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May 28th, 2010 | 3 replies

Release Date: 2001 | Tracklist

Review Summary: I Still Remember Those Days

Ohh how we all remember our first years of high school, the sweet anxiousness that comes to your body when its your first day as a freshman, filled up with hopes and dreams of what may come in the next three years, and how when your first day as a senior comes you know you rule the school, weather people know it or not,
it’s a beautiful period of time, when you can live as perfectly careless as can be, a life that’s plagued by nights sitting around bonfires at the beach and days that seem to never end, that’s the feeling I get when listening to this record, as it tracks back with me to my high school days that seem so long gone now.

Opener “(Hurricane) The Formal Weather Pattern” sets a pretty nice tone for this CD, singing about a girl who you can’t figure out wishing you could be a part of her as much as she is a part of you.

"You don't do it on purpose
But you make me shake now I count the hours 'til you wake.
With your babies breath, breathe symphonies, come on sweet catastrophe."

That’s the vibe I get from this song, a naïve and unapologetic love letter that shows, that while Andrew McMahon and company may be great at writing songs and supeb hooks they are just as human as all of us.

However songs as “If You See Jordan” show the band at their most immature and ultimate low, despite the song having a infectious chorus that soars “If You See Jordan, He Makes Me Sick” as Andrew sings about a friendship that once was and now is no more, the ultimate result is weak, however this is not a bad song at all, it has, as I stated before; one of the catchiest chorus to ever be created by McMahon weather it be on his SC era or his Jack’s Mannequin Era,

And then comes “Little”, with masterfully crafted lyrics and a soft piano line that makes you shiver along with the guitars and drums, and a bombastic chorus, this song easily lifts up this EP to the quality presented in previous songs, with a small piano outro the song leaves on all its glory to make way for “Walking By”

All in all this is one of my favorite CD’s ever, with a fair balance of good to great songs and some amazing lyrics this proves to be a must have to any Jack’s Mannequin fan, and to anyone who still want to revive that old feeling that was lost when graduation day rolled up

"Little minds let little games burn big old dreams with little flames,
And you don't think I understand.
Little holes in parachutes won't leave you falling,
If they do, it's because you want to land."

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May 28th 2010


Album Rating: 3.5

just some of my feelings twords this album, contructive criticism is much welcome

Digging: Cosmic Church - Ylistys

May 29th 2010


Some of the formatting is really weird, and it seems - in my opinion - a little informal at times. Your writing can be very nice, but the review isn't really informative; I don't have a clear image of what this sounds like.

I would cut back on the "you", and put more emphasis on what the album is like.

May 30th 2010


Album Rating: 3.5

checked, why o why is it that my reviews never get comments? even if they are to say that its a bad review, oh well cste la vie

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