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by BringMeTheWaffles. USER (6 Reviews)
June 29th, 2010 | 6 replies

Release Date: 2010 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Another metalcore act fails to meet the standard.

Over the years, genres have come and gone, some just dying out for lack of ability to intoduce new intrest, and some subject to the lack of bands with anything to differentiate them from the next. Recently, metalcore has become one of those genres, for both reasons. The Bled has never been a 'standout' band in any regard. Yes, their first album "Pass The Flask" was somewhat of an underground (if there is such a thing anymore) hit, but they have never been a comercially sucessful band, or even remotely for that matter.

Heat Fetish starts of with a very generically composed track, while singer James Munoz's hardcore-reminiscent yell drowns out almost all of the music. Very unimpressive musical capability. The riffs seem recycled from past albums and other metalcore acts, the drums are repetitive, the bass is almost nonexistent, and the vocals have a rather annoying "wanna-be Converge" feel to them. Unfortunately, this formula echoes throughout the entire length of the album, with the exception of a few, minute sections later in the album.

While uninteresting, Heat Fetish does have its moments. Track 4, "Smoke Breaks", has a rather cool intro, and is probably the most intelligible song on the record as far as musical dexterity is concerned, and even as far as the ability to listen to what seems to be a completely monotone album. Another star moment for Heat Fetish is it's final track "Crawl Home".

"Crawl Home" while still retaining its core nature, introduces a somewhat ballad-like feel, with harmonies, some clean(er) vocals, and you can actually hear the bass in a few parts! Woooooow!

Overall, this album was a huge disappointment, and probably will be one of the thousands to be forgotten when metalcore falls out of style. There are MAYBE three tracks worth listening to out of the twelve. Truthfully, sitting through this album one time is comparable to having your toenails ripped off slowly while hot sauce is poured into your eyeballs.

Recommended Tracks:
"Crawl Home"--Track 12

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June 29th 2010


Something about this album makes it difficult for me to listen to it straight through. Good review.

June 29th 2010


From what I have read, these guys are kinda like Norma Jean in the sense they are Botch Rip-offs. Good review, I pos'd

June 29th 2010


decent review, short but decent. I downloaded this and was majorly let down as I used to love Pass the Flask about 5 years ago. Who negged?

June 29th 2010


Album Rating: 2.0

Probly Dryden. He doesn't like anything.

Contributing Reviewer
June 29th 2010


lol it wasn't dryden

Digging: Mortespermia - CCCXXXIII

June 29th 2010


I don't neg reviews anymore, last time i ever did was for whereismymind last year

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