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March 30th, 2010 | 11 replies

Release Date: 2009 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Jamie Cullums new album "The Pursuit" is a disappointment to jazz fans and a delight to pop fans.

I previously posted this review on my website. So please don't go saying that I just copied and pasted it. I own www.minorsecond.com where it can be found. Alright, here's the review:

Alright, let me come clean. Jamie Cullum is one of the first jazz artists that I ever got into. His sophomore album Pointless Nostalgic, and his third album Twentysomething were (and still are) gems in my jazz infancy. Having moved on to other artists, I unfortunately never had the chance to listen to his fourth album Catching Tales, but I plan on doing so soon.

Jamie’s fifth album, The Pursuit, is one that I’m interested in reviewing because of the mediocre reviews it received in Downbeat. Having read said review, I decided to give it my own chance, based on my own experiences and tastes. That said, here’s the review:

The Tracks
1. Just One Of Those Things
2. I’m All Over It
3. Wheels
4. If I Ruled The World
5. You And Me Are Gone
6. Don’t Stop The Music
7. Love Ain’t Gonna Let You Down
8. Mixtape
9. I Think I Love
10. We Run Things
11. Not While I’m Around
12. Music Is Through

1. Just One Of Those Things beings with a jazzy vocal & piano head. It’s definitely not as poppy as I was expecting it to turn out to be. In fact, the entire track swings, and swings better than any Jamie Cullum song I’ve heard to this day. There are two great solos in the track by the pianist and the saxophonist. The brass section delivers some great riffs and hits. This track left me excited to hear what else is on the album.

2. I’m All Over It – I’m going to go ahead and say it, I don’t like this one. I was extremely disappointed after being so excited about the first track. I believe that this song could be the worst on the album, with its cliche beat, quarter note piano chords and the choral hits. It is hard to explain this track, but you can hear it for yourself by following the linked title.

3. Wheels has a sort of train effect with the snare played with brushes. While listening to this song I kept thinking about Coldplay. It has got a very mellow feeling to it, stating “the wheels are falling off of the world.” I felt that the lyrics were a bit on the repetitive side and the track quickly faded into the background as I zoned out.

4. If I Ruled The World – This track brings me back to listening to Tony Bennett. Perhaps because he wrote it" The rhythym is all different, the drums are turned up and the keyboard has a rotating speaker effect which I found nice. I found the piano solo in this track very soothing and it was nice to listen to after a hard day of work. The solo has some accidentals thrown in which helps it stay on the jazz side. I found that Jamie’s distinct vibrato adds a lot to this track (and the entire album) by adding a lot emotion. When the track was over, I wanted to listen to it again.

5. You And Me Are Gone – This track begins with a cool piano riff in the lower end of the chromatic scale. It has a cool feel to it (sort of rowdy) and it swings. It has organ and it has nice piano and rhythm work. I like the block in the middle of the song. The piano solos are pretty jazzy. I would listen to it while driving. Not in the apartment.
6. Don’t Stop The Music – This is a song that was originally sang by Rihanna. It’s a slower track that makes me feel nostalgic. The piano really adds a lot to this track, helping with the mellow-ness of the whole thing.

7. Love Ain’t Gonna Let You Down – This track blended into “If I Ruled The World” because the drums sound similar and my computer was playing on random. Jamie’s falsetto in the beginning was kind of cliche. I felt that the horn section was kind of lame on this track as well, and didn’t get a very good feel for it.

8. Mixtape – This is a song about trying to win over someone by playing them a mixtape. Let me tell you right now that this is not a new idea, and this type of song has been done countless of times. This is a driving song with a fast beat. The interesting thing about this song is that the bridge is a half-time piano solo. It was enough to make my roommate and me look at each other and say “cool!” I give this song a thumbs up.

9. I Think I Love – This is a beautiful song that brings to mind dining in a classy restaurant with a live band (such as sambucas). Perhaps a nice dance with your significant other" This track is piano driven with some strings thrown in at the bridge. I think that this song is one of the top of the album. I’ll say that I like it.

10. We Run Things – The beginning is different. I’m not sure how to describe it. The song has a cool beat, This song is not jazzy at all, it’s pure pop. There is even a vibe solo thrown into this song. I’m not sure if they are really vibes or if it’s keyboard but I was surprised on a Jamie Cullum track. This is a good track for driving, but the jazzers probably won’t like it.

11. Not While I’m Around – When this track started I already felt like it was headed in the wrong direction. The beat is good but the piano and vocals are cliched, especially the lyrics. It’s something that you might hear in a romantic comedy. I found myself messing with the internet while this song was playing, as it was boring. I will say that the bridge was semi-decent… maybe. All-in-all, I really had to fight against skipping the track.

12. Music Is Enough – This is an energetic tack that has a dance feel to it. In fact, I’d say that it’s safe to say that it’s a track fit to be played at a dance club. Upon first listen I wasn’t too excited about this track but it grew on me. I do like it, and while it’s not jazz it does add to the energy of the album.

The Verdict
The Pursuit is not what I would call a jazz album. The Pursuit is more a pop album with some jazz elements. It is definitely more pop-oriented than his previous albums, but for the most part the music remains good. Hardcore jazz fans probably won’t like this album, while those who like jazz and pop will love it. I don’t think that jazz fans should go out and buy this album, but rather try out Just One Of Those Things, If I Ruled The World, You And Me Are Gone, and I Think I Love on iTunes.

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March 30th 2010


No one likes track by track reviews.

March 30th 2010



March 30th 2010


no one

March 30th 2010


hey i'm a one!

March 30th 2010


Album Rating: 3.5

Bit of a boring review. Album is sweet.

April 7th 2010


Album Rating: 3.0

How would you prefer I do a review next time?

April 8th 2010


Album Rating: 3.5

Less personal pronouns, don't review it track by track and get your facts right (Tony Bennett didn't write If I Ruled the World).

April 10th 2010


Album Rating: 3.0

Thank you sir. Woops, didn't realize that!

October 5th 2010


haven't heard it...
sounds bad though.
jamie needs to fall back into the swing and jazz styled he once was e.g. catching tales
& twentysomething.
more the style that is twentysomething because on the special edition you cant 18 tracks that just keep giving !

October 21st 2013


Album Rating: 4.0

I loved "I'm All Over It"

June 25th 2017


Damn this guys got swagger, killing it at Glastonbury right now.

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