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September 11th, 2010 | 9 replies

Release Date: 2009 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Although it can be over-the-top in its delivery with all the keyboards and synths, Blackguard's newest album is a surprisingly mature and consistent album. There is plenty of metal goodness to be found here, even if its nothing new or revolutionary.

The Band:
Paul "Ablaze" Zinay – lead vocals
Kim Gosselin – lead guitar
Terry "Roadcase" Deschenes – rhythm guitar
Étienne Mailloux – bass guitar
Jonathan Lefrancois-Leduc – keyboards, synthesizers
Justine "Juice" Ethier – drums

Profugus Mortis (Latin for "fleeing death") is the sophomore album of a Canadian folk metal band formerly known as, well, Profugus Mortis. The album marks the band's first release under famed German metal record label Nuclear Blast and the new band name Blackguard. In case you mistook part of that first sentence for an odd glare on your computer screen, I will repeat that Blackguard seems to be one of the only precious few folk metal bands from the vast and spacious lands of Canada. At least, "folk metal" is one of the labels most people seem content to throw on them. Like many modern metal bands, Blackguard cannot be linked exclusively to one specific sub-genre of metal. The band also incorporates many elements of melodic death and extreme power metal into their music. Certainly, you might assume that with song titles such as "The Sword," "Allegiance" and "This Round's On Me," the band mainly relies on typical cheesy folk metal lyrics. However, no odes to any traditional cultures or mythologies are to be found in Blackguard's music, and the lyrics are more pensive then one might imagine.

Paul Zinay's vocals are nothing impressive or new. The normal scream he uses is extremely reminiscent of the vocals on Hatebreeder by Children of Bodom, only slightly more shrieked and raspy. While they are definitely not terrible, the normal raspy screams on Profugus Mortis can sometimes be a detriment to the album when prolonged. However, there is just enough variation here to keep you engaged in the music. For example, Zinay will often descend to a lower register to complement the shrieks with more of a death growl. The guitar players and drummer all sound fine, and are used consistently well to add some more variety to the songs. The bass guitar is hardly ever really heard or properly showcased, so I can only guess as to how talented bass guitar player Étienne Mailloux might be. Contrastingly, the keyboards are used to a high degree throughout the record. This can be both good and bad: while the synths do add a more epic dimension to the melodic nature of the album, many will find them just a tad too overused. Despite these relatively small qualms, the overall producing and mixing of the album is actually quite fantastic. Melodies, vocals and guitar are all integrated very nicely to establish a consistent and engaging sound.

At approximately forty minutes, Profugus Mortis is a good-length album with great, solid songs and no filler. Even though they lack originality, these Canadian metallers have enough talent to create a name for themselves in the folk/melodic death metal scene. The track mixing and production of the album remains extremely effective without sounding too over-produced. None of the tracks are especially memorable, but there is a good deal of re-playability available here. If you are into this type of metal, you should certainly give Blackguard a chance.

Recommended Tracks:
Scarlet To Snow
This Round's On Me
The Sword
In Time

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September 11th 2010


Album Rating: 3.5

My first review... feedback and constructive criticism are all welcome!

September 11th 2010


I would give you some feedback and constructive criticism... but I'm simply too tired to read all that text now. xD
Still, i took a fast read through and it seems like a pretty decent review. Good work, man. =)

September 11th 2010


Album Rating: 2.0

sig:ar:tyr are canadian too

September 11th 2010


Good review, pos! I only suggest that you put "The Band:" section at the top of the review.

September 11th 2010


Album Rating: 3.5

Thanks a lot for the comments everyone, just made some changes.

@lobby are you sure? I just checked and at least Wikipedia says Tyr is from the Faroe Islands... Anyway, I went ahead and edited my wording there just in case.

September 11th 2010


Interviewed the lead singer a while back, really cool guy and good music.

September 11th 2010


I've always wondered whether to check this band out, but never actually did. Perhaps i will now. Pos'd.

June 16th 2012


Album Rating: 4.0

Always wondered about these guys. Canadian too sweeeet.

March 4th 2013


Album Rating: 4.0

Solid Band. These guys rule live contrary to everyone on here.

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