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Release Date: 2007 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Impressive at best, In Fear and Faith's debut EP shows how much talent this band really has, and they're just dying to get it out there.

In Fear and Faith are a prime example of a band that is good at being different in their own little ways. To an average post-hardcore fan, this band may seem like another run-of-the-mill, breakdown heavy entry into the repetitive and dull genre we call post-hardcore. While many elements of this EP and future albums seem familiar and a little unoriginal, this band stands out because of their passion to pull you in to their music. The 'Voyage' EP started what the band called "piratecore", or music sorrounding elements of pirates and that time. The band's first full length, 'Your World on Fire' followed the same path, but just managed to do it better.

'Voyage' was self recorded and released by the band, but managed to catch the attention of Rise Records. Following the release of their EP, the band was signed by Rise almost immediately. 'Voyage' was the first and last record with clean vocalist Tyler "Telle" Smith whom left the band after recording and joined The Word Alive. This was the highpoint for Telle, he does a simply okay job with The Word Alive, but he really surprised me with his singing ability in 'Voyage'. Following the two and a half minute intro to the EP plays "There Be Pirates Among These Seas", which starts fast and sets the entire mood for the album. Right along side of screamer Cody Anderson, Telle's voice fits the music perfectly. His higher pitched singing in most of the choruses are excellent, he really can get his voice out there.

Cody Anderson is a great screaming vocalist as well, he changes between the middle and higher screams throughout, but he also could use more work. It could be the cheaper recording of the album, but his screams could certainly be cleaned up a little bit more. Another big thing noticed at the start of the song is the band's keyboardist, who never takes over the music but adds some cool little effects to the mixture. It really helps out the sound and he's an excellent keyboard player. "The Taste of Regret" opens with a soft piano track, leading right into Cody's screams to start out the song. Drummer Medhi Niroomand is a simple drum player, he's good at playing the average stuff and the need for technical drumming isn't really here, he's fine where he's at.

The guitars in most songs offer some pretty catchy riffs, thanks to Ramin Niroomand and Noah Slifka. Though alot of time just feel like average strumming, "The Taste of Regret" offers up some well done guitar riffs here and there which really add a bit of technicality to the sound. "Corsair" is an interesting and well made interlude, it really helps grasp the fact that this is a Pirate based album and the band does this really well, since they're one of very few bands who base their work off Pirates. "No Chance (Of Walking Away Without A Scratch)" offers up a catchy chorus, but the song feels nothing more than just filler. Even with "Silence is Screaming", though the song offers up some cool moments and an enjoyable listen, it still feels a little bit like filler. Telle stands out most in this track, mainly because of his range which really is flexed throughout this song.

Finally, "Live Love Die" ends the album, and it ends it extrordinarily well. Known as the bands most popular song, it's easy to see why once you hear it. It's fast and catchy, features some great background synth and a very good performance from both vocalist. The song was re-done for the full length album without much change, mainly because change isn't necessary when it comes to re-doing the song. It's fine as it is. For a debut EP, this band shows major potential. The pirate based sound seperates them from the rest of the crowd and they're overall musical talent expresses that the band isn't giving up anytime soon. With a few changes here and there, and a better production, this album could've been so much better, but it's a great start to a long and healthy musical career.

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