Seasons After
Through Tomorrow

very poor


by fromtheinside USER (8 Reviews)
January 7th, 2010 | 11 replies

Release Date: 2008 | Tracklist

Review Summary: If you listen to this then you're automatically in Al Qaeda.

Seasons After actually reminds me of bands like Avenged Sevenfold and Slipknot. These are bands that are clearly metal but have big hooks. –Mark Meltzer Owner / Artist MGMNT. The Syndicate

This CD is mean, nasty and beautiful all at the same time. It cannot be overlooked and has to be added to your playlist. Get out, get it and love it… -Troy Kramm

Seasons After is a shitty metalcore band that I was mildly intrigued by when I heard single their single “11:11” on one of my crappy DishTV music channels. Mislead then like I was when I hopped onto their myspace and read a few “review” statements from the band’s debut album, “Through Tomorrow”. Well, I honestly don’t know what Mark and Troy we’re listening to, but it’s pretty obvious they haven’t actually heard this shit.

With a somewhat competent drummer, who’s only competent to play their tone deaf It Dies Today impressions, the band tries storming into your ears like every other unimaginative metalcore album. The opening number Some Things Burns honestly feels like a 4:45 breakdown, and early on the band are already informing everyone there’s actually nothing palatable to be found on the disc. Runner up Through Tomorrow is no better suited to give a first impression with its painful 5 minute length; it dishes out several horrible verses smashed together by 50+ mundane breakdowns and cringe worthy screams.

There are a lot of unfortunate things going wrong for the band on all cylinders for pretty much every song. Despite the seldom catchy moments most of the vocals are butchered by a clean yet absolute tone deaf lead. “11:11” would be a perfect example of this, leading in with its tribute to August Burns Red riff, the song loses complete momentum as soon as Chris steps to the mic. Singing through his nose and refusing to hit any notes on every song; if this guy would audition for American idol I’m positive he’d be one of those people that swear they’re good.

Even though there are two guitarists they try their best to sound as one, as they flail about playing monotone recycled riffs. This also aids to another problem a fact that 2/3 of the tracks sound identical. Every member seems to only be interested in how hard and fast they can play their instruments. There isn’t a moment where they’re not extorting the ability to seem savage. If the drummer needs a quick rest from the double bass without fail there will be some chugging provided by the guitars to beef up that section. And while the guitars are playing the same leads they’ve been playing all album, there’s sure to be several attempts to emulate a machine gun provided by the drummer.

Did I already talk about the screams" Well the last minute of Save You will remind those of how terrible they really are. It often places me in an awkward position to beg for the switch back to the clean singing, but as soon as that occurs I realize I’m no better off. Cry Little Sister would be one of the songs I would recommend as its desperately pleading to be overplayed on the radio. Still, it’s boring and its only redeeming quality comes in the final 20 seconds or so, yet with what precedes its not worth the listen.

In the end it really is kind of ironic because, ‘Seasons After actually reminds me of bands like Avenged Sevenfold and Slipknot.’

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January 7th 2010


sounds good, will check out.

January 7th 2010


what the fuck is that album artwork.
good review, needs moar ripping on the shitty lyrics tho.


"recommended by reviewer:
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Watch Glenn Beck
Drive A Hummer
Listen to iTunes music reviews
Take Online I.Q. Tests
Mosh In the backyard with your friends"

lol what. haha

January 7th 2010


Album Rating: 2.0

This band has their moments, but they're few and far between.

I was gonna give this an average, but that album artwork has to be the worst I've seen in years.

January 7th 2010


I know a chick that looks exactly like that!

January 7th 2010


looks like a duck

January 7th 2010


So what we have learned from this is that fti is apparently a member of Al Qaeda

January 8th 2010


checked out the myspace. tried 2 different songs, couldn't make it past the 30 second mark on either song.

January 20th 2010


Album Rating: 4.5

Wow - I have never seen so many close minded douche bags on one message board. I dont typically join up on these things but actually seeing bad feedback regarding this album suprises me.

First, the album is solid has good melody. This band has played Vans warped tour twice and on Taste of Chaos. What the hell have you accomplished lately??

They do posess some similar sounds as other metalcore bands but thats a good thing. Obviously coming from a Switchfoot fan like yourself I dont expect you to understand the importance of solid riff work, an awesome drummer, and quite frankly a disc that awesome from beginning to end.

The lyrics are solid and the vocalist effectively balances screamo and actual singing.

And come on - criticizing the drummer?? Are you out of your mind?? I tell you what how about you start a band write some songs and we will see how well you do douche bag. Go dust off your switchfoot album, light your aromatherapy candles, lube up your dildo and go fuck yourself.

February 25th 2010


The cover of Cry Little Sister is pretty cool, takes me back to "The Lost Boys."

March 7th 2010


This review is clearly from someone with no musical ability or knowledge. Claiming the singer is bad or never "refuses" to hit "notes" is ridiculous. Claiming the guitarists persist in sound like there is only one is ridiculous, too. Or maybe you don't know what synchronized guitar is. Or notice that one guitar couldn't possibly do a lot of what is done. Not to mention your claim that they never slow down. I suppose you didn't notice parts of songs where they let notes ring. I don't think that counts as the guitar chugging along, as you put it.

I'd be fine with a negative review for this, if the review made any sense. Also, your summary is pathetic. This entire thing is childish and goofy in a way I can't even respect.

And no, I don't think they're an amazing band.

April 12th 2013


Album Rating: 3.0

I didn't find this album to be that bad, there's certainly worse out there... *coughBULLETFORMYVALENTINEcough* They certainly aren't original but they're not that bad.

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