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Release Date: 2004 | Tracklist

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For more than thirteen years now Damien Jurado has been pretty good about averaging one release every year. For the most part they’ve all been at least decent, some more remarkable than others, but the guy is just scarily consistent. You know what you’re going to get with a Jurado CD (the exception being Postcards and Audio Letters): Simple and well written folk rock clearly indebted to Neil Young, Nick Drake, and Bruce Springsteen. Sometimes a whole band accompanies Jurado, but most of the time it’s just a voice, guitar, and sparse arrangements. Maybe that’s why Damien Jurado is always forgotten among the talks of modern folk; he won’t ever let you down, but neither will he surprise you.

Just in Time For Something released in 2004 contains 5 songs clocking in just over 10 minutes. The songs were all recorded in Damien’s room over a weekend on a four track recorder. It’s real kvlt is what I’m getting at. Kicking this lil’ EP off is “Smith, 1972” (my father Jerry Smith was born in 1962, the same year the building of the Astrodome was started. Coincidence" Maybe but not likely). The song is a template for every other song on the EP. Damien tells us the date, July 7th, and begins strumming his trusty guitar. Those who loved the production of For Emma, Forever Ago will die for Just in Time For Something. I mean we are literally right there in the same room with Mr. Jurado.

The real draw of Jurado though is his lyrics he wastes no words painting pictures of normal people in normal places with normal problems.

“Fear it will not leave you
Ghosts intend to keep you
And I have no more candy for the kids”

The music is simple, Damien’s voice is perfect for the music he creates but certainly not more notable than any other folk singer, it’s his words though that are magic. For instance in “Night Out For the Downer” the pleasant acoustic plucking and the high Jurado tries but can’t quite hit in the chorus are all just niceties to propel the lyrics: “…and I'm not sure what you want from me/I can't be all you wish for/I'm a sinking ship tied to my lover's waist.”

After the slow, mournful three songs that begin Just in Time For Something, Damien Jurado speeds things up and adds a little bounce to his guitar and records two of the best songs in the illustrious songwriter’s career. “Prices” closes the night off with some drunken murmuring about how much you love your girl. Then after a couple hours of sleep, “Engine Fire” sees you hit the road (kinda) to the bright morning sun: “busted taillights, no water, sunburns, and an engine fire.”

What makes Damien Jurado so forgettable sometimes is also what makes him so worthy of remembering. He just writes good songs. Nothing flashy at all, just good songs.

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February 23rd 2010


real ranty and I'm not sure what I was talking about or what I was trying to say y'know? but I like it myself.

btw how do you do the italics?

February 23rd 2010


like this- italic
oops, I mean like this - [I] in front of the word, then a [I] with a / in front of the I in the brackets to close it. It's hard to explain
but easy to do haha

I liked Ghost of David, and I may check this out eventually if you remind me. Pretty good review, especially for a second.

February 23rd 2010


thank you SeaAnemone! this may be a good next jurado cd to get. either this or where shall you take me. "engine fire" is probably my 2nd or 3rd favorite jurado song, just so catchy.

February 24th 2010


I really like the album cover.

February 25th 2010


Album Rating: 4.0

"I really like the album cover."

to think they had to set a car on fire just to make it.

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