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January 14th, 2005 | 6 replies

Release Date: 2004 | Tracklist

While some people diss Drive-Thru for signing the poppiest sounding bands around, 2 new upcoming bands have just been signed by this major label. The disco-pop punk sounding Hellogoodbye, and the emoish but still pop punk Jenoah. After much hype about the signings, both bands have released free EP's in all their glory, and this is the first of 2 reviews by them upcomers.

Wish For Alliance - 7/10
After a slow intro, almost Homegrown - You're Not Alone like, the song speeds up. The song is fast paced, with a Brand New sound to it. But it doesn't feel complete. It is a good song with powerful screams and roaring guitar, but the song isn't quite perfect. It sounds like another emo song.

Ex-Suits - 7/10
Very rocky. Not metal like, your average Strokes song, with a higher vocalist. Nevertheless, this song is quite catchy and slows down well in the chorus. There isn't much to say about this song. It is fast-paced in the verses and slow in the chorus, but that's it. The lyrics don't stand out at all. Let's see if they can do better....

Openly - 8/10
Getting experimental in the intro, and speeds up to it's fast-pace from the previous songs. This song is very catchy in the chorus, with the "Dudu dudu dudu du" which you can sing along to. I like this song, but it doesn't sound like your regular emo song. Very VERY poppy.

Coughing Up Blood - 8/10
With a title like that the song must get better. The song is still quick but the slower lyrics go well with it. The chorus is again catchy but not in the poppy way. This has everything the first 2 songs didn't: a perfect combination of speedy riffs, meaningful lyrics and slow vocals. A fine song by the newbies.

Jamie - 8/10
The intro sounds almost Blink-182 like, but quickly builds up. The cleaness of the guitar gives them a unique sound, and turns a poppy set of lyrics into a fast emo track, obviously close to the band. This is a great finish to this EP.

I can't say I love this band. They are way to clean for me, and don't use distortion much. But with that said, this band has potential and talent. They can write powerful songs and keep them quiet, yet use fast and upbeat riffs. A great debut for the band, and I will be looking forward to the album.

3 smiley faces out of 5 :):):):upset::upset:

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June 7th 2004


You seem to classify Jenoah as an "Emo" band very much, but I hardly hear the mainstream emo sound in any way from these guys. They have a very original sound, and it's insulting for you to not recognize that for what it is.

June 7th 2004


chill, it's just his opinion, n00b :angry:

nice review kif :thumb:

June 7th 2004


[QUOTE=tsl_ste]chill, it's just his opinion, n00b :angry:

nice review kif :thumb:[/QUOTE]

I wasnt going off on him. I was just saying that he might want to take more of a notice of their music. If you listen to it, unlike 99% of punk and emo music, they hardly play power chords as their base of their guitars. It's very different.

-El Hefe-
June 8th 2004


Great review, I really enjoy this CD.

I'm thinkin'...


October 17th 2009


who are you poeple

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