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September 15th, 2005 | 5 replies

Release Date: 1985 | Tracklist

The Stone Pony, one of the most famous nightclubs ever next to CBGB. It lays in the now abandoned Asbury Park, New Jersey. Nights would come and go back then, when it was regular for the Ramones or even Bruce Springsteen to walk in and jam out for everyone. The raw intensity was always a thrill due to the lack of greed in that era. Hell, Bruce would come in and do shows for free.

My dad was a bouncer at that nightclub, a scary guy too coming in at 6'3" 250lbs. Darren, my dad lived in Asbury Park and worked at this club for years. Darren would always see famous faces come in and out of the club. Heck, I remember he told me a story once where after a show, some band got all drunk and passed out in his house. He also painted the sign for the club which sits in the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame today. But I'm treading off topic so let's talk about the band.

Steve Grossman, a friend of his started a punk band with his friends by the name of Bad Biscuit. The band were soon "Pony" originals and they even released a cd that has sadly been forgotten in the book of 80's punk. They only really got big in Jersey, but they're energy was pure. A great mix of punk and alternative that actually includes guitar solos! As I pop in the cd right about now, I prepare for the band that was ahead of their time by about five years.

Most of BB's songs are completely original. Like the first track Blowing Smoke. The drums are simple but fit in perfectly with the nasal and whiny vocals. This song is probably one of the best on the album too. The song is ridiculously catchy and has a darn cool solo in the middle of it. The band doesn't have a set formula. Every song seems to sound totally different.

Bad Biscuit seem to borrow some elements from some of punks greatest. I could swear some songs are Clash songs. Plus, the singer uses Johnny Rotten's (of the Sex Pistols) classic tongue roll on the song Annoying Little Brat.

The subject matter in most of their songs is usually love. They always sing about getting rid of, slash, wanting, girls. This is something I don't like that much. It's just overused in music, it's kind of annoying. But some of the tracks on here play that subject on a funny level, like the song Masturbation. The entire song is about burping the bald man. But sadly, the song is damn addictive. Who wants to be caught in public singing about jerking it.

Most of the album uses recycled riffs but that doesn't mean that they're bad. Plus, in every other song there is a solo to watch out for. The solos are played on the thinnest string so they make for some great fun.

But one of the most hands down interesting things I noticed was that this album sounds a little like pop/punk which is weird because that didnít come out till when, early 90ís" Iím not saying they invented it or anything but it is a little strange.

Anyway, this was a great album by a band that wanted to try something new. Sadly, they never made it HUGE, but they were big. This is definitely worth checking out. If you want the songs because you canít get them anywhere then IM me on my AIM. The SN is beyondthebluprnt. Notice the different spelling.

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September 15th 2005


if anyone wants the songs, just message me on AIM

screenname: beyondthebluprnt

Storm In A Teacup
September 15th 2005


That's pretty cool with your dad. Any cool stories you want to tell about that?

September 15th 2005


psh yeah, Diamond Dallas Page, from WWE was also a bouncer there. I have tons of stories. IM me for tons.

September 15th 2005


Awesome review. This sounds very interesting.

September 19th 2005


okay ,i guess i was a little vague

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