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August 9th, 2010 | 10 replies

Release Date: 1999 | Tracklist

Review Summary: How rotten would you prefer your cheese?

On July 8, 2009, John Patrick McDonald passed away at the age of 47 due to kidney and liver failure.

The 80’s weren’t exactly a consistent decade for music, especially heavy metal. Thanks to the glam/hair scene surging in popularity with acts such as Poison, White Lion and Cinderella, looks came before substance everywhere you turned. Yet for all the mediocrity, there were some great works to be found; and not all of them were clearly known. Floridian metal band Crimson Glory (initially Beowulf) saw birth in 1982 as a slightly progressive power metal act. Over the course of their first nine years together, the group released three studio albums, with their first two, Crimson Glory and the celebrated Transcendence showing the band in strong light. Similar to modern rockers Slipknot and Mushroomhead, Crimson Glory wore masks during shows and for photo shoots, but ultimately abandoned this approach after the supporting tour for Transcendence. Not long after Crimson Glory’s third album, Strange and Beautiful came out, vocalist John Patrick “Midnight” McDonald departed and until 1999, the group hadn’t released any new material.

Enter Astronomica, Crimson Glory’s fourth (and presently their last) studio album, this time with Wade Black providing lead vocal work. Naturally the key problem fans have had with this change is a noticeably different voice fronting the group, but this shift is the least of what listeners should be concerned about.

As the album name implies, this is a science fiction-themed release which leads to the first of its abundantly problematic issues: insipidness. The themes and ensuing music from this album can begin to sound like what Roland Emmerich would deliver if involved in a heavy metal act. Take the opening lyrics on “Lucifer’s Hammer” for example:

”I am what you need
I am everything
I will destroy your dreams
I will make you bleed

I am genocide
I destroy all life
Slam into your side
Hell and earth collide”

You can expect to find plenty of this imitative material throughout the ten provided tracks. Granted, well-utilized originality hasn’t always been a strength in power metal, especially when space-centered. However, if the themes meant to carry the music out have the simplicity of a mid-era Judas Priest album then it’s tough to be forgiving.

Normally this wouldn’t be too bad if the music itself at least offered more than the contextual depth at-hand. Yet like Stephanie Meyer’s insultingly popular Twilight series, this album can’t fully deliver even on a simple level. When you have a bloated, three-minute instrumental starting the album off, you know that things are going to be shaky. And, unfortunately, the only consistency to find here is the almost completely persistent mediocrity. By the time actual opening track “War of the Worlds” kicks in with constant blast sounds attempting to build intensity, it becomes all the more prevalent just how dismally uninspired the vast majority of this album is.

But just how does the album sound this weak you ask? First off there’s vocalist Wade Black, who seems most determined to bring high, maintained vocals throughout the somewhat meaty runtime as much, if not more than King Diamond on “Welcome Home.” Black isn’t necessarily a weak vocalist per se; he’s actually quite good and shows much similarity to Tim Owens. Unfortunately, his talents feel mishandled and, as a result, wasted. Instrumentally, there’s next to nothing truly worth noting since, other than one or two decent guitar solos, everything blends together like a group of workers at a dead store. The songs aren’t monotonous and do occasionally change the tone around, but even these points tend to feel like little more than a mere increase in volume without a distinguished change in playing style. Then there’s the infrequent use of sound effects on certain tracks, such as the distorted voice effect on “New World Machine” and the mechanized opening to “Cyber-Christ.” While they don’t dominate the album, their presence is notable and, other than lending to a couple decent openings, hardly feel necessary or contributory in a positive way.

It’s tough to find good, strong aspects to Astronomica, though there are a couple points worthy of at least mild praise. The overall production is quite good and definitely the best of the band’s four albums thus far, which at least helps it avoid sounding like an 80’s band stuck in the late 90’s. Mid-listed song “Edge of Forever” happens to fare better than the rest of the album thanks to the calm sound giving it a smoother feel, making it somewhat enjoyable. And, as I said, vocalist Wade Black shows some promise throughout; if only they matched the music to his stronger deliveries.

Astronomica is ultimately a big misstep for a briefly promising band that are well past their prime. The present subject matter is far beyond what the group should have ever tackled, let alone at this point in their career. Offering hardly more than a gigantic slice of rotting power metal cheese, even diehard fans of the band or genre are bound to struggle liking this lame slab.

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August 9th 2010


Album Rating: 2.0 | Sound Off

I figured it was about time I gave a more negative-toned review than usual and didn't defend an album for one of my reviews.

Staff Reviewer
August 9th 2010


one typo:

Black isn’t necessarily a weak vocalist per say

Black isn’t necessarily a weak vocalist per se

other than that, good review. Pos'd.

When this came out, it got unreasonably high ratings in the Hellenic metal press.

This fact was enough for me not to get involved with this album right away.

From your review it seems that i was right then.

Digging: Muspellzheimr - Muspellzheimr

August 9th 2010


Album Rating: 2.0 | Sound Off

Really? That seriously surprises me. I actually don't hate this album, but it's so weak that even if I enjoyed it I couldn't bring myself to give it any higher of a score.

Staff Reviewer
August 9th 2010


Well, here in Hellas, the majority of the metal press has an issue with the ratings.

It's the issue of wrongly-intended fanboy-ism that boosts the ratings with unreasonable bonus points.

To give an example, the new Nevermore album was rated with 9/10 in the Hellenic Metal Hammer by one editor only, whereas here the corresponding rating average is between 6-7/10, reflecting what's really going on with the album's musical quality.

For Astronomica the ratings were between 7-8/10.

That's why i like Sputnik so much.

Edit: Is it true that the drums in Astronomica were played by a drum machine (i read in a Hellenic forum that, according to Ben Jackson's statements, it was a drum machine)?

August 9th 2010


Album Rating: 2.0 | Sound Off

I suppose, but to each their own. I got some flak for praising Blooddrunk and calling it better than AYDY? here but just about everywhere else I look people would agree with me more than those here.

But the overall album scores here tend to be justified far more times than not so that's a big, resounding shrug aside.

Staff Reviewer
August 9th 2010


That's what i'm talking about.

Bloodrunk had high ratings as well by the metal press here.

Combining those high ratings with half-objective-half-subjective "pro" or "con" opinions about its quality here on Sputnik, one can safely conclude that it's a somewhat controversial album (the "truth" we are talking about) and that he must listen to it, before bying it.

August 9th 2010


I like the review. I also like their self-titled album and Transcendence but this doesn't sound too appealing. They seems like a very stagnant band playing the same songs over and over and if there aren't any epic hooks to speak of then why bother? It is a shame because there is definitely potential there.

September 23rd 2011


Really blew this album to shit, Xeno. It's not that bad lol

'Makes me giggle

February 20th 2012


Album Rating: 2.5

this has a review but s/t and transcendence dont


April 11th 2019


Album Rating: 1.0 | Sound Off

I'm sorry, but what the fuck did I just listen to? Biggest disappointment of the year. I saw the rating for Strange and Beautiful, checked the album out and I think it's actually great. More consistent than the self-titled album, overall (blasphemy, right?).

But this album just straight up sucks. What a shame.

Digging: Omega Centauri - Universum Infinitum

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