es wirkt wieder



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February 18th, 2010 | 4 replies

Release Date: 2009 | Tracklist

Review Summary: As soft as Linkin Park, as much nu metal as Limp Bizkit

"es wirkt wieder" - 'it works again'. Wirksystem are back. Almost 3 years after their last full length album the guys around lead singer and drummer Christopher Furhop have released their 12th album. Although the 3 piece band has been announcing for two years now that their next album will be titled HAWAII, the release date has been delayed over and over (latest estimate from the band: march 2010). To avoid deceiving their fans, who have been waiting patiently for HAWAII, the band decided in december 2009 to release 3 songs from the next album as a single (something the band had never done before).

As always Wirksystem are following their concept of offering all music for free on their website. This is due to the band believing that people will only go to a concert if they know the band's music. Although insisting on this keeps them from signing a contract with a record label, lead singer Christopher Furhop often notes that Wirksystem aren't a band aiming to earn as much money as possible. Instead, he says, after all it is just about the fun they have making music.

"die schlacht" (the battle), the single's first song starts with Christopher singing/rapping over a guitar riff. during the first verse he changes to a more agressive rapping, which highights in shouting a pre-chorus. Another rapped verse about how hard life is for underground bands follows before the sung chorus unfortunately interrupts the nu metal feeling the song had so far. Another verse and chorus later a short instrumental interlude with some electronic sounds is supposed to be the highlight of the song. Resumé: 1st and 2nd verse are great for every nu metal fan, chorus might bore after some time though (3.5/5)

The second song, "ich will nach hawaii" (I want to get to Hawaii), brings along a guitar intro with some softly sung vocals, which, if they weren't suddenly interrupted by Chirstopher shouting, almost lead to the impression of it being a lovesong. Lyrically the song is just about what the title promises but musically won't surprise anyone after listening to it a second time. Resumé: nice shouts, interesting idea but rather a song in the middle of a playlist than a song you would wake up at 3am to listen to it (3/5)

"alles was ich will" (all I want) is difficult to describe. A reggae-like intro with rapped verses that emerges into a chorus shaped by agressive shouting overslower and faster drumming. Either you will be blown away by it or bored to death. Nu metal haters and fans of mainstream monotony should stay away from this song. fans of unconventional music should like it (4/5)

Considering that 'es wirkt wieder' has to be seen as a single and a preview of how the next album will sound like these songs are really interesting for every fan of the genre. 3 solid songs and 10 definetely not wasted minutes.

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February 18th 2010


As soft as Linkin Park, as much nu metal as Limp Bizkit

Really? C'mon..

February 18th 2010


Album Rating: 3.5

@youaremysilence: that's from the perspective of a nu metal fan. listen to it and feel free to suggest what you think fits better

February 18th 2010


Well first, the summary doesnt really make sense.
"As soft as Linkin Park"
What do you mean by soft? Probably should have used a better word.
"As nu metal as Limp Bizkit"
Again, probably should have used a better word. A genre isnt an adjective.

Also song by song reviews are usually frowned upon.

February 18th 2010


Seeing as there's only 3 songs, there's no biggy in doing a song by song review.

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