The Revolution Continues



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August 22nd, 2010 | 7 replies

Release Date: 2009 | Tracklist

Review Summary: UKHC Crew Bring the Cocky

For those who are not aware: the UK Hardcore Scene has never been stronger, with (relatively) new bands such as Your Demise, Feed The Rhino and TRC turning heads and raising eyebrows, and rightly so. TRC create a valuable new viewpoint to Hardcore as Chris Robson and Anthony Carol share the vocal duties, Robson displaying the band's obvious influences of music outside the Hardcore scene, mainly that of Mike Skinner aka The Streets.

TRC (The Revolution Continues) are very proud to be British, as is evident from their music (UK grime/garage influenced vocals) and their lyrics (see 'London’s Greatest Love Story'). They have produced an EP which intertwines fast thrashy riffs with slow, heavy beats, but if there is one thing that is irritating about TRC, it is their attachment to the idea of "cocky". If taken seriously, they may appear laughable, but if taken with some humour and a pinch of salt, then they become much easier to appreciate. The lyrics add to the UK grime/garage feel, as they are down to earth and matter-of-fact, as in the lead single, the ironic 'London’s Greatest Love Story' which narrates an affair, with such lines as "Friends that send texts with more than just a kiss on the end" and "Facebook pics are making me the villain", ideas to which many listeners may relate.

Now to the actual tracks: the listener is given 5 seconds before 'Cocky is Back' (3.5) kicks into an up-tempo beat, following the recurring theme of the "Revolution", with various tempo changes, then leading into a speedy shredding section, which harks back to the metal influences of the band. This is a great opener, and a signature song of the band.

Then comes the visceral 'Bastard' (4), introducing more of those Robson vocals which make TRC stand out from the crowd. The groove kicks in, followed by the typical 4/4 beat, creating one of the heaviest moments on the EP. This is a song of anger and raw hatred for others, which is reflected deep in the heart of a Hardcore fan - "We can take him outside, and then bash him. Yeah smash him!".

This then leads into 'Diamonds from the Smoke' (3.5) which focuses more on the guitars, with more riffs and even octave chords, but, despite a feral breakdown, does not deliver as previous songs do, showing that, although TRC stand out from the crowd, they lack variety.

'Sweatbox' (4) brings back the best elements from previous songs, and, although reasonably similar, the riffs are better, and the vocals combine to produce semi gang vocals. When the song kicks back in after the breakdown, it is one of those moments when the listener feels the need to headbang and think, 'F*** me, this is good'.

But the standout song on the EP is 'Londons Greatest Love Story' (4.5). This is the song where the Mike Skinner style vocals really work, and the listener finds that they already know the lyrics after only a few listens. This track is extremely catchy and offers a real sense of belonging, thanks to the personal lyrics, which are enhanced by the melodic guitars. The subsequent tempo change draws the listener deeper into the EP. The song becomes more and more intense as it progresses, climaxing as the guitars speed up; this song, above all others, proves that this EP may be the way forward for Hardcore.

In summary, 'The Revolution Continues' varies somewhat in the quality of the tracks - however, each track is solid, containing grit and deep-rooted anger, making this EP one of the best from the up-and-coming Hardcore Brits who are sure to accomplish great things in the near future.

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August 22nd 2010


Album Rating: 4.0

This is my first review so I would really like some constructive criticism

Captain North
August 23rd 2010


Try to avoid song-by-song reviews and rating individual tracks. It's preferable to give a more general overview of the album and to bring in individuals songs as evidence and such. But it's fairly well written regardless.

August 23rd 2010


Album Rating: 4.0

Cheers for the advice and i really appreciate it and hope to review better in the future

August 23rd 2010


I remember watching one of their music videos.

Brought the lulz.

August 23rd 2010


Album Rating: 4.0

which one? cos define cocky is fuckin retarded ={D

December 11th 2010


Heard a couple of songs. Bit gay.

My gay friend likes them though.

Digging: Converge - The Dusk in Us

May 1st 2011


i really like this review dude, and i really really love this album. i love that trc are spearheading proper uk hardcore. keeping it real.

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