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Release Date: 1995 | Tracklist

I know what you're thinking. Wasn't Schubert a strings composer? Well, he was. But now there's a band called Schubert. I don't know, maybe their guitarist is related to Schubert. On with the band's bio. I'm not exactly sure what to say at this point. This is the only album I have of them. I can't find any others. I do know that they had the albums The 5th released in 1990, Devil In Fairyland in 1992, and Rarities n' gauggs in 1993. After this Toilet Songs , I don't know anything about them. So, just to let you know, they're a heavy hard rock band. I only put that as rock because they have some quiet songs. On with the review, then.

The Band:
Klaus Schubert - guitars
Nik P. Opperer - keyboards
Lem Enzinger - vocals
Rob Muehlegger - bass guitar
Mike Rinner - drums

1. Reflections Of The Past

This song starts with one chord, playing over and over again. It sets the mood and theme of the whole album. Klaus has some awesome short solos here. There's lot's of parts where the guitar just simply stops. Lem keeps on switching from a low growl to his normal voice, which is used in most songs. The song is basically about how we live our lives, but don't look back and learn from our mistakes. Very good song, except could have used more variation on the guitar work, which was still amazing. - 4/5

2. Raindancer

This song starts off with some sliding up and down. Then it lunges into the heavy main riff. During the vocals Klaus basically just does the sliding. Bass is very noticeable in this song. I give my compliments to Rob.
The lyrics are fairly strange. There's a part where one of them (I don't know which member of the band) just starts making strange gasping noises. Fairly strange song. In the middle gets a bit annoying. But, again, I must compliment Klaus for his guitar work. - 3.5/5

3. I Hate Ken

This song starts off with what the band called "Yes To Jazz". Nice, jazzy intro. Than there's a short silence, and Klaus goes into a memorable riff. Very amazing. This one's my favorite song off the album. The guitar works like magic, and this song has great lyrics. Lem sounds very intimidating. At the end of the lyrics in the booklet it says "p.s.: this ballad is our contribution to the anniversary party of f**kin' Barbie doll!". And at the end of the whole song, Lem says, "Hey, man, stay cool. It's only a piece of plastic." Very amazing song. - 5/5

4. In The Name Of Science

This song starts off with some wacky drumming which reminds me of sewers and water. It launches it some more good guitar work. Klaus is just amazing. The whole song is basically about how we should stop animal testing. The chorus goes: "In the name of science, cruelty to animals." Catchy song, and on a very great topic. Though there were a few things I would change - 4.9/5

5. Cheek To Cheek

This is the first quiet song. After ITNOS, it seems kind of out of place. It starts slowly with Lem going "c'mon and dance with me. I want my arm about you. That charm about you, will take me with you to... heaven" then slow tribal-sounding drums start. The third time Lem says heaven, the keyboards start. Then at the sort of pre chorus, the guitars come in. Klaus starts an, of course, amazing riff. During the guitars Lem's voice gets a little bit more of a snarl. An okay song, nothing exciting about it. - 4/5

6. Better Splatter

This song starts off with what the band called "intro: goijra tai mekalem". If anybody knows what this means, please tell me. After it, Klaus just keeps on playing one note, which gets boring. The whole song is about a kid who's only happy when he sees heads being ripped off, and blood and holding an axe. Or as Lem's states in the song, "I need the extra-ordinary thrill". Gets pretty boring. Bad song, with a freaky interlude. - 2.5/5

7. Everything we're passing through

This is the softest song on the whole album. Starts with a memorable drum beat. Then comes in a magical sounding keyboard. After it, Lem starts singing. The whole song is about Lem's feeling about a girl, and him telling her that he'll remember her forever. Klaus doesn't play a single note on this song!!!!! It's amazing that I enjoy this song. But this song has a memorable drum beat, and everything works out together. It also flows in straight to Locomotive Death . - 4.5/5

8. Locomotive Death

This song starts with a honk, and then goes into a great drum beat. Klaus plays an EXTRA-MEMORABLE riff. The vocals have some sort of effect to them, which makes it sound like they're coming from a locomotive. Lyrics are just about a black train that picks you up to die. I guess sort of like death being the black train. Has a nice organ solo. One of my favorites. - 5/5

9. Positive

This song goes straight into a great riff. During the vocals there is no guitar work, but the bass gets noticed greatly. The song is mainly about a criminal who has been caught, and somebody who loves him trying to make him a better person. Okay song, not perfect. - 4/5

10. La Minchia Della Follia

An instrumental song. Finally, Klaus shines in full glory. Only him, the keyboards, and the drums. During a long interlude, you hear a high-pitched keyboard solo, and snoring. Snoring. Why snoring????? Well, it goes back, and Klaus plays some of his best again. Later on, it changes to an acoustic guitar and Klaus plays some memorable, Spanish-sounding guitar work. Oh, by the way, if you know what the title means, please tell me. In the booklet, all it said was, "Inno porno-passionale dedicato al mio secondo figilo. 'Denis Mykel Schubert'". Strange. At the end of the song you hear a crowd yelling "arriba!!!", and Lem yelling at the very end "Shut up!” - 5/5

11. Naked In The Train

I truly think this song deserved to be the album name. This is probably played on a steel string guitar. Lem does vocals, guitar, and harmonica. Nobody plays, until the very end. The song is very strange, about a "trainstripper". It has a jazzy solo, and then, at the very end, full band playing shortly. 4.5

12. Get Us A Room

This song starts off with Ravi's cobra dance. Then goes into another great riff by Klaus. Nik's playing is very noticeable. The whole song is basically about one of the band members trying to score with a chick after a gig. Nothing too exciting here. - 4/5

13. Toilet Song

The title song is actually not that great. Lots of spitting sounds. Only song with swearing in it. The whole song is about a guy sitting on his toilet, and thinking about things that happened lately. Very bad. I personally hate this song. - 0/5

14. Truth Rap II

The shortest song on the album, it is also one of the most boring. This song is mainly about problems with money. Not too exciting. Not very good guitar work either. 4/5

15. Keep Me Out

The last song on the album, it is also one of their funkiest. Good, funky beats, while not losing their hard rock touch. Pretty good song. It's about a guy who left his home town a long time ago, and now every time he goes there everybody kicks him out, or keeps him out, as the song title says. Good song. - 4.5

Well, there you go. Hopefully that was good for you. I really hope more people listen to this band now. You can get this album from Amazon, or other websites. This band is practically lost. I haven’t found a single person who has heard of them. So, hopefully, now more people will listen to it. This is also my first review, so it might be pretty bad.

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October 10th 2005


Album Rating: 5.0

woah. That was supposed to be 1990

October 10th 2005


Quite good for a first time review. Though the question must be asked if it really is a classic album and deserves a 5/5...

October 10th 2005


Album Rating: 5.0

Thanks. I wasn't really sure what to rate it. I sure enjoy it a lot. But, musically, it's probablya 4.5

Correction: Well, after watching carefully how good reviews are structured since I registered, you might say I found out a few things.This Message Edited On 10.10.05

October 13th 2005


Album Rating: 5.0

Woah I made lots of spelling errors.

October 17th 2005


good review just try not to review albums about 10000 years into the future...

October 18th 2005


Album Rating: 5.0

Ummm.... what is that supposed to mean?

October 18th 2005


Album Rating: 5.0

There we go, I edited it.... now it'll be better...

October 19th 2005


Album Rating: 5.0

Nobody's posting.....

October 19th 2005


Album Rating: 5.0

oh well, nobody knows about this band anyways....

April 28th 2013


I'm kinda curious about this.

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