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July 23rd, 2010 | 2 replies

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Review Summary: Kudra Mata holds you in its' grasp during this 20-minute rollercoaster and it is not willing to let go from you...

PLEASE NOTE: This is my first attempt at writing a review, english is not my first language. So take it easy on me, I tried to write down my feelings about this EP which is rather short. Any constructive critism is really appreciated!

The EP is streaming on their myspace: www.myspace.com/kudramata

Kudra Mata, a relatively unknown 4-piece metalcore band hailing from the Netherlands, recently brought out their second EP entitled ''Legacy of Persistence'' mixed by Michiel Toenink (Sick Of It All, Napalm Death) and mastered by Göran Finnberg (In Flames, The Haunted) three years after the release of their first EP: ''This is my Pledge'' (which only featured three tracks). In the time between these two EP's the band has done a lot of touring to gain experience and has shared the stage with noticable metalcore-acts such as Maroon, Lamb of God, Walls of Jericho and Caliban.
Now please, do not click away this review if you are someone who detests the way metalcore is executed by some of these bands. Kudra Mata has a very distinctive sound using a fun formula with which they just cannot go wrong.

So you might sit there behind your destkop thinking about what this metalcore would sound like if it wasn't Maroon, Lamb of God, Walls of Jericho or Caliban. And you might be thinking that even more if I tell you that this also isn't metalcore like Converge or Botch. But it sounds great. This band incorporates a lot of different stuff into the typical metalcore play-scheme to spice it all up a bit. Making this EP a very fun and enjoyable listen.

Let me describe what makes Kudra Mata so different, so let's take a look at the first song of the EP as an example: ''Unconventional War''. This song features some highly melodic riffage with a little bit of a swedish melodeath touch to it, but executed the way August Burns Red likes to play their riffs, but in a less chaotic way. All of this under the support of drum fills that are kept plain and simple, so that they do not distract you from the technical guitar riffs. The vocals on this EP are diverse; the singer is clearly not afraid to mix it all up a bit apart from the excellent growls and screams on this album. This leads to the addition of an occasional 'breebree' that is done in a different way than your usual deathcore-act does, or some aggressive gang-vocals to build up the energy like on the song ''Hellfire'' for example. The bass is audible for the most part on this EP, which is a big plus for me and is something that I only find on a rare occasion in modern-metalcore.

The breakdowns on this EP are done in a different manner, a manner that I am not really used to; they are subtlely incorporated into the riffs and chorusses instead of the usual breakdowns where ongoing riffs just stop for some ''chugga chugging'' which makes this EP bearable for the anti-breakdown elitists. The breakdowns also aren't the main line in this EP, but it's the energy and aggresiveness that connects all these songs together. This brings me also to the only weakness of this EP; it's just too much of the same thing. This EP is basically six tracks of speed, speed and more speed which get's boring after some time and the band does not try to do too much to change this. Cutting down on the speed on a track like ''Hellfire'' isn't just going to do it. More changes are necassery for this band to broad their sound, because an eventual full-length album would be utterly boring if it was executed like this EP.

But overall, Kudra Mata is a well-oiled machine that is mixing melodic and aggresive with subtle breakdowns and technical riffs. A band that knows what it takes to entertain you. A band that knows who has to do what to keep the energy flowing. A band that is having fun in making their music in an enthusiastic way. Resulting in an intense twenty-minute rollercoaster ride that leaves you hungry for more.

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Kudra Mata representing Dutch Premium Metal.

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July 23rd 2010


These guys deserve some exposure

July 24th 2010


Know these guys from when they just started (as I used to live in the region they are from) but I wasn't really impressed by them back then. Looks like they deserve a 2nd chance.

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