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Release Date: 2003 | Tracklist

Here he is again folks. The amazing 6'1 125 pund hyper japanese man. His name for those who haven't seen my other review(i suggest you do:P)

Just a small sound clip of quiet clapping and some cheering.

2)Ippiki Okami Ron
This song just dives you deep into Miyavi almost immediatly. It starts with a wolf howl before those incredibally heavy distorted guitars kick in. the quiet down a bit for a wierd part. booming into the mic after each time MYV whispers. We're then plunged into a verse before another part like before. Then another verse and a catchy chorus awaits us. After MYVs trademark deep croaks are heard before a radio clip(it sounds like) Playes before another verse. This is definetly heavier than then most of the things i review. only the other MYV album and MUCC come up like this. Myv lets loose a scream before another chorus. After deep loud speaking is heard as MYV sings in the backround. Well we know MYV hasn't given up anything.

Sounds like some electricity thing with a gigling old pervert man in the backround :S ya wierd. then some guitar kicks in slowly speeding up before turning into a skipping cd like noise before we enter....

4)Ekisentorikku Otona Yamai
Whispering is quickly shushed by those heavy guitars again. Then even bigger drums and bass come into the mix. MYV uses that interesting beautiful voice. He speaks and sings all at once. Very catchy chorus and heavy parts between verses assault your ears. Slighty less harsh verses balance out a little but still keeps it heavy. I love MYVs deep soft voice when he uses it. The croaks are awesome but the soft makes dudes gay. Kinda like mana. slightly short and heavy as ever just like we all love from MYV

5)Yatoware No Mi No Blues
Cellphone sounding beeps greet us before footsteps are heard. a slightly jumpy acoustic starts in for the main part. Smooth but crooning myv accompanies the guitar really well. and a couple laughs and this seems like a fun song. Has a nice rough sound to it with a couple throat clears and slight breaks in smoothness in his voice. Sounds like something you'd go downtown and see somebody on an acoustic playing. One of my favs but all the full songs are my favs on the album:P

6)Coo Quack Cluck -Ku Ku Ru-
This song was used in the movie Oresama which i have yet to see. Its about Miyavi getting sucked back in time starting a band and realizing he has to get home somehow. A slow distorted riff starts us out before almost march like guitars carry us into alittle switch between the guitars. MYV starts singing an duses a very sexy MYV style voice leading into the chorus which is slighty louder and has a small bite to it. After the chorus we hear a very well placed solo. Good job MYV(u all must see his slap guitar video) This is a poppy song but still has the hard rocking sound to it.You think its all over when myv sings slower with palm muted guitars that are also slowing down and this time you are right.lol

Wish there wasn;t so many of these but this one is just motercycle sound that lead us into....

8)Joushou Gaidou
Heavy but bouncy guitars greet us before they all stop for a seconed as an engine starts up. It all comes out when MYV starts singing fast and lets out a scream before moving into a verse.A vocla part with scream like noises leads into the chorus that contains that fast singing and screaming. A bass riff awaits us before that scream breaks out and a guitar solo rips out of nowhere. More screams grret us before a spoken part which leads into a quiet verse that steps up in volume before going out full blast. Myv does a cool vocal part after another chorus and that leads to a fun little quarter chorus before the sound of vehicles and a siren end the song.Over all a fun sounding song

9)Shinkenkan Baby
Almost a toilet sound accompanied by a crying baby and little booms in the backround lead us into punding guitars which quiet down for the first verse. Deep croaks are accompanying myvs voice in the verses. Inbetween the verses a heavy slightly screamy part leads into the next part. The seconed one a scream at the end leads into the chorus. The chorus is good old MYV with a scream at the end. A small guitar part carries us back to a heavy inbetween verse part. Another scream leads us into the chours and another scream leads us in another verse with screams in the backround. After this the inbetween verse part, with screaming this time, carries us to another verse. An almost broken bottle noise ends the song

10)Ossan Ossan Ore Nanbo
Slight feedback and palmmuted guitars start us out before the pace quickens up when drums are added. It all breaks loose after some screaming. Miyavi has a little taunting fight with himself before he is left singing alone with screams in the backround. Very catchy riff in this song. Makes me wish i had a tab or something. Halfway through MYV shows that he still loves to scream. He goes through the "ossan ossan ore nanbo" part again with quiet screams in the backround. A sound clip(i thought my nieghbors were drunk and yelling until i noticed it was japanese.lol) takes us out.

This is a nice, happy sounding acoustic interlude. Even somesinging before white noise comes in and takes us too....

12)A***a Tenki Ni Nare
The happy acoustic guitar continues. Its louder this time and Smooth Myv comes out to play. Some hoots and hollers can be heard in the backround sometimes as he sings. I really love the voice he uses in acoustic songs. If i wasn't overwieght and/or sure i'd hurt the poor man i'd pounce on him.lol and no i'm not slightly obsessed:P. Anyways this is a MYV acoustic creation. No doubt about it. Some singing accompanies in the backround with more hoots and hollers and continues into a chorus. jingling beels are heard befroe he splits into a soft riff while singing softer before breaking out into the rest of the song

Starts out with a christmas type thing before an acoustic and reg light distorted guitar go together before the distortion is turned up a bit. still light but heavy too. MYV sings along with that voice of his. This is also a bit of a softer song but it still has distortion. Its damn catchy thats all i know.Highs accompany and take the wheel sometimes during the song. I really love those highs too. A solo accompanied at first by highs then deep speaking leads us to another verse and another spoken part. Keyboards and guitar , joined by bass near the end, lead us to another verse. This is a song for a MYV christmas. Highs, low spoken and mids are used very effectivly in this song. A high part takes us to a small insturment part that fades out

Heres that acoustic song like the last album.lol. This starts out with a chord being strumed and muted immediatly afterwards. this is done growing in loudness till a soft riff is played and that soft voice joins in shortly afterwards. This is a bit of an emotional song. Very agressive yet slow acousitic parts in this song. He keeps it soft but puts agression in some parts.This is a nice sloser.

There is is Miyavis seconed cd and his last indies full length. the newer one, Miyavizm, is his debut major release. He did do his last indies concert at Budakon and its available on dvd but watch out for fakes. This album just shows that Gagaku wasn't a fluke and MYV just keeps on rocking

4 out of 5
My only gripe was the amount of interludes but they were placed well so its not too bad

Miyavi(again) is:

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September 14th 2005


I hate how I can't find this CD anywhere.

September 14th 2005


yea. its getting hard to find the indies stuff. Miyavizm has taken center stage

October 8th 2006


haha. great. someone janked my review and since i haven't bought anything off amazon i can't do anything. anybody on amazon give j-man the old one-two

October 8th 2006


Intresting, I've heard of this guy, but not his music, i think ill try a look for it somewhere.

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