Ten Years After



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October 12th, 2005 | 10 replies

Release Date: 1969 | Tracklist

Ssssh-Ten Years After

Tens Years After is not a very well known band, and a lot of people have never even heard of them. They were part of the second British Blues invasion between 1966-1975. They had a very underrated front man, Alvin Lee, who is a very good guitarist. They did play Woodstock, and are in the movie playing their jam of I'm Coming Home, that's very good. These guys are a very good live band, and they're probably at their bast when they're on stage performing. This is a very talented, and very underrated band, so I hope you give them a listen, and I hope you like what you hear.

Alvin Lee : vocals, guitar
Leo Lyons : bass
Ric Lee : drums
Chick Churchill : keyboards

1.) Bad Scene
This song starts out with what sounds like a chicken clucking at a really high pitch. Then Lee and Churchill start on the drums and keyboards. When Alvin Lee starts to sing he plays a fuzzy guitar riff. Then, after he's done singing the song switches to a slower tempo, with Lee hitting some high pitched notes. The fast riff starts up again for Lee to sing. There's a little bridge after the second verse where churchill plays a way different part that sounds kind of like a piano in an old salloon. Lee then has a pretty good sized solo thats pretty good. He sing two more verses and the songs over. This song is a little nuts, and there's a lot of different riffs in this song. 4/5

2.) Two Time Mama
This is ties for the shortest
song on the album at 2:02. This song has a more folky riff, and is a lot slower than the last song. Lee sings a lot different in this song, and it makes it really sound like a folk song. He also does a ot of slides on his guitar, and it makes the sound even better. After two verses Lee has a little solo. He sings two more verses at then the song ends abruptly. 4.5/5

3.) Stoned Woman
This song starts out with Lyons playin a little progression on his bass, then the guitar and drums follow. Then, Lee starts the main riff, and starts singing right away. During the chorus Lee has some good fills with his guitar. After the chorus There's a little keyboard part, then Lee starts a little soling. There's a pause in the guitar solo, and there's a little drums, and keyboards solo, and after about ten seconds the guitar joins back in with the soloing. He sings one more verse, and the song ends on the Lee singing the chorus and soloing. 4.5/5

4.) Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
This is the longest song on the album at 7:01. This song starts out on a similar riff to the last one, but this has more keyboards. He sing a few verses while he adds some nice guitars fills to the mix. Then the great solo starts up, It's very fast with bass playing the riff in the background, and Ric Lee tapping on the symbol. The whole band starts in on the soloing after about 2 minutes of guitar solo. The main riff starts up again, but very softly, and gets steadily louder, till its to its normal volume. Lee starts to sing while the band contributes some great fills. The songs ends when Ric Lee plays a really load, and hard drum solo, and the song ends abruptly. I think this is probably the best song on the album. 5/5

5.) If You Should Love Me
The song starts out with Lee singing right at the start, and when you first hear it, it kind of sounds like a beatles song. He sings really good in this song, and plays a real soft riff. Lee basically sings the whole song through, while he and the rest of the band is soloing the whole time also. The songs fades on the band soloing, and Lee singing.

6.) I Don't Know That You Don't Know My Name
This song is the other song that is 2:02. Lee plays a acoustic guitar on this song, and the keyboards play the same thing the guitar does. He also sings to the same beat the guitar and keyboards do. Ric lee plays the same beat throughout the whole song, that kind of pulls the song together. He basically sing three verses, and the songs over, This is the only song with no solos on the album. 4/5

7.) The Stomp
The song starts out with Lee playing the same chord kind of fast. Then, it stops, and a you start to hear a light drum tapping, and the guitar joins in. The bass and keyboards join in shortly after. Chruchill has a little solo when he starts in. Lee sings real soft, and low, the music kind of over powers his voice in some parts. This is another song where Lee pretty much sings the whole time while the rest of band jams. In this song is where churchill has his best solos of the album, and its through out the whole songs. 4.5/5

8.) I Woke Up This Morning
Starts out with Lee playing some nice guitar work with the band joining in shortly after. This is a very bluesy song, and is probably my second favorite on the album. After the first two verses there's a pretty awesome guitar solo, one of the best on the album. The solo takes up most of the song, which is cool. Lee sing one more verse, then the song ends on a guitar and drum solo. 5/5

Overall this record is superb, and is a must have. I think it' probably TYA's best. Their other really good album is their s/t, which I'll probably review it pretty soon. If you like bluesy rock, and like a whole lotta guitar then this is the album for you. These guys are probably one of the most underrated bands, so if you ever want to start listening to a new band then try these guys out, chances are you'll love it.


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October 12th 2005


Album Rating: 4.5

This cd is awesome. Great blues rock. Alvin Lee is a really underrated guitarist. My favorite song is probably I Woke Up This Morning. I just got this cd yesterday though from Lunch, and I've only listened to it once, so my favorite song may change. Great review.

October 12th 2005


This sounds very interesting, excellent review.

October 13th 2005


They were a good band at their prime, but sometimes I question how good they actually were. Sometimes it just feels like generic '60s blues rock stuff. Alvin Lee is an underrated d00d, though.

March 20th 2010


Album Rating: 4.5

Awesome Review all the songs on this album are great!

August 28th 2011


This is great stuff. Not thier best though.

March 8th 2013


RIP Alvin Lee

Staff Reviewer
December 4th 2013


Album Rating: 4.0

This is an excellent album. It's a bit funny though that the two songs I enjoyed most are not originals (Good Morning Little Schoolgirl, I Woke Up This Morning).

December 4th 2013


The version of Good Morning Little School Girl on here is probably my favourite version of that song.

Staff Reviewer
December 4th 2013


Album Rating: 4.0

Yeah, it's awesome. Mine is Junior Wells' which is more traditional blues.

March 8th 2014


Album Rating: 4.0

I always been a fan of this excellent blues rock album from the late 60's and I always love the opening track bad scene and of course good morning little school girl is another favorite as well.

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