Atom and His Package
Redefining Music



by Zebra USER (177 Reviews)
October 5th, 2005 | 8 replies

Release Date: 2001 | Tracklist

Aton & his Package has been around since 1999 and he has released four albums in total. Between this and "Atention Blah blah blah" I prefer this a lot more. Atom and his synthesizer make great synth/pop music and the music is very upbeat and playful. Most of these tracks are quick, fun and full of energy. Atom never lets up and his songs are always fun. Atom uses his synthesizer very well and makes some of the best synth/pop music. Atom has a very nasily, and high-pitched voice so this can get on your nerves. This album is fun and poppy, so you should really look into this if you like synth or pop/punk music.

I will warn those who don't like poppy music to stay away. I hate almost all pop music but when it comes to synth/pop I can handle it. Atom mainly uses his synthesizer and nasily voice to make catchy, accessible music. Atom accasionaly throws in some hardcore guitar riffs and rougher songs, but the bottomline is that Atom makes fun synth/pop songs that will get you singing along in no time. Sometimes this music is even danceable, like the funky synthed out "Mission One: Avoid Job Working With A$$holes"." A lot of these songs have some humor too, like "If you own the Washington Redskins your a Cock" and "Atari Track and Field/ New Controller Conspiracy." Atom can also write some songs with emotional and songs that have meaning like "Going To Georia" and "For Franklin." Overall this album doesn't have a whole lot of range, but Atom mixes in enough styles to make this album from being a complete bore.

When I first listened to this album I thought that it was terrible. The vocals were nasily and annoying and the songs were catchy with no substance. After a while I listened to this again and I liked it a little bit more, but not much. It took me about six or seven listens to get into this album and it can still be annoying at some points. The vocals sound exactly like the Simple Plans lead singer, but I can still enjoy the music because it is fun, playful, quirky, and catchy. However I can't listen to this album whenever I want. For instance, if I'm in a bad mood and I listen to this I would go on a rampage and rip the cd apart. If I'm in a good mood than I will most likely enjoy this album and will be singing along with the songs without a frown on my face. All of these songs are fun, and catchy and should put a smile on your face, most of the time. Even if you dispise pop music such as I do you should still give this album a chance because it is fun and playful, nothing amazing.

When I went to my local record store I found this album in the punk section. I must say myself that Atom & his package is not punk music. If you are looking for punk music than don't come to this album. There are a few punk influences on this album "Cross Country/ Atom and his package tour via bicyle" is a punk song, but that's about it. Other songs don't really have that many punk influences, they are more pop/punk influences. Atom doesn't have any fast punk beats or hardcore songs, his songs are mellow and poppy in most cases and they are playful and filled with synth effects. This album is odd, and even ironic in some points but it is great if you want catchy synth/pop tunes. Once again this is not a punk album, it is a fun catchy synth/pop or new wave album.

I think anyone who likes fun, quirky, synthed out pop music should enjoy this. The vocals can be tedious at some points but overall I enjoy this in most cases. This album will not amaze anyone, but it isn't supposed to. This music is mellow/fun pop music that can only be enjoyed if you have the right attitude. Songs like "Trump", "Undercover Funny" and "Anarchy Means I Litter" are all extremelly catchy and will have you singing along when you hear them. Don't let this album scare you off when you first listen to it, it is a grower. Although Atom can be annoying, along with the music it is fun and humorous most of the time. This is some of the catchiest sytnh/pop music out there, Atom works great with his synthesizer or his package. Hell Atom even covered Madonnas "Open Your Heart and frankly he did a great job. Overall I think anyone who wants mellow synth/pop tunes should enjoy this album.

Pros :
Quirky, fun, catchy, synth/pop music
Humorous and Danceable

Cons :
Nasily Vocals
Sometimes the music can get very annoying
Too poppy in some cases

Recommended Tracks :
"Mission One: Avoid Job Working With Assholes"
"Shopping Spree"
"Anarchy Means I Litter"

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October 6th 2005


Is this called Redefining Music? I just did some detective work, and I think it forgot to put in the name originally, by the looks of it. Typically good review, although I've never heard it.

October 6th 2005


Album Rating: 3.0

Yes it is Redefining Music, my mistake for not putting it in there.

I typically don't usually listen to this type of stuff and judging by some of the reviews you did you wouldn't like this.

October 6th 2005


Hey, I reviewed The Killers' debut...this sounds more pop-punk/power-pop, but I'll download a track or two probably.

October 6th 2005


Album Rating: 3.0

Atom & His Package sound a little bit like the Killers. I think that A&HP combines more dance and upbeat synths into his music than the Killers do. If you do download a few tracks tell me what you think.

March 14th 2008


this album is fuckin funny.This Message Edited On 03.14.08

April 27th 2009


this guy is crazy weird lol

March 16th 2012


whoaa. definitely nothing like the killers.

November 7th 2012


Album Rating: 4.5

Love this album always makes me laugh

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