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September 21st, 2010 | 2 replies

Release Date: 2010 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Sully thinks outside the box, and does things that expand beyond his well known "Godsmack" style.

Sully Erna is most known as the lead singer of the band "Godsmack", which has been releasing music for over 10 years. He also plays drums, harmonica and guitar. Over the years, he has gained a reputation for creating a solid angry hard rock sound. However, he is also becoming known for his ballads. Godsmack has ballads and spiritual sounding songs featured in a couple albums. They also have a CD called "The Other Side" which is a 6-track collection of some redone songs and some new songs they've made.

Avalon is one of those albums that people are either going to love or hate. I say this for one reason, fans of only the heavy Godsmack won't like this. Fans that like all Godsmack music will probably like this a lot. Sully thinks outside the box, and does things that expand beyond his well known "Godsmack" style. There are lots of harmonies and female vocals featured throughout the album. As well as chanting, and lots of hand drums. The feel of the album is very natural and soothing. There are 10 songs total that we're gonna take a look at, so here goes:

Avalon: This song is very rhythmic, driven by a nice hand drum beat. Female vocals are featured throughout a lot of this song. The lyrics are very thought provoking.

7 Years: The longest song in the album by far, yet one of the catchiest in my opinion. The melody is very catchy.

Broken Road: I'm not the biggest fan of this song. The lyrics are really weird, but honest I suppose. This song is mainly piano.

Sinners Prayer: The first single off the album, and one of the strongest tracks on here. This song wrestles with not being good enough in my opinion. A very open song, Sully exposes a lot of feelings in these lyrics.

My Light: Acoustic guitar drives this song, and once again a very catchy rhythm. A love song as far as I can tell.

The Rise: This song has a lot of female vocals as well. It has a very Persian or Arabic feel about it. Very mesmerizing feel to it.

Until Then: This track is really really lite. A lot of exposed feelings in these lyrics. And I give him credit for sharing that with us.

The Departed: More Arabic feeling to this track. This one is faster in pace, but similar to The Rise.

Eyes of A Child: This song is sad, and addresses starving or poverty stricken children in the world. Sully expresses his sympathy for these kids.

In Through Time: This track doesn't stand out to me at all, it blends in with the rest of the tracks and I would skip over it most of the time.

Spirit Ceremony: I like this piece a lot. It has some electric guitar in it, and has a very haunting, ritualistic sound about it. I would recommend this track to everyone, don't skip this one.

Overall, this album is pretty much the same from start to finish. Although the album is really solid, many people might find the repetitive nature of this CD boring. I like the style, and the emotion expressed in the lyrics of this release. I think a lot of this was built up in Sully over the years, and he needed to express this emotion. I hope everyone else gives this album a chance. It's definitely worth a listen. 3.5/5

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September 21st 2010


First off, kudos on your first review.

Secondly, there's a few things I'd like to address:

- Your introduction, in my opinion is un-necessary. Majority of the people here (if not all) know Godsmack and who Sully Erna is also, the points where you state he plays guitar, harmonica etc and go on about "The Other Side" don't really add anything to the review, as this isn't a review on Godsmack.

- Personally, I don't care for track-by-track reviews as most of them are boring and only describe the sound "drums are fast, guitar is melodic etc". With what you have, I think it would be more beneficial to do an overall review, and pick a few tracks to elaborate on.

(ie) "Avalon: This song is very rhythmic, driven by a nice hand drum beat. Female vocals are featured throughout a lot of this song. The lyrics are very thought provoking."

With this, you could go more into detail - why are or what makes the lyrics thought provoking? the song is rhythmic how so? etc.

- just a minor typo on the "Until Then" point - you say "really really lite" I think you mean light.

Also, a few grammatical errors but yeah, I don't want to rag on you too much haha.

Just keep at it and you'll find your groove. (Sorry for the novel)

October 1st 2010


i appreciate the advice man. it's my first review, so I could definitely use the tips....thanks!

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