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October 9th, 2005 | 11 replies

Release Date: 2005 | Tracklist

Goldfinger is a ska-punk band that started in the early 90s.The got their first album out in 1996 witch was selftitled.It had 2 videos that are on this greatest hits album,which were "here in your bedroom"and "mable.The song "miles away" is on this album but wasnt a video or anything.In 1997,they had their 2nd album called Hang-ups which had one video and it was "This lonely place".That was when the got their big break,the song "Superman" was on the first Tony hawk game for play station.So "Superman"and"this lonely place"are on this album and "if only that wasnt a video or anything was on this album.The album Darrins coconut @ss was next.I dont have that album so I have nothing much to say about but the song "just like heaven" is on this album.It was not a video.Their 4th album called Stomping ground came out in 2001.It had 2 videos which were "counting the days"and "99 red balloons".Those two songs on on this album and the song "san simeon" is two without any music videos.In 2002,they had another album called Open your eyes which was when the started to sing about what they think is right.The had one video that was the song "open your eyes".The song "spokesman" was on the 4th tony hawk game.Those 2 songs are on this album and "tell me" is on it.In 2005 they had 2 cds come out.This greatest hit one and Disconnection notice which was when they really lost their ska-punk styles.It had one video which was "wasted".Its not on this album because this cd was recorded after the greatest hits cd came out.

Im not going to go through every song on this album but I will give you a summery on them.The way they are listed in the album starts oldest to newest.You can notice that it starts out more ska-punk but slowly gets poppier.But they did pick some good songs for it.Here in your bedroom,superman,99 red balloons,open your eyes,and spokesman.At the same their are some songs I skip like "if only","this lonely place",and "tell me".Their are tracks the werent on any of the album like "The innocent","Vintage Queen","Hopeless",and "RIO"."The innocent is about 9/11.That song was written by Goldfinger,Good Charlotte,and Mest.I never thought a song that could be about something sad could be rocking.The song is loud most of the time but the outro is quite.Its a good song.Vintage queen is not that great.Its about a girl and i think is just annoying.Its to poppy for me to listen to it.Now the next song "hopeless" is too cool.The intro is very catchy.The verse is fast paced and totaly ska-punk.Its fast paced and punk.Its a perfect 5/5.The last song "RIO"starts with a space ship sound.Theres nothing real special about it.Its good but nothing great about it.Its fast then gets slow like most of their songs.

Theres a dvd with this cd.The dvd isnt a whole lot.It has the videos which are here in your bedroom,mable,this lonely place,counting the days,99 red balloons,and open your eyes.Theres two songs that are live and they are "spokesman" and "stay".And they show live footage of them doing funny stuff.The dvd is pretty good.

Overall this is a great greatest hits cd.Theres awseame songs on the cd and the dvd is cool too.I would recommend any goldfinger fan to get this.

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October 9th 2005


Is a greatest hits a must at their stage?

October 9th 2005


Decent review, but where will your Goldfinger reviews stop??

October 9th 2005


This is a lot better than your usual reviews. This still has some gramatical errors and whatever, but good job.

October 9th 2005


spaces after your commas and periods thxThis Message Edited On 10.09.05

October 9th 2005


"rio" is a duran duran cover, and a good one at that.

i dont think ill get this album. i liked the first two albums, but theyre not so good since they lost the ska-ness

October 10th 2005



Good review, but it was very hard to read.

October 10th 2005


y would they release a greatest hits after only a few cds

October 10th 2005


An annoying read, and not very analytical, but hey, nice try nonetheless. A review isn't supposed to be just naming songs and saying if you liked it, or giving a history lesson on the band...

Anyway, like was mentioned above, Rio is a Duran Duran cover. But what wasn't mentioned were the other 2 covers.

"Just Like Heaven" is a cover of the song originally done by The Cure. What self respecting music fan doesn't know at least this much of The Cure's work?! Anyway, both the cover and the original are amazing songs, very worth a listen.

"99 Red Balloons" is a punked out, English cover of Nena's "99 Luftballons" which is originally in German. Again, a very good cover.This Message Edited On 10.10.05

September 1st 2006


good band

January 25th 2017


99 red balloons is just unreal catchy

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