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Release Date: 2004 | Tracklist

Review Summary: This album isnt exactly a disaster!, but it sure ain't a masterpiece either!

In 2004, W.A.S.P. Released a double album in the same year entitled "The Neon God" Parts 1 and 2

The album is a sequel To "Neon God Part 1: The Rise," I strongly suggest you pick that one up before picking this one up as you might be a little bit lost in terms of the story.

Basic Concept Behind The Album/s

A young Boy named Jessie, is abused and orphaned by his mother. The boy eventually discovers a talent to read minds. And, as a result of that talent, he gathers an almost religious following who view him as a holy creature - a dark messiah. He is "The Neon God." During this record, we find out the fate of Jessie and what his power will ultimately bring him to. Since Part 1 was titled "The Rise" and part 2 is titled "The Demise," you can pretty much determine what each disc is about story wise Haha!

Musically, This album is an almost a complete U-Turn based on their earlier work such as "The Last Command" or "Inside The Electric Circus". It seems that the days of songs about (Sex, Drugs and Rock n' Roll) such as "Animal (*** Like A Beast), "Dont Cry Just Suck" are long gone.. and much like "The Crimson Idol (TCI)" it shows a much more mature offering from the band. However in my opinion the songs on this album, fail in comparison to those on "TCI". This album seems fairly uninspired in parts, and you cant help but feel it was a try at reattempting the "TCI" but rather failing miserably and lacking "classic" tracks, that stand out from the pack.

"Never Say Die" starts the album and is no "Wild Child" or "Inside The Electric Circus" i can assure you. The song however, is one of the best on the record, but definatly one of the weakest tracks W.A.S.P has to offer in its extensive catalogue.

"Ressurection" is possibly the worst song on this album, it comes of as dull and extremely uninspired with only one or two sections gaining my slight interest.

The album, however, does pick up with songs such as "The Demise" "Tear Down The Walls"........ and by far the best track on the album "Come Back To Black" which contains the best chorus on the entire album. Catchy as hell!, and must make a great live song! This is more of the W.A.S.P. we all know and love!

"Clockwork Mary" is rather good also, which could quite easily have found its way on "The Crimson Idol" as well as "Tear Down The Walls" sounds like it could have easily have snuck on Kill.***.Die (KFD)

While this album isnt exactly terrible, it isnt amazing either. The album in my opinion contains a fair amount of filler material and excessive fat which could have been trimmed down in order to stucture the songs better such as the last song on the album "The Last Redemption" while it contains great riffs, the song just seems to only go back and forth constantly. The Ending though is extremely epic and is a fantastic way to end the record.

"The Rise and The Demise" should have been one album. The songs on the Demise are at many points (uninspired) and lacks a true standout track.

I would suggest this album to Hardcore fans of W.A.S.P or anyone that is fond of post "Crimson Era" W.A.S.P.... It's a far more mature sounding album, and will take a while getting used too.

If you however crave good ol fashioned sleazy rock n roll right NOW!, i would reccomend you pick up "Hellorado" (1999) offering from the band (which in my opinion, by no means is it aperfect album but!, deserves a little bit more respect than it has gotten." With tracks in the vain of "Blind In Texas".... such as "Dont Cry (Just Suck) and "Cocaine Cowboys".

W.A.S.P - The Neon God:Part 2 (The Demise) (2004)

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January 6th 2010


├Łou are only supposed to post one review a day, saying that in advance. Read your first as well, and you have made a bit of an improvement, but you need to describe more what the record actually sounds like, and then point out what songs show this. Good call on explaining the concept though. Take a look of how approved writers go about their reviews and you will learn.

January 6th 2010


Hey man have you heard the new album? I'm interested in seeing what it sounds like.

January 6th 2010


Their debut is soooo good.

January 6th 2010


Album Rating: 2.0

Alligator! - I certianly have!, if you have heard "Dominator" and like that, i think you will also dig "Babylon", its a fairly good effort continuing on their recent form(The record sounds like a continuation of "Dominator") It also features a cover version of "Burn" Deep Purple which is fairly good. Definatly worth a listen my friend! (hope that helps).

January 7th 2010


I've got The Crimson Idol (Amazing!) and Best of the beast which is 2 discs full of the hits.

January 7th 2010


" You are only supposed to post one review a day "

No I see multiple reviews from the same users all the time so you don't need to listen to that.
However! review is good but make sure to get the sound of the album across and then start crankin out
2 reviews a day, but make sure to space em out a little,

Good luck, pos.

January 7th 2010



January 2nd 2015


''We.Are.Sexual.Perverts'' indeed we are my friend.

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