Eve 6
It's All In Your Head



by Fox83 USER (9 Reviews)
September 26th, 2005 | 6 replies

Release Date: 2003 | Tracklist

So Eve 6 has disbanded, and who cares" Right" I mean, they shelled out three albums in five years, and the majority of people aren’t even aware of this nor do they care. Inside Out was the single which launched their career. When Horrorscope was released in 2000, not many gave a damn about Promise, yet once Here’s to The Night hit TRL, Horrorscope existed. It was the grad fad, and weeks in the Top 10 teased Eve 6 with middle-of-the-road fame. Three years go by, and we find Collins and his crew releasing yet another album that gets ignored. Sure, Think Twice had a light grip on the modern rock charts, but lost it twice as fast. They toured, Max ran through a hotel naked, they released one more unnoticed single, and they called it quits…

…So I say it again: Eve 6 has disbanded. The majority of you won’t care what I have to say about their final release, It’s All In You Head, but to those of you who do: enjoy these comments because my opinion that Eve 6 had just begun to break into their vault of underrated potential with this album. Gone is the electronica, gone is their familiar aura of pop-punk structure – this is a slight change in form for the band. If you’re even remotely interested in this band, read on and discuss.

01. Without You Here – The intro sucks you right in as a two note guitar count is all that accompanies Collins thick vocals – “Quick looking at the clock/ It’ll only bring me down/ And it won’t bring you here” On “here,” insert an eruption of break-neck drums and power chords which, aside from the chorus, continue throughout the song. Not the most complex piece, but certainly a rawer feel which Horrorscope severely lacked. I can’t think of a better intro for such an eclectic album. It’s as if Eve 6 is trying to show that they still have some punk energy in them before stretching their former musical limitations out. ****

02. Think Twice – As the first single off the album, I wasn’t too keen on this song. As it stands alone, I wouldn’t recommend it. However, as part of the album, it deserves it’s place. One thing I can’t help thinking about when I hear this song is that Collins wrote it to challenge himself because he’s never felt the emotion this song expresses – the thought of having another person move in on your “girl.” Does this make this song a little hypocritical, or the product of a musician challenging himself" Make your own opinion as I describe the track as a mid-tempo rocker which has its share of hooks, and it’s strongest point is the shouting Collins uses toward the end of the song. Worth it’s weight. ***1/2

03. At Least We’re Dreaming – And here is where Eve 6 begin to slowly show their evolution. This is definitely a more alternative/emo approach which is surely welcome. It has it’s classic Eve 6 moments of course. The intro will cue you to that fact right away. A clean melody from Siebels is once again isolated as Collins keeps the mid-tempo bounce vocally. Drums enter, bass enters, and the chorus is an anthemic alternative approach. An almost ideal showcase of what this album is about. ****1/2

04. Still Here Waiting – A two minute garage band influenced punch on an otherwise mid-tempo emo spin of an album for Eve 6. A great change of pace, but it lacks the ability to grasp attention. It comes and goes in every sense of the phrase. Not a horrible song by any means, but it may have been more welcome on a b-sides and rarities comp. **1/2

05. Good Lives – One thing I’ve noticed about this album is Eve 6’s ability to create a lackluster song with the exception of the bridge and last 30 seconds of the song. Good Lives is a minor exception to this observation. The latter portion of the song leaves Max chanting “Promise that forever we will never get better at growing up and learning to lie.” It’s the catchiest part of the song, and it salvages any chance of this song becoming familiar. I note this more importantly as a forewarning. There are much better examples of this to come. Overall, it holds it’s own with the most awkward grip. ***1/2

06. Hey Montana – I’ve noticed in reading user reviews of this album that Hey Montana seems to get a lot of attention as a great song. Maybe it’s because these listeners aren’t typical Eve 6 listeners, or maybe it’s just the opposite – they admire the harsh difference in sound and structure. This is a somber, acoustic laden tune which drags to a 3 count beat which has a bluesy campfire feel to it. Take a listen. Points awarded to any friend who would guess it’s Eve 6. Good song, great change of pace. ***

07. Bring the Night On – If you quizzed a clueless individual on Hey Montana, rolling through to this track could easily cue them to the fact that you’re spinning an Eve 6 album – at least from the verse. Collins tosses around his pop/punk/rap vocals reminiscent of Showerhead, Bang, or even Promise (for those of you who know the few songs Clear Channel has delivered). The chorus has a much more haunting appeal to it, but the power pop remains infused in a commendable effort from the guys. ***1/2

08. Friend of Mine – This one is about speaking against a friend’s potential suicide, and musically it’s a fast-paced-guitar-churning Here’s To the Night. I almost want to retract that statement because it isn’t as unoriginal as it would seem. I just want to create the slightest idea of how this song sounds. Remember when I told you to pay attention to my comments on bridges when critiquing Good Lives" Here is when that quality really pays off. Eve 6 steps this power pop effort up a notch as they break into a heavy pounding power chord stomp toward the last minute of the song. Very catchy, highly recommended. ****

09. Girlfriend – Aside from the string accompaniment, this is a stripped down Eve 6. A simple chord progression (G C E D) maintains its share of hooks and quirky lyrics in classic Eve 6 fashion – “You left a sock, girldfriend/ But where’s the pair" Broken/ Are you aware that I’m missing you"” At the same time, this song is very melancholy and catchy. Not sure why radio stations didn’t snatch this one up. One of my personal favorites. Keep in mind I’m maintaining a bias over it’s simplicity (for all you fans of complex melodies). ****

10. Not Gonna Be Alone Tonight – “Mid-tempo” is the word which I will abuse to death in this review. This track supports that abuse. Muted vocals remain through a song with an obvious Tom Petty influence. If you’re a Tom Petty fan, enjoy the tribute – if not, enjoy the filler. ***

11. Hokis – “Got a half Armenian girlfriend,” will probably be the first verse you’ll notice with this song. Collins, unlike Think Twice, pulls from some personal experience with this song. This song stands out as a more alternative approach from the pop/punk trio. The vocals and chorus a bit of a Foo Fighters feel to it, and it’s the chorus which carries the song for the most part. “Turn the radio on/ I’ve got to talk to you.” Clever. Too bad his half-Armenian girlfriend won’t be hearing much more talk over the radio from Max. This song is no exception to the fact that is a shame. ***1/2

12. Arch Drive Goodbye – It starts out as a ballad, it turns into an Eve 6 style (yes, they have some style entitled to them) bridge/chorus. The album should have taken the name of this song, or vice versa, because it represents what Eve 6 attempted with this collection. It’s a slight experiment of an Eve 6 jam session. As it ends on the ideal note, this song begs for an encore. How ironic. ****1/2

(check out www.brotherhoodoflostdogs.com to see Max Collin’s (vocalist) latest project)

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September 26th 2005


i liked their first album, but i thought their follow-up was absolutely pure rubbish. i was semi-interested in picking this up when it first came out, only because i could get it for free from columbia house, but since i no longer am a part of that i'm not sure if i'll get it. good review by the way, although i don't know if i agree with you or not.

i didn't know they broke up. maybe members from eve6 and silverchair could get together and form a super group.

September 28th 2005


Album Rating: 4.0

I think you'll like it. Give it a shot. Not much like Horrorscope at all

September 28th 2005


Album Rating: 4.5

Good review, I think you pretty much nailed the album - each song on it's own might not sound so impressive, but they work as an album. My biggest criticism of this album is that the songs lack memorable hooks. But while your listening, it doesn't really matter. Again, good review.

October 8th 2005


Album Rating: 4.5

yea dude ROCK ON! its a bummer that not too many people have herd of these guys. good stuff man and i might've been a little harsh on girlfriend but thats just becuz it didnt feel like it fits in with this album. nice review anyway and i def agree mranti that self titled was alot better and horrorscopes seemed pretty "fake" comin from eve6 but this album is great u should def try it out

June 23rd 2014


Album Rating: 4.5

best eve 6

Digging: Weezer - Pacific Daydream

June 23rd 2014


Album Rating: 4.5

'its a bummer that not too many people have herd of these guys'


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