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A Bigger Bang



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September 9th, 2005 | 52 replies

Release Date: 2005 | Tracklist

A Bigger Bang is not what you'd expect from the Rolling Stones on the new millenium if the albums after the 1970's taught us anything it was that, the thought of a really great Rolling Stones album was long gone. But with "A Bigger Bang" that has changed. This album delivers hard riffs (Rough Justice), catchy melodies (It Wont Take Long), heart-felt ballads (Streets Of Love), and straight up blues numbers(Back Of My Hand).

1.) Rough Justice - 5/5

What a way to start the album! It starts up with a straigt up rock riff and when the bass and second guitar come in you may think your listening to an AC/DC song. Then we get into a blues shuffle and it comes Mick Jagger! "Once upon a time I you were my baby chicken, but now you've grown into a fox! Once upon a time I was your rooster! But now im just one of your cocks!" And you can tell that this is a good old fashioned rock tune! Sleezy lyrics, hard riffs, and a catchy chorus! Makes this one hell of a song! And one that may be stuck in your head for a long time to come!

2.) Let Me Down Slow - 4.5/5

Starts off with a mid-tempo riff which is quickly followed by Jaggers vocals talking about his girl looking a bit too good for just a walk in the park! And when we get to the chorus we find out that he's afraid she's gonna let him go! And he asks her to let him down slow! In a great sing along chorus! This tune will be stuck in your head for a while! Theres nothing to special about the guitar in basically is just a background noise to Jaggers singing, that is until we get to the solo. It's nothing to hot and fancy but it is more melodic. All these ingredients make for a real good song!

3.) It Won't Take Long - 5/5

Yet another song that will be in your head for a long time! This is just a kickass rock song! It sounds very modern without losing the stones sound. We get a sweet rock riff before Jagger steps in with "And it wont take long to forget you, time passes fast! It'll all be over in a minute, you'll be in the past!" Which we later find out is the extremley catchy chorus. The guitar riff is the same for the most part being a catchy rock riff backing the vocals, and in the chorus we get to some nice strumming. At the solo we find yet another good solo, no shredding just some great playing that adds to the song. You can also find many fills throughout the song.

4.) Rain Fall Down 3.5/5

Turn up the funk! The song immeditatley starts with a jazzy/funky guitar riff that is heard many times throught the song. Then Jagger comes in to tell us about some filthy place where he made sweet love with a woman who may or may not also be filthy. In this song you'll probably be remembering the riff more than the chorus, since the melody isnt very strong. It's not a bad song, but it's definetley not one of the best Stones songs.

5.) Streets Of Love - 5/5

This song is perfect! The lyrics arent the most innovative or deep, but the melody is one of the most memorable you may ever here. Jagger seems more sincere here than he ever has! This song stands up there with the other great ballads written by the stones including Beast Of Burden and You Cant Always Get What You Want. There's a very quiet and simple acoustic guitar in the back behind Jagger's emotional voice. The first time I heard it I was listening threw headphones and I actually got chills. You can really feel the sadness in Mick's voice. And the chorus is instantly unforgetable! This is my favourite song on the album, I can't get enough of it. This song stands up there with the best ballads of Both the Stones and The Beatles! "I I I I walk the streets of love! And there drenched with tears! I I I I walk the streets of love for a 1000 years!" This is the ultimate rock ballad.

6.) Back Of My Hand - 4/5

Did someone put in a (insert 50's blues musciians name) record in" That's what you'll think when you hear it! It kicks off with a riff that sounds like Muddy Waters or B.B. King would have played in there prime. Then we get some harmonica in the background, and Jagger comes in singing with a sneer like no other. It actually reminds me of Bob Dylan at some parts. For any blues lover check this song out! It seriously sounds like it should have been written 50 years ago.

7.) She Saw Me Coming - 5/5

This is a definite Stone's song! This sounds like it could stand up on any of the Stone's 70's album! We get a hard riff which is followed very quickly by the catchy chorus! "She saw me coming" We soon realize this is not a good thing! "She saw me coming bow did I get screwed!" This is another one of the songs on this album that will be in your head after only one listen! This is just a good old fashioned rock n roll song that were used to hearing from The Stones!

8.) Biggest Mistake - 4.5/5

This song has a slow R & B groove to it. We kick off with some falsetto "Ooo's" which goes into the verse with Jagger singing over Keith Richards acoustic guitar. Jagger tells the story off how he left his girl and then goes on to think he's made the biggest mistake of his life which he reveals with yet another sing along chorus. This song also brings up the Bob Dylan resemblence this time it's not in the vocals it's the melody and the way he tells the story.

9.) This Place Is Empty - 3.5/5

It's time for Keith Richards to step up to the mic! It starts out with a little piano riff! Then Keith comes in with the voice of what sounds like an 80 year old. It's a well written song, but I cant really seem to get into his voice and his spoken word style verse's. His voice may remind you of Johnny Cash/Bob Dylan in there later years and the style of writing may remind you of Bob Dylan and Cash. Im sorry Richards but I just dont think there was really any need for you to sing on this track.

10.) Oh No Not You Again - 4/5

Charlie Watts favourite song on the album! We get a bluesy rock riff and Jagger sings out like it's an arena rock anthem! The lyrics are the generic rock n roll lyrics! "Oh no, not you again! ***ing up my life!" This is jut a great fun Stones song, loud guitars, sing along vocals, this is a song you want to listen to when your hanging out with friends.

11.) Dangerous Beauty - 4/5

Here we get a basic Stone's song. But the vocal performance from Jagger is what makes it so enjoyable. He just sings with some great rock n' roll passion, and the guitar's will defenitley remind you of the 70's!

12.) Laugh" I nearly died - 4.5/5

Here we slow down the pace once again with a bluesy ballad. The vocal performance on this song is really amazing. He's got some great reverb on his vocals! And it mimicks the guitar riff...which is always great! And the vocals feel really heartfelt here with passion in both the way he sings and what he sings "I've been to Africa, Looking for my soul, and I feel like an actor, looking for a role." Once again this song will remind you of the past. Which for a band like The Rolling Stone's is a great thing.

13.) Sweet Neo Con - 4/5

No we get to the song that everyone is talking about! The attack on George Bush!

"You call yourself a christian,
I think that you're a hyporite,
You say you are a patriot,
I think that your a crock of ***!"

To add to the hurtful lyrics, Jagger delivers the lines with such aggression that you can really feel the hate for Bush. Another good section is

"It's liberty for all,
Democracy's our style,
unless you are against us
Then it's prison without trial."

This song has already been gathering some contriversy, and now the album is out it will probably be getting alot more! This is a really gritty blues rock song, that come with something that is rarely seen being the rolling stones talking about politics! I prefer the verse melodies to the chorus in this one.

14.) Look What The Cat Dragged In - 3.5/5

This is a generic Stones song. Cocky rock lyrics, delivered with the swagger that is Mick...Jagger, and we've got some real hard funky riffs/fills behind the vocals that make for a nice touch.

15.) Driving Too Fast - 4/5

Kicks off right into a modified blues shuffle with Jagger delivering some more energized vocals that make you forget he's not too far from the grave! This is just a great rock n'roll song. That will make for a great sing-along at concerts! "you're driving too fast, hang on for your life, i think your gonna crash" not exactly poetry...but it doesnt need to be!

16.) Infamy - 3.5/5

Here comes Richards on the mic again! This time his vocals sound a lot better, and he doesnt sound so damn old. But he still reminds me of Bob Dylan/Cash. I dont think there's anything to special about this song, but I dont skip it/turn off the cd when it's on.

Overall: 4/5

If your a Stone's fan and are looking for some new songs that kick ass get this album! If your not a Stone's album, but love the 70's blues rock sound get this album! If you've got an open mind and enjoy Blues, Folk, Rock, and Acoustic Ballads you will enjoy this album! And if your a sucker for Ballads like me...Streets Of Love just may be your new favourite song.

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September 9th 2005


Sounds good from your review! I look forward to listening to it as many other people said it could be their best album to date!

September 9th 2005


I don't see how anyone could honestly say that. To me this is exactly the same thing as just about all their recent releases; derivative, uninspired, and the kind of album that they could probably make in their sleep. Good review, but I can't see where the hype about this album is coming from at all.

September 9th 2005


The hype is coming from publications that want to believe that the Rolling Stones aren't past their prime.

Storm In A Teacup
September 9th 2005


Album Rating: 2.5

Sweet Neo Con is not a bush bashing song. Mick Jagger has said so himself in interviews that he has friends that are republicans and he wouldn't do that.

September 10th 2005


Album Rating: 4.0

Well that's what i've read. But now the stones have said this

"Sweet Neo Con" is "not personally aimed at President Bush," he told the TV show "Extra." "It is certainly very critical of certain policies of the administration, but so what? Lots of people are critical." "

But for whatever reason, it seems important to the Stones that the blame remain generic, even as Jagger says he wrote the song with the Bush administration in mind.

September 13th 2005


Their best album since Tattoo You (1981).It's still the same sound they've had over the last few years but there's alot more depth and personality to the songs now.

Oh yeah Eliminator Jr. The Stones are not past their prime their the fucking best live band on the planet.They show the young pretenders up for what they are.This Message Edited On 09.13.05

September 13th 2005


[QUOTE=some of the lyrics to Sweet Neo Con]You call yourself a Christian
I think that you're a hypocrite
You say you are a patriot
I think that you're a crock of shit

And listen now, the gasoline
I drink it every day
But it's getting very pricey
And who is going to pay

How come you're so wrong
My sweet neo con.... Yeah

It's liberty for all
'Cause democracy's our style
Unless you are against us
Then it's prison without trial

But one thing that is certain
Life is good at Haliburton
If you're really so astute
You should invest at Brown & Root.... Yeah

How come you're so wrong

Come on...that's blatantly aimed at the Bush administration, rather than just American foreign policy as a whole. The reference to Halliburton can't be about anything but the Bush administration.

September 13th 2005


How old are the Stones now? 100? 200? 300?

September 18th 2005


250 all together but there still miles better than Chimaira.

September 18th 2005


I beg to differ. If the Rolling Stones are so good, why can't they write half decent lyrics? They are a horrid band, singing, drumming and guitar all go together to make a medley of badness. Their song "Paint it Black" was covered by the Tea Party, and the cover was actually better. Ouch.

September 18th 2005


250 all together but there still miles better than Chimaira.

You can't possibly compare the's like comparing Dream Evil to U2 or something. Their music is from completely different styles, so arguing which one is better is basically completely irrelevant.

September 18th 2005


Fair enough.

September 18th 2005


Heh, that's just my opinion...I can't prove it or anything like that. It's just a case of asking "what grounds are there for comparing the music of The Rolling Stones and Chimaira?" Beyond the use of guitars, drums, vocals, etc, I don't see any points of comparison, making the whole thing pretty stupid. But hey, that's just me really. I don't really like either band anyway.

September 18th 2005


Mick Jagger's lyrics are great (not recently mind).Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood's guitar skills go perfectly together and Charlie Watts is still a decent drummer.Plus I can't see Chimaira still going when their 60+.Can you?

September 18th 2005


So? I can't see Radiohead going when they're still 60. The Beatles split before any of their members reached the age of 40, as have some of the other biggest bands of all time. The whole thing about The Rolling Stones is that they've gone on for longer than any other band out there. Good on them, but considering that they haven't made a good album in over 20 years as far as I'm concerned, I don't see how their age has anything to do with the quality of their music.

September 18th 2005


I can see Radiohead going on for years and years.They may stay away from the gigging front alot more but I think they'll stay around.This Message Edited On 09.18.05

October 11th 2005


Well, from what I heard this should be a good album. Gonna probably buy it at some starbucks soon.

October 11th 2005


Album Rating: 4.0

I got this album for my birthday, it's very good. Not early '70s Stones but still very good. I would have given it a 4.5 or 5 if they cut maybe 2-3 of the weaker tracks out.

October 22nd 2005


The Rolling Stones are still great! They are the kind of band that are still attracting new fans even today and will have a fan base forever. Even if they haven't put out a "classic" album recently, they still play all the Stones classics at their shows and their shows sell out one hell of a lot faster than any new emo fuck band.

Two-Headed Boy
October 29th 2005


Album Rating: 1.0

even though i jsut got it today i have to say that for a bunch of 60 year old men this cd rox my sox.

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