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July 5th, 2010 | 5 replies

Release Date: 2009 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Depressed Mode slightly change their style, but don't be so hard on them. They make a wonderful album that's worth a listen to if you want occasional melodeath, symphonic, funeral doom, goth, and just plain dark metal put in a blender and liquefied.

Ah, Finland. Sounds like a nice place to visit, right" Yes, the unsolved Lake Bodom murders, where the only survivor was accused of it 44 years later. And parts of the country hopped the bandwagon and joined the next door country in the biggest war in Europe. Peaceful, right" However, the part of Finland you can enjoy from home is the metal scene that's spreading like wildfire. If you read my last review, then you know what I'm talking about. Depressed Mode is by far the most interesting, besides Thergothon. The reason I say this is because of a slight yet obvious change in their sound. In this album, you could find little funeral doom characteristics. I, however, am I fan of melodic death metal, or anything melodic, and there's nothing more satisfying than finding melodic entries into funeral doom. This makes the album awesome in my opinion. They jam-packed this album with their influences and their unique sound, like their first. However, they decided to take their death metal influences and emulate those with their sound into this one. Now, let's break it down.

Track 1: Death Multiples
This album starts with strings, unlike the last one. In this song, you can immediately hear a fast sound uncommon in death/doom or funeral doom. This songs gets slow at different points. The song is an awesome death metal song. However, the doom part you can only see in the video. I listened to the song first, and then watched the video. The video is creepy compared to the song itself. Blood everywhere, a man alone in a room with a gun a bullet, that's somewhat creepy.

Track 2: She's Frozen
The song starts off with strings and a slow piano. Then, the guitars come in. For a moment or two you can hear the funeral doom stuff. Then, the guitars and drums go faster, and then so do the vocals. Death metal plays an integral part in this song as well, but then as the song goes on, you think, "Natalie's back!" Yep, for a moment. Then, a musical box-like piano section comes in. Then, the death metal riff and fast vocals. Then, slow again. The drums are now the fastest thing, with rudiments at some points. Then, the drums go faster. Now the piano is fast. And now, the song ends with the musical box melody.

Track 3: Loving A Shadow
"Yay, a Depressed Mode song that starts with a piano!" The piano stays throughout (almost). This song is slower, but still kinda fast. If you didn't see by the title, the song is pretty dark. However, you can hear Ossy's clean vocals here, the mournful chants in funeral doom. He does the growls while the clean vocals sing along. Then, they leave for a bit. Then, a breakdown-like section. Afterward, a melodic piano section, and at this part, Natalie's vocals are at their best in this song (at least, while with Depressed Mode). The guitars come in while Natalie is singing, and then the drums get fast, and then Ossy's growls, and then his clean vocals. As the last few seconds go by, you hear the beauty and the beast style from their last album, and you enjoy them until they fade out.

Track 4: The Scent
"Strings, again"!" Don't be disappointed! This is where the funeral doom kicks in. If you listen closely, you can hear Ossy's deep spoken vocals, and then his clean vocals. Suddenly, he does his growls. The song kinda contradicts itself, because now, his vocals are slow, but the piano is fast. Then, the guitars go faster, and he's speaking again. Now, if you listen closely, Natalie's singing. Then the piano, drums, and a cello (got it wrong in the last review as violin) have a solo, with Ossy's deep spoken vocals. Then, the clean vocals and growls go at the same time. The clean vocals aren't so obvious, so listen closely.

Track 5: Prologue to the Thousand Skies
They're shortest song to date, at only 2:03. They start off with a piano, but don't get worked up over it. It's an instrumental, and the beauty is apparent in here. With more orchestration, such as horns, this is sure to please.

Track 6: Tunnel of Pain
The song starts with the bass, drums, and piano. Then, the drums go faster and an entire orchestra breaks lose with clean vocals from Natalie and Ossy, growls. Then it switches to a slower part. Their influences are now a blended milkshake of funeral doom, traditional death metal, symphonic metal, and gothic metal, with fast and slow parts that may provided whiplash for first-listeners. Then, Natalie sings for a bit, and then the symphonic gothic funeral death/doom part comes back. Then, the chorus at the beginning comes back. Thje strings and piano then have a solo for awhile. Then, a catchy death metal riff comes. Then, the guitar solo. It's melodic and stays after everything else is gone, and then a sustained note fades away.

Track 7: A Glimpse of Tomorrow
This one starts with a synth lead and a xylophone section that provides ambiance. The drums and piano come in...and so do Ossy's clean vocals. They are their best. Then, the growls kick in, with the clean vocals gradually leaving. This is where they show their melodic death metal/gothic metal influences. Afterward, the xylophone comes in and solos for a bit. Then, BOOM! Everything else comes in suddenly. Again, you were asking for it. "Damn it! They punk'd me again!" Then, the darkness settles over you, and the funeral doom comes in, late as ever. Then, his clean vocals comes in again. And, guess what" Growls, and goodbye clean vocals. The xylophone ends the song.

Track 8: A Sigh
Another piano intro. However, Natalie starts the song with the piano. Then, for awhile, the Natalie and piano do the work, and you hear the cello in and out. A gothic approach to a second to last track. Melodic, indeed. Then, the piano finishes the song.

Track 9: ...For Death...
Yep, dude, they punk'd you. Again! A dark string starts, and an ambient synth, and then and dissonant BOOM! Shame on you. It's slow, and the growls and strings come in. The piano comes along, and then, Natalie's vocals come in as Ossy's growls leave. The sweet, dark, mournful chants in funeral doom. Then, Ossy comes back with growls. The strings leave, and the piano has to it's job. Then, the slow, heavy doom riff comes in. The piano and cello do a melodic solo. The cello is left with the drums entering. And then another BOOM!. Natalie and the guitars and strings come in suddenly. Then, as she does this, the song takes a dark turn as Ossy does growls and the riffs get slower and doomier. This goes on until the drums loud THUD! ends the song and the album.

Depressed Mode is still an exceptional band, even with the slight change in their overall sound. They are definitely a band to watch, and I can't wait for what they have in store for everyone else next. In the meantime, listen to the two albums. They are awesome. If you're broke, YouTube, dude! My channel is again here ( The album is definitely worth a listen to.

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July 5th 2010


You sound like an incessant fan boy. Shut the fuck up

July 6th 2010


That's because he is an incessant fan boy.

Edit: Not a bad review, considering it's your second one. I'd avoid track-by-tracks in the future, although.

July 6th 2010


Yeah, well written for a tbt. Certainty sold me to check the album out

Digging: Cardi B - Gangsta Bitch Music Vol. 1

July 8th 2010


Album Rating: 5.0 | Sound Off

I'm not a fanboy jackasses! To vanderb0b, you're half a jackass. Did I say I love them and that they're my favorite band? No! I simply loved the album.

July 9th 2010


It seems a bit fanboyish, provided that you gave two of their albums 5's. Still, you backed up your rating quite well, so the review is credible.

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