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September 4th, 2005 | 4 replies

Release Date: 2002 | Tracklist

This is my first review so try not to be too harsh or anything. I'm gonna do an album by an artist not many may know. Miyavi first got his start as Miyabi in the popular indies band Due le Quartz. Miyavi, or Miyabi as he was called back then, joined in June 1999 to replace Ken who had quit the band. Due le Quartz released 2 albums:Mikansei no JEKYLL to HYDE(The unfinished story of Jekyll and Hyde) and Jisatsu ganbou(suicidal wish). Due le Quartz disbanded on Sept. 22, 2002 leaving Miyabi to fade away. But he didn't 1 month and 9 days later Miyavi, as he was now called, released his first solo album titled gagaku. this is the one i am reviewing now so i'll complete the bio when i review galyuu.One final interesting not before i get to the review is that Miyavi is 185 CM. Thats taller than me>.>. now on to the review.
Miyavi is:
Miyavi: Vocals, Guitar, Acoustic guitar, Bass, Drums, Piano, Synth(he does it all)
Various Live back-up Musicians

1)Hatachi Kenibi (Peter Pan Syndrome)
This song starts out with people singing happy birthday.Wierd start before the Heavy guitars start as Miyavi does some sort of countdown accompanied by screaming before the first verse.This song has heavy catchy guitars with screaming and Happy birthday to me thrown in(even screamed a couple times) before his semi-deep voice kicks in for some cleans. A croaking deep is heard in the backround(miyavi) as he sings a Chorus type verse before a speaking part and then the chorus kicks in again with the same deep croaking in the backround. Short blast Chords are used before the song ends with "Happy Birthday to you"
2)Coin Rockers Baby

This song starts out with feedback before heavy guitars start with a baby crying in the backround.An in-audible booming voice is heard as the guitars continue thier path. this is repeated as the baby continues crying until miyavis trademark croaking voice sings the first verse. Then a Right to Left speaker white noise scream is heard Till that trademark voice kicks in again for the seconed verse.(the baby can still be heard) Then for the chorus Miyavi pulls some girly sounding highs outta nowhere as he goes into the third verse. In the next part its almost like 4 Miyavis arguing with eachother before it all cuts out and your left with a crying baby and a boom-like noise. then silence

3)Kusare Sotomichi He -Son Of Bitch-
A Little bit lighter distortion is used as Miyavi says something about funky monkey baby :S. I dunno so the guitar continue along a path as Miyavi does highs in the backround before doing the funky monkey thing again. Then he goes into the first verse which contains yet more harmonizing with himself before a conversation with himself. Hes uses less croak and smooths it out in this song. The guitars change it up abit in this song to go with Miyavis Voice as it leads into a part that many would mistake for their cd skipping. but that leads right into..

4) Night In Girl
This is an acoustic song. A nice break in between all the downtuned guitars. It starts out slow and almost sorrowfull but quickly becomes upbeat. Another speaking part is put before the main part of the song starts. This is all clean vocals with a swishing-like noise in the backround. Its pretty much all straight singing with solid music to back it up. Not much else to say

5)Girls, Be Ambitious
This is the pop song of the album. Miyavis First single and PV as a solo artist. Starts out with chimings into distorted but not over powering guitars. Miyavis voice really shines in this song. Both lows and Highs are used. I suggest you go find the vid if not contact me at mattire9-@-hotmail.com(without hyphens) As i mentioned before he uses many aspects of his voice in this song. including 2 min and 10 sec in when he does a high step part in his voice. The song continues along as Miyavi sings with the high step part coming in once in a while as he uses both smooth and croaking vocals till the song fades out.or did it" it comes back into a final guitar part before cutting out

6) Oresama Shikou
It starts out with Miyavi whispering till screams break out full force. Heavy guitars accompany this vocal change as Miyavi does fast verses and screams while whispering in the backround. This is a fast heavy song with interesting sounds coming from Miyavi. Right before the end verse a sound like a dying animal(but in a good way) leads into the final verse and scream.

7)Gariben Rock
Starts out with clapping. Then Miyavi clears his throat and says"Hai, Hai, Hai" as the guitars cut in before he screams in many different ways until the first verse. This song just strengthens the point that MYV loves to scream and sing.the guitars do a slow gallop type thing at the end. the guitars are catchy and change a few times like in the other songs. I'd expect no less from MYV.

8)Onpu No Tegami
This starts out with a sad, emotional piano solo. Really sets a mood thats different from the overall feel of the album. The vocals just make it seem even more emotional. They are quiet, soft and sound almost strained like MYV is just about to cry while singing. Then soft synth and drum beat kick in as MYV continues to sing. This song pulls at the heartstrings as he uses both highs and lows to effectivly set a mood to match the music. another piano solo before Guitars start in. Heavy, Distorted but not too overpowering as MYV continues to sing untill it all cuts out and a Piano fades out the song.

9) Shokubutsu Ningen m No Theme
Well after that song we could use a pick me up, eh" well this next song starts with wind and an almost evil underground styl theme with a wolf howl in the backround as guitars cut in with a heavy catchy riff. MYV can be heard in the backround as he riffs to the pitch of his voice. the guitars being more audible than his voice.Vocal take a backround in this song. A cellphone sound cuts in almost like a solo as the song continues being catchy. The riff may not change dramatically but this riff stays fresh as MYV starts backround singing again as the cellphone squeeks out its high pitched solo. This song leads out with MYVs breathing

10) Bonus Track: Dear......From XXX
This is another acoustic song. Happy, Upbeat and the voice to match it. MYVs voice changes many times in the song as he switchs from upbeat parts to small soft parts with buildups back to the upbeat feeling we need after Onpu No Tegami. The Guitar changes many times matching the vocals perfectly.
This is a solid album and a very good solo debut. congrats MYV. As a Bonus since i like the song i will also Attach a review of the Pop Is Dead single just cause i'm bored.

1)Pop Is Dead
This starts out with Flipping through channels and Miyavi cuts in with "i love you baby, i need you baby" while the guitars come in as Miyavi continues his singing. This is an extremely catchy and addictive song. i listened to it for 4 hours straight once>.>. This is an odd song too that changes alot. My fav part in the song and vid is when A real heavy part cuts in as MYV sings in a sultry voice" ooo Dirty Pop" In the vid hes dressed in a very sexy costume. The song continues like before then MYV spelles out" p-o-p pop" Then he sings" I gotta freedom and a duty so i sing along with solitude" He sings while inserting some english till the songs goes out with MYV repeating"Pop is Dead"

2)Yameteyo ***e Sawaranaide
This is an acoustic bonus song. Its a good song with the vocals matching the music as they always do. This is a soft song(of course) with soft vocals. No croaking here. Just smooth pure MYV. There is some strained part in the style of Opnu No Tegami. Yhere is a part where it sounds like someone let out a sob or simaler sounds. As it all cuts out and MYV whispers something as the song become almost more frantic for a moment before going back to the softness. This is a good song and a nice partner for Pop Is Dead

There it is. My first review. tell me what you think. i couldn't get the album cover in the right format apparently so i just put a pic of Myavi in the Pop is Dead video. It's hard to rate each song so i just give it an Overall 4 out of 5. Very good firs effort. I will do Galyuu at a later date and Miyavizm onlly when i buy the album.

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September 4th 2005


I found a photo and added it. Good review, especially for your first, although next time add more paragraphs...I did it this time, but it just makes it look better. Never heard of these guys, so I can't comment on the music.

September 4th 2005


this review has intrigued me to check these guys out.

February 4th 2008


Album Rating: 3.0

And eventually his grasp of English begins to sing "poop is dead"

one of his better albums

February 14th 2013


I don't even like J-Rock but i'm pretty pissed off that this guy isn't more famous internationally. He's like the only J-Rock artist i like.

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