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Lower Class Crucifixion



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September 20th, 2005 | 10 replies

Release Date: 1997 | Tracklist

The first full length album from The Unseen and by my opinion the greatest of them all. Has the street punk feel that their newer music seriously lacks. But I'm sure you dont want me droning on so lets get to the review!

Mark Unseen-Drums/Vocals
Paul Unseen-Drums/Vocals/Guitar/Organ

1.Children Of The Revolution
Starting off the album with a so-so song with some interesting lyrics and a pretty cool solo. Also I did enjoy the drums throughout the song.4/5

2.Too Yound Too Know
Personally one of my favorite songs ever done by The Unseen. Very nice bridge with some inspirational lyrics as following "hey dad F**K You!" A song about a dad leaving his kid and wife. 5/5

Fast song easy to get into fast guitar fast lyrics fast drums. Overall a pretty fast song. Not one of my favorite songs but still good.3.5/5

4.Social Security
Well I've finally reached my all time favorite Unseen song. With a guitar intro that for some reason I find addicting probably cause I've seen them do it live. A nice solo and a kind of sing along chorus. A bass fill also in the middle. A great song best on the album by my opinion although its not very long. 5/5

5.Goodbye America
Kind of an awkward sounding song compared to the other Unseen songs. Starting off with a bass fill then going into a medium paced song. Then straight into a fast paced song with the whole band singing together "goodbye america F**K You America!" overall a good song.4/5

6.New World Fodder
Starts with the bass playing with the guitar coming in strumming a few times every once in a while then joining full on. After just music for a few second it goes into an almost all drums verse.Overall a great song heavy guitar and energetic. 4.5/5

7.Police Brutality
Everything you could expect from this album. Resembling the other songs with the pounding guitar and in your face lyrics. great song 4/5

8.What Are We Waiting For"
With an odd thing instrument in the intro which i can only assume was the organ this song comes right out picking up speed fast and assualting your ears with lyrics such as "IS THERE ANY YOUTH LEFT IN THE CULTURE"
IS THERE ANY CULTURE LEFT IN THE YOUTH"" one of my favorite songs 5/5

9.The Unseen Class
Oi!Oi!Oi! A fast song about the lower class not getting any say pounding guitar again with a lyrical chorus everyone can love Oi!Oi!Oi! 4/5

10.Coincidence or Consequence"
Starting with single strums then going into another fast paced song as it should be. Makes you wanna start moshing with once again a great chorus another great song to add to the great album. 5/5

11.In The City
Starting with some singing and single strums then throwing you into another street punk fast song. slowing down a little during the chorus then picking up the speed again. Makes you wanna get up and move around. The middle has some drum and lyrics with the bass joining in while chanting "In The City!" and if im hearing correctly also includes some clapping. 5/5

A song about A.D.D. Being impatient and overdosing on ritalin. In no time you'll be singing "A.D.D. DISORDER!!" an ok, fast song. 3/5

13.Every Rose Has A Thorn(Poison Cover)
Well I must say I enjoyed this cover almost as much as the Beat It cover they did. A good cover, gave it a street punk song. Had me singing "Every Rose Has A Thorn" for a while which got me some odd looks from people. 4/5

Overall I give this Album a 4.5/5
-Lots of fast paced song that make you want to move
-Street punk perfection
- Just a great band

-can get repetitive

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September 21st 2005


Way too vague. No overall impression of the album or sound thereof.

September 21st 2005


I've yet to hear this.

Okay review. But i should get my hands on this soon.This Message Edited On 09.21.05

mesquite punk
September 21st 2005


Yea it was hard to give the overall feel of it cause its like So This Is Freedom? but more raw I guess im not very good at explaining things like that. Its a great album and that all that matters.

October 8th 2005


Album Rating: 4.0

this was an awsome cd

Music Nerd
March 3rd 2006


Album Rating: 4.5

My favorite album by the Unseen. I also really dig their new one, but this one is better. Very good album.

Pint of stella
April 8th 2006


Sounds good. I got State of Discontent and Explode, I'll have to pick this up.

April 18th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

this is a great album, my fav songs off it are too young to know, goodbye america, and social security

i really like how they took familiar riffs and made them unique and enjoyable on this album

not too big on the review though

August 24th 2008


i refuse to listen to this album on the grounds that it has a Poison song.

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