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Release Date: 1996 | Tracklist

About goldfinger:Goldfinger is a big ska-punk band that formed in califoria.The band started in the early 90s and came out with thir first self-titled cd in 1996.With 2 videos from the album,"here in your bedroom"and "mable".Their 2nd cd came out in 1997 called Hang-ups,with the video for "this lonly place" and the song "superman"was on the first tony hawk game for playstation.Their 3rd cd was called Darrins cocanut ass or something,I dont know much about that one.Their 4rd album was called "stomping ground",with the videos for "counting the days"and"99 red ballons".Their 5th album was realesed in 2002,called Open your eyes,with the video for "open your eyes" also the song "spokesman" was on tony hawk 4.In 2005, they realsed their greatest hit cdcalled "the best of Goldfinger.Again,in 2005,they realesed Dissconnection notice with the video for "wasted".

About this album:This is my favorite Goldfinger cd.Its my favorite because many songs are fasted paced,the guitars really rock,and their arent many weak songs on it.Its ska punk punk,simalar to Rancid or NOFX.This cd has a joke song witch is "my girlfriends shower sucks".

Track-by-Track review

minds eye-This song is one of my favorites on the album.The intro has sloppy drums(using the toms)and the singer is saying stuff like"this is for the people who think you can control someone".Then the verse has fast drums and cool rocking guitars.The chorus slows down a little but still fast and guitar rock.Also,the guitar solo fits the song perfectly eventhough is not really long.Its a perfect song to start the album.


stay-Another great song.It has a short drum intro,then the verse comes in with a loud catchy guitar riff.The chorus slows down with a different guitar riff,and the singer really stretches out the word stay.The secound verse has two parts.The first part is quieter then the first time then the secound part is like the first verse with that loud catchy guitar riff.The bridge slows down alot then te 3rd verse is faster then the previous verses,but without that cool guitar riff.Another awseame song.


here in your bedroom-This was the first single off the album.The video is good.Their in a building or something and there is people around them listing to them rock.The song itself is another great one.The begining of the song is not really loud or rocking but when the chorus comes in the guitars get loud,the drums are played loud,and the singer sings louder.After the first chorus the whole song stays loud and rocking most of the time through the song.The secound verse has the same lyrics as the first but the music is more like the chorus the secound time.Another great song.


only a day-Once again,awseame song with the punk feel.The verses have fast drums and the guitars make cool part.But the chorus slows down and the lyrics are kinda winny which gets annoying.But the verses save the song from being bad.The bridge is cool,simalar to the verses.Overall this song is good but not as good as the first 3.


king for a day-Very different from the first 4 songs.Goldfinger doesnt really try to make this song rock.I take this song as a joke song because it has lyrics like "making plans to rule the world whoa oa" whitch are fuuny when you hear it.Goldfinger makes alot of joke songs,1 or 2 on each album.But of all the joke songs they made,this one isnt the funniest.They have better ones like FTN,wayne gretzky(hidden track on "open your wyes"),and my girlfriends shower sucks.Im gonna rate this song on how funny it is.


anxiety-Back to the rocking songs.The intro is drums and the guitar makes a weird sound,its like the sound gets high then low.The verses have cool guitars(i know,again).The lyrics to the verses or good.The chorus is very catchy with the singer stretching out some of the words.The 2nd verse is simalar to the 1st.The guitar solo is so f*cking awseame and its longer then goldfinger normally makes their guitar solos.Once again,a great song.


answers-This is probably the weakest song on the album.There arent rocking guitars and the drums are simple.The music doesnt change much at all and the singer sounds very boring in this song.Its a low point in the album and I always skip this song.


anything-A big relief from "answers".The verses are normal,guitars are fast and drums are loud.The chorus is simalar to the verses.The bridge is slow,then the song gets fast again.Its like the rest of the songs on the album so im not going to get real detailed with it.Good song.


mable-The 2nd single of the album.It has a short drum intro.Then the rest of the intro is loud and rocking.The first verse has the singer singing without music for awhile,then the music comes in.The chorus is simalar to the verses.The video for this song is simalar to the video for "here in your bedroom".Their in a building rocking and their people around.


the city with two faces-This song is very loud and energenic.The singers voice is more like yelling then singing.I dont even know if its the same singer.After awhile the song stops and he is just talking for awhile,then the song comes back loud and energenic.This is definetly a high point in the album.This is one of my favorite songs.


my girlfriends shower sucks-This is another joke song like"king for a day".Its very funny.Its about how bad his girlfriends shower is.Im not going to tell you any of the lyrics to it.You just have to buy the cd and hear it for yourself.Im rating this song by how funny it is.


miles away-This song was on the greatest hits album and I dont think it should of.Im not saying this song is bad.The verses are cool and the chorus is ok.Its just that they could of picked a better song like "minds eye" or "stay".Its just the chorus that makes this song not a 5/5.


nothing to prove-This song has a very fast drum intro.This song is very fast like "the city with two faces".The chorus doesnt slow down but the music changes alot.The song is about him not having to prove anything to you.


pictures-This is a great song to end the album.Some people commented my review before I edited this review and told me this song was good.I havent really listined to the whole thing.When I did,I found it was pretty good.Its slow for awhile then picks up,gets slower then picks up again.Its a really cool song.Sorry I reviewed this song without listening to it much the first time.


Well,im finally done!!!!This review took me forever!!!This cd was awseame.

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September 5th 2005


Album Rating: 4.0

Me too.

And 'Answers' & 'Pictures' are two of the best on the album, dude!This Message Edited On 09.04.05

September 5th 2005


answers is a fantastic song

September 15th 2005


Album Rating: 3.5

Your review was good, but this definately isn't a 5/5. This is the only Goldfinger album that I can listen to.

"Mable" and King For a Day" = 5/5

September 28th 2005


Album Rating: 3.5

^^^I understand.

bloc head
June 17th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

They were all hyped up with fresh ideas in the beggining (as many bands are) then as time went on, the music industry got more buisness like and time consuming leaving less time to come up with better ideas for songs. Either that or they just turn lazy. Dunno. And rancidgood, how come you have the picture of Hangups and not the real seltitled album. Just wonderin'.


April 7th 2010


Album Rating: 4.0

FYI - the pic for this album is wrong

February 14th 2014


Album Rating: 4.0

HOly crap this brings me back!

February 14th 2014


Where did this user go

April 24th 2014


Album Rating: 3.5

Oh Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, how awesome your soundtrack was. This was actually a pretty awesome ska album though, one of the better ones to come out in that gigantic late 90s wave of them.

Digging: Plasmatics - New Hope for the Wretched

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