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September 15th, 2005 | 2 replies

Release Date: 2004 | Tracklist

Well heres some more MUCC for ya. this album actually in some places reminds me a bit of converge. With the pounding again but this time around some soft suprises await.

MUCC(in case you forgot) is:

1)Kuchiki no Tou
Starts out with dripping as drums slowly come in with a classical japanese sound. clapping soon follows as it get louder and louder. a small break frm the classical leads to a haunting voice in the backround and that distorted guitar. Clapping ends to the dripping(or ticking) and then...

2)Daremo Inai Le
the intro just reminds me of converge before that haunting voice comes in for a verse with the bass clearly heard in the backround. The guitar comes in and rips out during a scream leading to an insturmental part before another verse. Nice riffs are used during the verses. Punding followed by and off key chord leads us into the chorus. dramatic vocals and solid guitar lead into guitar taking the center with harsh noises in the backround. Then a full insturmental between bass and guitar leads into a fast vocal line. I swear they used alot of metalcore influence on this cd. one more chorus and insturment part leads us into...

Heavy greets you right away into palm muted punding before a small high part that continues louder along with bass and drums till the voice MUCC fans love takes us through the first verse. Very nice clean guitar used through the verse. Pounding and some slight screaming leads us to another soft verse. A catchy vocal part accompanies the guitar well for the chorus. I <3 that voice almost as much as myv and hyde. A small punding part before the high part leads us to hard pounding a pickslide and heavyness acompanied by screams. A solo leads us to an acoustic soft part with well put vocals before the guitar continues along a more tech and higher on the fretboard part before another chorus. Very nice vocals and guitars in this song

4)Mikan no Kaiga
A clean riff takes us to a small bass drums and distortion part before it repeats and takes us into the song. They are definatly using higher on the fretboard now. Aofter but heavier in some places. an almost whisper is accompaniesd by drums a soft riff and clear bass. this is the mood for the seconed verse except acoustic guitar is now added. Sounds kinda flamenco-ish i think. A soft and catchy prechorus leads us to a louder slightly harsher chorus. The vocals are emotional and rough. A heavy part leads into a small bass solo and then that soft verse. all insturment sjoin in for the seconed part before another chorus. You all should fall in love with more chorus's and verses and even an almost operatic part rounds out the song.

Zomg. i forgot i was listening to mucc and thought somehow converge crossbred woth deeper growls. Then i heard fast verses and deep screams contrast with a soft spoken part. The chorus is excellent. A nice little effect is used on the voice a couple times. We are then thrust back into the pit. Fists are flying and you just lost your tooth. a slightly soft spoken verse going to that heavy guitar lead us out.

6)Gentou Sanka
Nother converge sounding thing leads us to heavy guitar. Palm mutes are used effectivally for a short while before ore guitar. Very hardcore/metalcorish. A voice breaks out. It starts out reg than turns into harsher vocals before full screams are used. A dramatic chorus, of course, follows. A samll bass solo and then the guitars come in. an intersting guitar part before full heavyness with backround screams lead us to another dramatic chorus. The heavy guitars carry us out.

7)Akatsuki Yami
Feedback into a slightly jumpier heavy guitar part greets us before a clean riff and soft voice come in. This keeps up as the bass shows his stuff along with the drums. Another soft song for the album. Shows he can do more than drasmatically sing and scream. A slightly heavier chorus is used in this song. the guitar switchs to distortion but the dramatic voice comes in again but keeps it all soft. we are sprung back to that clean riff again as highs are heard in th backround with bass and drums coming in for a bit. the drums build up into a heavier part with crooning in the backround. He really whores of the highin the backround during this part. another chorus happens with nice jumpy guitars and some highs used this time. A more strained verse happens and leads to an insturment part. the song ends with a clean riff and soft vocals

Sooo metalcore sounding. The guitars the drums the bass everything. Its heavy, starts and breaks once in a while with higher almost off key chords. This is an insturmental but definetly awesome. this leads us too....

druming starts out and gets progrsivally louder before dissapearing for a bass solo. The drums reappear as the bass continues. A surfy guitar chord is struck many times. A soft voice is used for the verse but the chorus uses a faster more dramatic voice. Very awesome solo before another verse. I love tha little bass parts in this song.. Another chorus leads to an insturmenta. the song ends with that surfy sounding chord being struck one last time

10)Kanashimi no Hate
Catchy right of the bat. The guitar and bass play hand in hand as the singer sings a soft verse. well your head asplode for the inbetween verse part. another verse leads to a soft nice chorus. He may use that dramatic voice alot but he uses it well. A guitar part leads to another soft part with the singer going"la la la" and such in the backround. A very well placed solo happens when you thing another chorus will happen. after the solo a catchy verse type part leads to a soft then heavy pre chorus/chorus. The insturments and a scream lead us into....

11)Rojiura Boku To Kimi e
A single that has a wierd video. You'd have to see it. it contains a pervert old man watching his daughter change and a young boys conflict with his family because of this and fighting between his mother and father. funny fight scene though. nothing but papers all around. anyways a muted riff greets us before the bass takes a lead. This is shutdown as the guitar strats in full force. a more trebely tone and distortion is used but the punding is still there. Soft verses are ended by a dramatic part and the guitars leading us to the next verse.More of a tortured sound comes after the seconed verse as more voice is used before the chorus. dramatic, tortured all rolled in with the guitar carrying it along. After the chorus the bass is heard clearly along with the guitar playing some nice riffs before a spoken part transferring into a screamed part leads into a long scream carrying into the chorus. he now uses the more tortured voice for this chorus before putting some more dramatic in for the seconed part. good song

12)Obereru Sakana
Full acoustic off the bat" this is new for mucc to me. A softer voice of course is used to go along with the acoustic. but it all ends in the middle when that heavyness comes back. It stays jumpy and a bit happy though. the same vocals are used and the mood hasn't changed. a very nice transition. The guitarist helps out a bit with singing in some parts.He uses those highs in the backround near the ned before a solo. I like the soloing in this album. this is a very good song

13)Namonamuki Yume
Happy jumpy, punky. its all good. Nice vocals through out and the guitar just goes along with its punky ways and the bass continues along the riffing path. rock bands in japan tend to have skilled bass players it seems. a nice little solo rounds this song of very nicely. another solo takes us out and we go into...

14)Monochro no Keshiki
a nice clean riff greets you as the bass joins in. Distortion kicks in and a very catchy guitar comes in. The verse os soft and the bass is clear. The guitars are heavy but not too much keeping the song nice. A heavier part during the song leads to a solo. Another very nicely put one. A verse happens right ofter that leads to another chorus. he shows he can float up in notes aswell during the song. a little solo takes us out and leads to...

15)Kuchiki no Tou
Longinsh song. starts with drums increasing in volume as a clean guitar riff starts. bass clicks in once in a while for a note. all distortion breaks loose suddenly as the bass starts riffing. a small break leads to feedback and nice cleans with soft vocals. marching drums starts leading into A heavy break with strained vocals. The softness comes back. still strained a bit but keeping it soft for now. The heavy interupts agian. i love the bass in the heavy parts. This exteneds a bit inot a chorus. its distorted yet kinda soft all at once. very dramatic vocals are used. a soft part leads to a little vocal spoken solo.then the guitar does chords that are muted immediatly afterwards as the singer sings a transitionn to another chorus. this is a bit of a long song me thinks. some tortured screams and yells help put across the mood. this continues. from yells to full fleged screams until a final guitar chord bids us farewell.

This is another excellent album by MUCC this seems a little more metalcore influenced than the last one i reviewed. some reminds me alot of converge as i said earlier in the review over all a strong album

4 out of 5

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September 26th 2009


Album Rating: 4.5

Very good review; you're one of the few people I know of who caught on to the metal-core influence this album proudly hammers out.

You should review the 6 mini-album as well, as it also displays this heavier sound, something that used to make MUCC on the top of it's game, at least before they began to release too much & too frequently for mainstream appeal.

October 20th 2009


Album Rating: 4.0

Listening to the Best Of MUCC, which isn't in the database and I'm too lazy to add. This guys are great, plus I love the lyrics even though i understand nothing, just how they sound.

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