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Release Date: 2010 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Rediscover uncovers a few lost "gems" that, to my surprise, were worth checking out.

I have been an avid Rediscover fan for a long time, dating as far back as when I first heard their album "Call Me When You Get This" in late 2006. Overall, their style of music, that edgy pop-punk, electronica, really clicked with me and I was able to really "get into" them. Some of their songs have as many as 200 plays on my itunes and I'm not ashamed of it at all.

As each of their new albums came out, I was always first in line to purchase or *cough* steal *cough* it.
But when Adaptation came out in 2009, I burned my copy of it and played it over and over in my car everyday when I drove to work. I could sing each and every song they had ever released... or so I thought.

Occasionally I would be without my ipod and I would be desperate for music, so I would go to Youtube.
I would type in "Rediscover" and then all the results would pop up, but there would ALWAYS be two or 3 songs I had never heard of, but were actually by Rediscover. I would read the description and ask the video's proprietor how they managed to acquire these songs. The general answer they usually gave me was "Wes sent me the song in an email when I asked him for it".
I tried this technique once and to my surprise, he emailed me back with the song I had requested.
But still, I couldn't acquire all their underground music in bulk, which was what I wanted to do, because I'm an indie kid who obsesses over his music catalog. It's laughable and pathetic, I know, but you're all guilty of it, so don't judge me please.

Finally my dream came true. I was searching through some old things in my basement and I found 3 unused itunes cards. I now had $30 to spend on music. The first band that came to mind was Rediscover. "Let's check for new music" I thought to myself.

When I saw "Lost Songs" I was ecstatic to say the least. Finally I would have the music I could only listen to on Youtube.
When it was all done downloading and processing, I sat and listened through every song.
To my surprise, it was all fantastic.

Most of the music on this album could have EASILY been featured on any one of their albums they released previously.
If you're a current fan of Rediscover, you know exactly what I'm talking about.

It's heavily autotuned with synth and drum machine beats. It's what you've probably come to expect from Rediscover.

The music ranges from songs dating back to 2005, so over the course of the album, you really get to see the progression of the band's sound. It's a literal time machine, which took me directly to buried treasure.

Since this is just a compilation of assorted lost music, I can't give this album a bad review.
Over all, if you're a Rediscover fan at all, this is worth the $9.99 you will pay for it.
If you're not a Rediscover fan, it's just as simple, don't buy it.

Tracks to listen to:
Every ***ing Movie
Everybody Put Em Up

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