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Release Date: 1996 | Tracklist

Eric Johnson is the guitarist,who doesn't need to be introduced.Though he
became famous quite late,he is one of the best guitar players ever.

In the 80's Eric had problems with his record label,which didn't let him perform.In the late 70's Eric released a record called "Seven Worlds",which featured his masterpiece,a Grammy-Award winner called Zap.
But when he released this record,he signed a contract with his label for six years..During these six years Eric performed only couple of times as a session guitarist,though he had already been known as a great guitar player.Such people as Steve Morse,Jimmie Vaughn helped him.
Anyway,in the year 1985 Princ helped him sign a contract with Warner Bros.Then "Tones" was released.Soon he changed the record label again and in 1990 he released a great album "Ah via Musicom",whic is his best-selling album so far.
In 1996 Eric released "Venus Isle".In the era of Korn and other Nu-Metal stuff,this album wasn't noticed and was a failure.I really think that this album is,perhaps,is really underrated.

This album is full of great songs,and the music is really beautiful.People may guess that this album is full romantism,only judging by the beautiful album cover.But we're talking not abou album covers,right"

Again Eric sings in some of his songs,does it good.He also fully shows his guitar abilities on the album.And as always you can find blues and jazz here,some rock and some pop stuff.

The album starts with a song called Venus Isle,which starts with some "eastern singing',then Eric begins to sing.This a slow blues song,with great lyrics and great guitar work.Not a bad start of the album.3,5/5

Battle we have won is a nice string-arranged ballad,with great up-beat lyrics.Eric says that one shouldn't get discouraged in his life,sooner or later everyithing will be fine.The solo in this song is not like "million notes per second",just a good melodic solo.Good song.4/5

All about you.The longest song on the album,as you can guess,it's about love.Starts with some "African Drums",then slows down a bit and Eric begins singing.After every verse Eric plays a great fast riff.Then goes the verse which is also great.On the fifth minute Eric begins to shred,playing just hundreds of notes,demonstrating his demon in his left hand.On the whole this song is great.5/5

S.R.V an instrumental track,which is a tribute to Stevie Ray Vaughn,which also features his brother Jimmy.It's just one of the highlights of the album,everything is just great in this song,nothing to add.5/5

Lonely in the night is another string-arranged ballad which is a little bit similar to Battle we have won,though the lyrics is great and so is Eric's playing.I also liked his singing,but as i've already mentioned,it's similar to BWHW.3/5

Manhattan.An instrumental track.This is the best jazz track Eric has ever played.Here he's playing with octaves, paying tribute to Wes Montgomery.As you listen to the song you really imagine the night city.The solo is also great,starts off with somee arpeggios,then it just goes slow melodic,in the end of the solo he shreds a bit.Definetely a highlight of the album.5/5

Camel's night out.An instrumental song.This is hard-rock song,good but not a great one,it's too repetitive.Though the guitar work is great.3,5/5

Song for Lynette.An instrumental song.At the beginning of it Eric plays an acoustic guitar,then the piano starts to play.Eric is also a good pianist.By the way,the first instument Eric began to play was the piano.
The track itself is very relaxing and definetely a good one.4.5/5

When the Sun meets the Sky.Song abuot love,starts with some strange effects and then Eric begins to play and sing.Everything is great with this track:Eric's singing,his guitar playing.And the chorus of the song is really catchy,definetely one of the best tracks on the album.5/5

Pavillion.An instrumental track,which i personally don't consider to be the best piece of the album,it's just an average track of Eric.2,5/5

Venus reprise.Just the end of the album,the shortest track of the album but still a nice one,Eric demonstrates his great tone here.4/5

What i really liked about the album is that it is very easy to listen to.Eric's guitar playing is just perfect.The lyrics of his songs are also very good,and also he is one of the best-singing guitarists.And he is also a good pianist.

What i didn't like is that some of his tracks are really repetitive or similar to each other.

Highlights of the album
All about you
Song for Lynette
When the Sun meets the Sky

In conclusion,I'd like to add that though this album was a failure,you should listen to it.Everybody will find something on the album,it is very easy to listen to Eric Johnson,much easier than to Steve Vai,for example.So i really recommend everyone to listen to it.

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November 11th 2008


Album Rating: 4.5

good review mate... EJ is god

August 29th 2009


Album Rating: 4.0


April 17th 2010


Going to learn Manhattan tonight.

Digging: Lil Ugly Mane - Mista Thug Isolation

April 25th 2013


Album Rating: 3.0

I used to love this album ,then something happened

"What i didn't like is that some of his tracks are really repetitive or similar to each other."


Digging: Arch/Matheos - Winter Ethereal

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