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Streets Become Hallways



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September 4th, 2010 | 2 replies

Release Date: 2004 | Tracklist

Review Summary: A great first effort from a small alternative rock Australian band

Coming from a small city like Adelaide and getting any sort of record deal is a pretty great accomplishment, then getting the chance to release two EP's and one full length album over a short career is a lot to be proud of. Well The Hot Lies were a alternative rock band that accomplished that, mixing alternative rock with a few screams thrown into a few songs. The Hot Lies had a appealing sound even though it was pretty basic with the same drum beat through out most of the tracks, the open power chords through most of the song, the bass that you have to be some sort of super human to hear and the vocals which are pretty ordinary... yeah.

1. Against The Wall
The guitar in the intro is the perfect way to start off a album, it show theses guys can take a few chords and put them together in the most basic way and still make it sound good. I don't listen to this song a lot but it would have to be one of the best tracks. The vocals have a lot more emotion then the rest of the EP, the screams are pretty basic but raw and probably one of the better vocal jobs on the EP. The drums are really basic, I cant really say much about them other then they can keep a steady beat. This is the one song I can actually hear the bass fine, that being said its just keeping the rhythm. The guitars have some stand out moments compared to the rest of the EP but still nothing special besides the intro. The best thing about this track would be the vocal performance, one of the best on the cd.

2. Suspended Smiles
One of the highlights of the EP and one of the first songs I heard by The Hot Lies. Starts with a open chord and drum roll, the verses are put together pretty well and flows nice. The chorus lacks a lot of energy and isn't as good as it could be. The clean vocals are good but lack a lot of emotion especially in the chorus and the screaming vocals are a lot better then the ones in 'Bullets And Black Lines' but still not to strong. The drums are better then the rest of the songs in this one but could be a lot better. The rhythm guitar drowns out the bass, but it is there. The guitars shine the most in this song, its still got all the basic power chord progressions but the leads got a few good riffs and keeps the song interesting and alive.

3. One For The Memories
This in my opinion is the best song on the EP, and the best song by The Hot Lies. Starts with a bang and leads into a smooth verse with great vocals and lyrics, the chorus is catchy and by the second chorus you will know the words. The vocals aren't typical high pitched whiny bitch vocals, you can actually tell this guy is a guy, the vocals work really good with the few screams. The drums stand out but for no special reason but are loud and great. I don't know if it's just me but I have a hard time hearing the base in the verses but its there for the chorus and pretty simple the whole way through just keeping the chord structure. The guitar work is simple but raw and sounds real. the only think this song needs is more bass in the verses but apart from that its perfect in my opinion, its not to polished and its catchy. The lyrics are great if you get the chance read them while you listen.

4. Bullets And Black Lines
Starts with a little guitar intro and then into a power chord driven verse, the chorus has good lyrics but they get repetitive and predictable fast. If your not enjoying the song by half way, you will probably skip it. The vocals aren't as good as the last song, Pete gets whiny and struggles a bit, the screams are to forced and sound like the dudes in pain, ruins the song. The drums are simple and keep the basic beat, really nothing special. If you can hear the base in this song your amazing because I'm pretty sure it's not there. The guitars are just power chords the whole way through. The highlight of the song would be when its leading out and its just vocals and a clean electric guitar playing, apart from that you will only enjoy the song if your a hardcore fan.

5. A Breath And Its Gone...
This song finishes a pretty good first EP. By the title I thought this would be more of a acoustic track but the electric guitars are here. The lyrics and vocals look pretty uninspired for the first half of the song but the second half picks up and leaves a good taste behind. The last part of the song the vocals are great and the screaming and clean mixes well. After listening to the EP, the drums seem to follow the same beat the whole way through but it works well, towards the end its just the bass and the drums and the rest of the band clapping, sounds pretty good. The bass gets its moment at the end of the song which is good to hear, you can hear through the rest of the song pretty well. The guitars are still basic and there's no technical moments at all. There's a lyric in the song that goes 'Take my hand, my everything' I thought it said 'Take my hand, my hairy thing' just a little bit of useless information there.

It's 4:26am and I just finshed and tried my best

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September 5th 2010


LOL. I totally remember this band.

Not a very good review, but can't neg on a first-review policy.

September 5th 2010


How exactly is Adelaide small? We do have a population of over a million. It does seem small but it really isn't.

I'd always heard this band sucked.

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