hey You
The song is acoustic in the beginning. Wich is very welcomed in my ears. I could actually see this song in that Tv Show Scrubs When That dude feels alone or something. The guitar is kinda anoying tho, It plays the same thing over and over untill about 4:00 when Its start to ROCk,
This part makes the song even better 4/5

All Around The World
By far the longest song on the album at 6:07. But the song dosent feel so long and its defenetly not tiring and i love the part between 2:18-4:19. After That the song start to rock like never before. Vacaly this song is great And instrumentaly its even better. not many peaople ive played this for liked it, but they are stupid the song is awesome 4/5

The album is very good and i recomend it to anyone that like alt-rock or grunge. just dont expect a new soundgarden. but i think you will be pleased with you purchase. Although it fall short in the song placement Hey You could have benn a little earlier.
It’s huge, grungey ‘alt-rock’ with a hint of indie vocal style's, and it’s brilliant. Album Rating 4/5

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October 8th 2010


My first review

October 8th 2010


need to get this, their last EP was pretty fantastic.

hopefully gonna go see 'em in a couple weeks, too.

October 8th 2010


heard the first half of this, its ok

October 8th 2010


Pretty decent review. Some run on sentences, but nothing too bad. Never heard of this. Cool band name, though.

Staff Reviewer
October 8th 2010


Decent review for a first. Think I'll pos it =)

October 8th 2010


4 is a fair review for this. I checked them out after reading a good review on NME. It's a fun album that isn't trying to be groundbreaking in any way.

October 12th 2010


yes i know the spelling isnt perfect etc. etc. and i blame it on that english is my secondary language

October 15th 2010


Album Rating: 4.0

Its like being smacked in the head and waking up in 1997

November 5th 2010


they have a very unique style of songwriting heavy metal-love song. Could this be love metal that HIM foretold?

July 16th 2014


My Rock n' Roll is one hell of a jam

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