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September 20th, 2010 | 6 replies

Release Date: 2010 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Why does a band alter its name? because Questioner is cooler than Isthmus

How does one best learn" Are you the type of person that soaks up knowledge and takes it all at face value or are you the type of person that asks why" We are taught at a very young age that if you are unsure about something to ask the question, and often the best way to truly understand and grow is to go in with an open mind and keep asking questions.

You won’t get many answers from Questioner’s self titled album, but if you go in with an open mind and let this absorb your consciousness for the 45 minute duration, then I can guarantee that you will ask the question – “Why have I spent the most of 2010 without the knowledge this existed"”.

You could be forgiven for aligning Questioner with Isis, Cult of Luna, Neurosis etc. however 3 minutes into the opener ‘The Return’ it will be quite obvious that this band are not planning on following a similar path. If your after Meshuggah like changes in tempo, soothing mid sections, angular riffs or vocal delivery that can range from Isis like bellows to death metal growls to black metal shrieks then its all here. But it’s the atmosphere created by the harmonised vocals over the top of a number of melodies that really sets the mood and pushes this into new territory.

Questioner will take a certain melody, groove or riff and rather than letting the atmosphere build into a climax they will abruptly shift its centre and leave your jaw on the floor. There is a lot going on here, and this will require a listener that can handle an album riddled with ideas, but don’t be mistaken for Questioner flows and does not once sound forced – why" Well the answer is that Questioner are a bunch of very talented musicians.

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September 20th 2010

340 Comments has this streaming. $8 will get you a download. I don't review a lot, so any comments would be appreciated. Awesome album, and they are a very talented band. well worth checking out. cheers

September 20th 2010


not much to the review, but it was well written

also, sounds decent, but the production is sort of killing it for me

ugh, the sound of the kick is driving me insane

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September 20th 2010


yeah I didn't listen to the stream, 320 does it more justice.

September 21st 2010


this sounds cool and it wasnt a bad review, i just think u coulda went a lil more indepth on the description of the sound. but i have a rough idea so i'm gonna check this out

September 22nd 2010


thanks for that. album is very good, criminally unknown around here

March 22nd 2011


reads alright, but short. maybe if you chose a song to reinforce your points it may become a better read and a bit more in depth, like with the last paragragh you describe groove, melody and riffs. This could be turned into a reinforcement of your ideas.

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