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Review Summary: So in other words Blood On The Dance Floor's newest album is ALRIGHT at best... Still it's a major improvment from there last attempt at music... 20 tracks is a lot to be getting but too many songs sound the exact same... If you can look past this its a h

Now Before I begin let me say that this band IS and ALWAYS will have no natural talent. They have had to work and claw there way to almost 100,000 MySpace friends. Here is a little history…. The band first began a few years ago with just Dahvie Vanity in the band as the “singer” but a “rapper” would be a better choice of words. At that time there songs were nothing but a lot of cheesy horrible rapping mixed with some techno. THEN came along Garrett who actually had some singing talent! After Garrett joined the band and made some singles they actually got somewhere with there biggest hit to date. “Scream For My Ice-cream” The Cheesy horrible rapping was replaced with auto tuned vocals/rapping and good singing and halfway decent screaming from Garrett. In other words Garrett was a major contributor to the bands success already Still the band wasn’t really getting anywhere and eventually Garrett ( the only one with a little actual talent) got kicked out for unknown reasons during one of there tours…..

Then Soon after Garrett was kicked out he was replaced by a man named Jay Von Monroe. Now lets be honest Jay CANNOT sing…. His vocals are ALL auto tuned and it will probably be that way forever. He CANNOT sing any high pitch screaming vocals either….Why Dahvie picked him over Garrett confuses me to this day. Still I gave the album a chance and some tracks are horrible while some save them. Jay will never sound like Garrett but the good fact about the matter is that there’s hardly any bad rapping. The bands sound has matured slightly and you can tell. Some tracks remain to be as bad as before but some actually show that heavily auto tuned vocals and a great producer can turn two talentless scene guys into somewhat okay musicians…. Or so it seems….

The album is A LOT better then there previous efforts but what brings it down is 22 tracks that all sound the same in a way….Almost all have the same formula but a few save this album from being as bad as a brokencyde album…

Track 1 – Death to Your Heart.

1 This track is probably the best in the album if you’re going to listen to a song from this record listen to this one… It begins with a good techno beat and Dahvie fading in then singing the first half of the verse then Jay takes over the Second half. To be honest you can’t even tell which one is “singing”. Both there vocals are so auto tuned that it’s hard to tell the difference… However Dahvie has a slightly higher pitched voice while Jay has a lower pitch which balances out nicely. The chorus is catchy. This is one of the songs that are actually clean enough to play on the radio… That’s a surprise coming from this band. 5/5

Track 2 - Beautiful Surgery

These are one of the songs that sound like half the other songs on the album. That’s not a good thing if you’re wondering… It has bad rapping from Dahvie … again... Anyway it has a techno auto tuned chorus with an okay beat. Still the song is too repetitive and brings the album down… Boring to listen too and not catchy nearly as much as the first track but its OKAY at the best. 2/5

Track 3 – Sugar Rush

This is kind of sad a lot of fans were actually looking forward to this song more then the others but it’s actually not that great... The singing sound is so edited it sounds like a robot. And the chorus never builds it just repeats over and over. The track gets boring really fast and is built in a similar way the second track was made. Rapping with auto tuned chorus …. 1.5/5

Track 4 – Lose Control

Now this track is the same as the last two … the whole rapping with the auto tuned chorus thing. This has a REALLY bad rapping intro from Dahvie. But if you managed to keep listening without turning to the next track you will find the chorus isn’t half bad... It actually save the song but then comes more rapping after that from Jay. Now Jay is actually a better rapper then Dahvie but still makes this song hard to take seriously… The chorus balances out the horrible horrible rapping but still can’t make this a great song. 2/5

Track 5 – Candyland

This is probably the most perverted song on the album and you will know why if you have ever heard it… It begins with Dahvie talking with a good beat in the back. The good thing about this track is there IS rapping but it’s edited to the point where it’s not near as bad as the last three. The chorus isn’t heavily edited for once and it sounds like there actually using there real voices to sing. Jays rapping solo near the second half doesn’t help the song but it doesn’t ruin it if you can look past the lyrics this song is actually better then the last 3…... 3/5

Track 6 – Horrifically Delicious

Now there are 2 versions of this song… The old one and the new *improved* one on the album. I’m going to review the new one on the album... The new one is horrific itself the old one started off with a cool intro and then had a rapping intro that had some screaming that was actually really cool. This new one took that off and just has an over edited chorus and rapping verses like half the other songs. AND in this song there’s no guitar like in the old one. And Dahvie even sounds out of breath on the rapping verses... 1/5

Track 7 - Looking Hot, Dangerous!

This is actually not bad …once again there are two versions of this song and this time they actually did improve it. The chorus is great and so is the intro the rapping isn’t as bad as the last track and Dahvie and Jay both switch with rapping... its nice hearing two voices rapping instead of one high pitched one. Now this song is about sex and perverted as hell but that’s Blood on the Dance Floor for ya. The ending is great and makes the song. It’s probably the only part of the song on the album that you can actually take Dahvie’s rapping seriously….. 3.5/5

Track 8 - Inject Me Sweetly

Starts with a bad intro then you hear rapping as usual. Dahvie Jay and Jeffree star are on this record and all three sing the chorus and switch between rapping, Still it’s alright the few couple listens but gets boring fast…. 1.5/5

Track 9 – Sexting

Another perverted song but this time its about sexting what a surprise. Anyway it starts off with a noise off the Mario game then rapping and singing as usual. Nothing special here still it’s not as bad as the some of the tracks the chorus isn’t over edited but still isn’t something that you will want to listen to more then a few times. 1.5/5

Track 10 – Scream for my ice cream

This is one of the tracks that made this band somewhat famous on MySpace to begin with. It has more screaming vocals then any other song on the album it has a rapping intro from Dahvie then a nice chorus to fill in then a good screaming solo from Jay. This is one of the better tracks cause it doesn’t sound like half the other songs on this record and mixes things up a bit but still can’t be taking seriously because of the lyrics still it’s an alright song. 3/5

Track 11 – Love Struck

Pretty much the same formula as the 2nd and 3rd song but there’s something about this song that makes it little better… 2.5/5

Track 12 – Believe

This song has VERY little rapping …. Now does that save it" The answer is yes the song is almost all singing and it not about sex for once. The singing isn’t over edited either. Some people will like this song and some will laugh and call it cheesy still it’s decent and pretty much just up to people’s opinion… 2.9/5

Track 13 – What Dreams Are Made Of

One of the better tracks hardly any rapping and the chorus is really good and builds up throughout the song. The verses are auto tuned singing and the chorus is an echoing “im what dreams are made of” “na-na-na-na-na” with some singing in between but it actually sounds good. This is one of the songs that are clean enough to put on the radio too. 3/5

Track 14 – it’s on like donkey Kong!

The worst song on the album the whole song is rapping almost and the chorus is a robot voice with more rapping. And they rap and sing like they aren’t even trying….The lyrics are some of the worst ive seen yet…. STAY AWAY FROM THIS 0/5

Track 15 - Party On

This song sounds a lot like “lose control” but better. This is one of your typical party songs but the chorus builds and builds and builds… Good song and lyrics are halfway decent... typical rap verses singing choruses thing but this song is done right and you can tell …. Not the best but not the worst... 3/5

Track 16 – Sluts get guts

Not even going to say many other then sounds like all the other songs repetitive and boring … 1/5

Track 17 – You Done Goofed

Eh you can tell there trying to be serious but it’s just so bad you can’t take it seriously at all…. 1/5

Track 18 - Success Is the Best Revenge

… This is one of those songs about crazy ex girlfriends and works out nicely the chorus is great and you can actually blast this without feeling lame for once. Good lyrics and good singing this is probably in the top 3 on this album

Track 19 - Innocent High

Like half the other songs once again boring to listen too enough said… 1/5

Track 20 - IDGAF

This track is alright not sure if it’s a good closing track for the album but it sounds better then the older version of it. The chorus could be better but it still isn’t as bad as the 14th track. It’s….. Okay…. 2/5

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September 25th 2010


album is EPIC

September 25th 2010


more crunkcore to satisfy my thirst. nice. dude on the left looks like adam lambert in drag.

September 25th 2010


Album Rating: 1.0

LOL album cover. No one dresses like that anymore.

September 25th 2010


*LOLbum cover

September 25th 2010


Album Rating: 1.0

That works too.

September 25th 2010




September 25th 2010



September 25th 2010


the fuck is this

September 25th 2010


LOL album cover. No one dresses like that anymore.

I do, it's very easy on the skin

September 25th 2010


Anything but EPIC.

September 25th 2010



September 26th 2010



September 26th 2010


06. Horrifically Delicious (IMPROVED VERSION)


September 26th 2010


these guys are like the fucking male version of the millionaires.

September 26th 2010


You seem to be a really big fan of the ellipsis.

Won't neg though because my only review is pretty bad too.

September 26th 2010


his band IS and ALWAYS will have no natural talent.


September 26th 2010


A two-piece crunk core band, only brought to the spotlight by the countless rape allegations against lead transvestite Dahvie.


September 26th 2010



Digging: Beastmilk - Climax

September 26th 2010


Album Rating: 1.0

who the fuck gave this a 5

September 26th 2010


Whoever likes rape

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