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Release Date: 2004 | Tracklist

Susperia is:
Note the typical one-name black metal monikers.
Athera - Vocals
Tjodalv - Drums (formerly of Dimmu Borgir, Old Man's Child, Satyricon)
Cyrus - Guitar (formerly of Old Man's Child, Satyricon)
Memnock - Bass (formerly of Old Man's Child)
Elvorn - Guitar

The first time I listened to Susperia was a random track someone had recommended to me. It was called "I Am Pain," off of their debut Predominance - a very heavy song somewhere between black metal, thrash, and death metal. Most of it was pretty harsh listening, but there was some excellent guitar work and one section that just stood out from the rest, with the song coming together excellently in a very powerful way. That is what listening to Susperia's latest release "Unlimited" is like, though it is less of a battering assault this time around.

Susperia has released three albums so far, and Unlimited is their most recent. They have also also changed a good bit stylistically from Predominance. The songs are not so harsh in nature, but the guitar work is still heavy. The biggest change is certainly in the vocals. Their vocalist has moved from almost entirely growled/screamed lyrics to singing the majority of the time. He sounds somewhat similar to a Black Album-era James Hetfield.

Unfortunately I don't think the vocalist is really using his voice appropriately to the material. I would've stuck with the growling, personally. It seems to more fit the material than his Hetfield voice.

One of the strongest points of this CD is the central guitar riffs to the songs. They are extremely catchy and deceptively simple, but unfortunately, Susperia doesn't take the 'unlimited' potential that these guitar parts have to the next level. I have high hopes for these guys if they can get all the awesome riffs packaged together in a few very tight songs.

As it is, a large number of the songs are extremely enjoyable, just a few have that potential that makes you want to tear your hair out because they could've been so amazingly excellent. There are also songs where the vocalist's singing voice is appropriate and also powerful, so the cons of this album are not everpresent.

It is rather hard to categorize this CD, so I shall just quote from their official biography on their website.
"Susperia are not black, not death, just pure energetic, aggressive METAL." That certainly fits. They do have a good deal of aggression, and there are some excellent songs on this CD.

Overall it annoys me to give this CD a three, but I don't think it quite is a four yet either. Just a little bit more and it could have been. There are some excellent songs on here though - Chemistry, Devil May Care, and Home Sweet Hell are definitely ones I can enjoy the whole way through, and almost every song (Situational Awareness, Off The Grid, and Years of Infinity especially) has a moment of musical brilliance somewhere in there. Let's just hope they can extend that talent into a whole CD!

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September 6th 2005


Album Rating: 3.5

I agree entirely. This album blew me away when I first heard it. They have a lot of talent and I believe they will develop a very dominant fan base. I know I'm a fan as of yesterday.

September 6th 2005


Album Rating: 3.0

Glad to hear that

November 12th 2005


I heard these guys on Music Choice. I was deeply impressed. Your review is tempting me to buy this album.This Message Edited On 11.12.05

November 12th 2005


I heard these guys on Music Choice. I wa sdeeply impressed. Your review is tempting me to buy this album.

November 12th 2005


Sorry about the double post

May 10th 2006


Album Rating: 4.5

these guys deserve more credit and reconition then they get

July 28th 2007


Album Rating: 4.0

Easily Susperia's best album. This has riffs with punch and attitude. The vocals are spot-on and don't sound as though Athera is trying to be the next Chuck Billy. The only thing missing is the blast beats, while being the most overused element in today's modern songwriting, would've upped the brutality a bit. But as it stands, it's way better than the new one which is too polished.

September 12th 2008


Album is pretty good but not as good as I once thought, may lower the rating of 3.5 :/

September 12th 2008


This album is pretty shitty tbh. Their earlier stuff is better, but still not too great.

Digging: The Body and Full Of Hell - Ascending a Mountain of Heavy Light

September 12th 2008


I used to think the song 'Chemistry' was the absolute tits. I now realise it's ok but nothing that special.

December 18th 2010


Album Rating: 4.5


"These guys deserve more credit and recognition then they get" Devilone

IMHO, this is quite true

Musically, the are very tight/good

By the way The track "The bitter" from the album "Vindication" is actually very good nonetheless. The absence of a substantial creative aspect in music is a not necessary a condition for greatness.

And, the imitation process is a natural ubiquitous phenomenon.


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