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October 5th, 2010 | 7 replies

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Review Summary: the sound of a band going to crap

Raintime seemed to be on the path to greatness when Flies and Lies was released. Their calculations were correct; they had created an excellent melodic death metal/power metal album – however, in Psychromatic, their potent potential perished. You have to wonder what the band was thinking when they chose to trash the elements that made their last album great. True, the band members always wanted to dump their melodic death metal style, but that still is no excuse for their impeccable laziness. The band is now an average-at-best contemporary power metal band. Their style is now too familiar; you may have heard it in any vaguely similar band. Somewhere, at some point, the metal community decided that if an album was filled with heavy, chugging guitars, the band should be hailed for their brilliant composition. It is no wonder why so many metal albums can seem calculated and lifeless. The only way Raintime’s Psychromatic is unique, is in the fact that it is completely un-unique; it is as if the band flipped through a list of 20 bands and unintelligently decided to copy all of them.

The main contributing factor to the album’s mediocrity is the singer (who is quite awful) - his vocals are loud, obnoxious, off tune, and grating. When one only remembers the ear-piercing attempts of the lead singer singing, it is difficult to remember anything else; thus, the reason this album is quite poor is because it is utterly forgettable. The only memorable standpoint of the album is the trauma you will receive after recollecting the lead singer’s gut-melting vocals. What’s worse though, is that the vocals are often auto-tuned, which is clearly unwanted.

Psychromatic is a poor album from a band that had massive potential. If the band continued the path of Flies and Lies, they would have easily rivaled Scar Symmetry. As it is, poorly executed progressive influences, poor dance influences, poor singing, and an overall lack of urgency and creativity make one lousy album. True, there is the occasionally good song, but that does not mean the entire album is any good. Die-hard power metal fans may be able to stomach this, but the rest of us will be looking for the nearest garbage can to vomit into.

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Flies and Lies

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October 5th 2010


Album Rating: 2.0

Avoid this album if you value your life.

October 5th 2010


I really liked Flies & Lies so I'm bummed to read this (though I already gathered from other reviews that these guys decided to go pure power metal). Btw, have the vocals gone worse, or did you always dislike them, since I didn't mind them at all on their previous records?

Also, auto-tune, ewww

October 5th 2010


their potentially potent potential perished.

What a mouth-full! I would get rid of 'potentially' though, I just think it reads better as 'their potent potential perished'.

The band is now an average contemporary power metal band, and average at best.

I think you should change this to 'The band is now an average-at-best contemporary power-metal band', or something along those lines. This is a great review though, I enjoyed reading it. Pos'd.

October 5th 2010


Album Rating: 2.0

@ Metalstyles: His vocals are worse now, and yeah, I used to like them.

@ Gryomania: Thanks, I just fixed those.

October 5th 2010


That's too bad. I think I can not resist it and will still check this out for old times sake at one point, but it's definitely not high up on my list.

June 18th 2011


Rly like ur review

November 7th 2012


Flies and Lies was great, too bad they went to crap

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