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Release Date: 2003 | Tracklist

Most who even have a small touch into Japanese music will most likely know L'Arc en Ciel. Well this is similar but altogether different at the same time. I don't know and couldn't find who else played on this album so we'll just leave it at Hyde

1)Sweet Vanilla
Starts out with a lightly distorted poppy guitar. Then a straight more rockish beat interrupts as Hyde starts singing. Sounds like a hihger voice in the backround for a short while before a pickslide and the rocky beat continues till the chorus. The guitars are catchy and there is a little bit o' engrish but not to much. After the chorus hyde sings with only bass and a drum and guitar pound every now and again before everything comes back and the chorus starts up again. A bass solo interrupts and the guitars come in for the verse and chorus.

This reminds me of New World by L'arc en Ciel. Just that guitar tone and a little bit in the singing. this is a different song though. The guitars keep a pretty straight but catchy beat throughout the chorus' and verses. Catchy bass here too. i swear is sounds like tetsu with the faster and more complicated bass riffs throughout the album. An interesting vocal part happens in this song, it is accompanied by a solo,followed by beeping and a guita chord in the backrounds before 2 hydes enter. one is singing normally while the other is singing with an effect. Then the chorus happens extended with some extra parts till the end.

3)Words of Love
Sounds like a screwed up violin in the backround on this one. might be a saxaphone though. Hyde uses that newer trademark deepness while the guitars change up a bit in this song. Another saxaphone(") section happens before hyde says"lets play 666" again before another verse and chorus. Very catchy and slightly long chorus in this song. Very nice saxaphone(") solo before another verse type thing as a small vocal part with creepy sounding guitar enter before another verse and chorus. >.< the chorus is too catchy damnit. good song anyways

A nice clean guitar starts us in as hyde starts in with that shmexy voice of his. He uses that good old high a little it in this song. not his highest though. The guitars go back a little more and hyde gets even more of center stage.I think an acoustic may also be used in this song. Soft verses, a pre-chorus with those beautiful highs and a catchy chorus make this song what it is. A couple nice little solos put in this song round it out even more.

A "little" more distortion is used in this song. not to heavy but heaveir than the songs before it. soft contrasting vocals accompany this very nicely. Usually harsher vocals accompany more distortion but not here. he uses a soft voice and it sounds good. A very nice solo Just helps this song along more. Def on of my favs on the album. I just love the vocals to much in this and horizon

The distortion continues. This is more hard rock thatn the others. fast rock vocals and those guitars make this another one of my favs. There is a couple nice soft spots in this song kinda like the seconed chorus. Its right on the end of the chorus. after the seconed one a solo can be heard slightly in the backround. Hyde does an almost rap-like spoken part before another soft chorus part. This leads to a small insturment part and then the end

7)Midnight Celebration
Nice little bass solo starts us out as hyde starts singing before the guitar makes a little noise. another part is sung before the guitars kick in and hyde pulls full force into the chorus. He uses some nice lows in this song. another chorus happens after a verse. Following that a catchy guitar and vocal part leads us into a tremelo picked guitar part as another chorus kicks in.

8)Shining Over You
A classical insturmental part starts us out before drums and soft guitars come in as well as hydes voice. Hyde is an excellent vocalist theres no denying that he has the skills. Slightly echoed guitars along with hydes voice make very nice verses. The guitars actually switch it up quite abit in this song. A catchy chorus is made only the sweeter when hyde uses those highs again. i wish i had enough control over my voice to keep in Finale high without faltering and crap but practice makes perfect.This is another fav just cause of that beautiful voice. i think i may be a bit of a fanboy.lol. Hyde leads us out of the songs with various voices used.

9)Fruits of Chaos
A slower guitar greets us. a light but more trebley distortion is used as the drums and bass come in before hyde. The latter half of the album seems to be lets use not only deeps time. He uses mids and highs effectivly in the latter half. Not saying his deep voice isn't good but its nice to see him use it all. he doesn't use highs but rather his mid range with some deeps. a catchy chorus with acoustic guitar makes this song a nice relaxing listen too song. Palm mutes are used as hyde sings with an echoed voice popping up in the backround before the echo is gone and he sings into another chorus. the acoustic starts a bit before the chorus making a very nice addition to the song.

This is a catchy song. period. He uses the name bojangles quite oddly at the begingin. thats that little bit of engrish i guess. this song is a bit more poppy than the rest but is still very good. nice bass riffs in the backround just keep me thingking tetsu had something to do with this album. And as i said before not just the chorus in this song is catchy. this is the type of song you just can''t resist singing along to. This is another fav because i can't get it out of my head.lol

A very good solo album. This is his seconed and a very good one at that.

4 out of 5

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April 19th 2006


Sux how know one comment on this review...... I love J rock and Hyde is one of the best vocal I hv ever heard.....not jst as in jap music but compare him wif alot western band Hyde is still the man.
good album but different from L'Arc en Ciel tho.

hope to see more j rock music on this site btw.....there is no L'Arc en Ciel on here haha it stinks

February 21st 2007


my friend told me to check this out. now i gotta search the internet for a copy of this cd. dammit, it's catchy!!!

February 12th 2012


Album Rating: 3.5

Hyde: The man, the myth, the legend. Anywho, big fan of L'arc and Hyde. A pretty good solo album, though I like Roentgen a bit more.

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