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January 14th, 2005 | 252 replies

Release Date: 1978 | Tracklist

Eddie Van Halen - Guitar
Alex Van Halen - Drums
Michael Anthony - Bass
David Lee Roth - Vocals

What is there to really to say about Van Halen" They came out in the late 70's and knocked the world on it's ***. Each member was a craftman. They flowed oddly great, but at the same time played vert technically.

V.H had Eddie Van Halen who opened up many different ways to play the guitar and basically defined Van Halen's sound. They also had Eddie's brother Alex, who was a very talented drummer, who's beats match perfectly with each other instrument playing. He also was very good at rolls, which is shown in various tracks. They had Michael Anthony, who is greatly overshadowed by the other members, but in the long run he was the back-bone, and power of the band.

And of course they had one of the badest frontmen around. David Lee Roth, famous for his on stage antics, but none the less was a great vocalist.

1. Runnin' with the Devil: Probably the most reconizable and loved Van Halen song, though it is not my favorite. The track is very famous for the blaring guitar. And the extremely catchy chorus. The chorus seems to be stacked, which would give an excuse of why it sounds so together and smooth. The solos in this number is basically Eddie attacking the fret board, if you want to approch it that way. 5/5

2. Eruption: This song is easy to describe. Warfare between Eddie's hands and the guitar. It's is just one huge intense and techniqual solo. Most say it is the greatest solo ever, I think differently, but it is beyond amazing 5/5

3. You really got Me A Kinks cover, and a good one. It is very similair, but had a lot more intense and technical playing. The chorus is very smooth, just like The Kinks version. And the solo just comes out of no where. And the backing vocals are so smooth that they sound like they come out of a synthesizer, very odd. 5/5

4. Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love: Definatley my favorite Van Halen song, probably because of how the guitar playing and the bass playing. They flow very nicely, and smooth. This song along with "Life in the Fastlane" by The Eagles have the greatest intros ever, in my opinion of course. The chorus is the strongest part in this song, arguably. 5/5

5. I'm the One: Probably the fastest song on this album, with the exception of "Eruption". The only bad thing about this song is that they rythm love with love in the chorus. I really like the vocals in this song, they match he instrument oddley well. Near the end this song all the members do some skat, which is interesting. 5/5

6. Jamie's Cryin': The opening guitar playing in this song kind of reminds me of a Soundgarden song, which is great, because I love Soundgarden. Of course the strong part of this song is the chorus, like most of song by this band. And this song is a lot more emotional than the others, which shows somthing bands like this occasionally lack. 4/5

7. Atomic Punk: The guitar playing in this song is different from most other V.H songs. It seems very compressed. The guitar solo is also completely insane, just like all the others. This song doesn't stand out from the bunch, but is still a pretty good song. 3/5

8. Feel your Love Tonight: The only part of this song that really stands out for me is the few seconds before each chorus. I do really like the second chorus, how each instrument cuts out except the guitar. 3/5

9. Little Dreamer: This song is more of a Buesy original by V.H. The backing vocals are done very nicely. The drumming and bass playing flow very nicely. 4/5

10. Ice Cream Man: An acoustic Blues cover. The song is written by John Brim. The vocals are what stands out for me in this song. This is a V.H. song,(though not original) so that means it won't stay acoustic. So it breaks out and is more based around the bass playing. The backing vocals are done very well, probably stacked like the rest of them. 4/5

11. On Fire: This song starts off very powerfully, and has some different guitar playing than the usual. This song is a lot heavier than a normal V.H. song. I really like the bass playing in the chorus, it sounds like it's from a Super Mario game. One of the highlights to the song is a high pitch scream Lee Roth gives off near the middle. 5/5

Now, it would be wrong for me to give this album anything other than a 5/5. It is just too amazing.

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February 17th 2004


Thanks badmoon, I wanted a review of this cd, but you surpassed my expectations. Good Work.

May 22nd 2004


i've heard so much about this album. a classic album because of eddie's guitar solos

May 22nd 2004


Good review, but you misspelled "technical." Oh well, as long as you still followed the "qu" rule, it looks good. Just like your review.

May 22nd 2004


^ Hey, this review was a while ago. For I am now the greatest speller in the world!!!

May 22nd 2004


Oops, I had never seen this one before so I thought it was new. Plus the last comment added before mine seemed almost pointless, just like most people who resurrect old threads.

May 23rd 2004


I personally don't think I did this review that well. Nothing unique atleast. I think my new reviews a better *Leads you into viewing my new review ;) *

August 3rd 2004


This is a great album. David Lee Roth was a sub-par singer, but his stage presense made Robert Plant look like a booger-eating nerd. Eddie was an enigma at this time. He used to play with his back to the crowd so noone could steal his lick's before he made it big. This is the intro album to the rated R Van Halen. They should have given it up after Roth was out. Sammy Hagar is the front man of the rated G Van Halen. With their catchy little soda pop, top-40 tunes.
With Roth it was simple; Booze, Women, Sex, screaming guitar and high kicks. Rock and Roll. Now, ...well..Van Halen is a shadow of what they used to be. 5outta5

August 3rd 2004


owlandtree? Really? I have to disagree with you. As a lifelong Van Halen fan who has seen all three Van Halen singers live with them, I think Sammy Hagar is the best for the job. First of all, he is the better singer and better musican between he and Roth. ( Cherone may have been the best singer of the three.) I think Sammy, for the most part, song for song, writes better lyrics than Dave. Most of all, it is the chemistry with Sammy that makes the band work. These guys truly love each other. Enough to the fact that they were able to drop 11 years of fighting after one dinner together.

About Sammy's career? I think many people do not know this, but Sammy Hagar was a platinum and headlining artist before Van halen were even a band. Since 1973, Sammy fronted Montrose before going solo. He has solo platinum albums under his belt and he is very respected amongst the music community as a song writer, musician and person. ( Sammy has written hit songs for Heart and Rick Springfield.) Sammy has played in bands or projects with Neil Schon, Slash, Melissa Etheridge, Toby Keith, Tyler/Perry, and Joe Satriani.

David Lee Roth was nothing but a good marketer and entertainer. The man was always a poor singer and not a great lyricist. ( Thankfully, Eddie wrote all of the music so it stood out in the forefront over Dave's lyrics.) If Dave was so great , he would have outsold Van Halen after he left them. When both Dave and Sammy were solo post 1996, Sammy outsold every Dave album. Most importantly, when they toured together in 2002, Sammy was blowing Dave off the stage by most critic and fan reviews. The reason? Dave never grew musically or personally after 1984. That may explain why his set list was nothing but original VH songs and original old schtick with the fans. Sammy composed a set worth of his established career in Montrose, solo, with Van Halen, and with the four releases he put out with the Waboritas.

This is just my persepctive. You can like who you like, but in the realm of history, Dave is like the G version . . .from twenty years ago. Yes, a classic but not relevent today. Sammy is the PG version with more maturity and more to offer. There is no R version of Van Halen. That is because they have matured as musicians, song writers and people.

August 29th 2004


Why do people bring back my older not as good reviews

August 29th 2004


I love this cd. Although when I saw them live I was dissapointed the only played one song from this album. But still a spectacular show.

August 29th 2004


[QUOTE=badmoon349]Why do people bring back my older not as good reviews [/QUOTE]
they do that with mine too.....except it's to say how much my review sucked.


EDIT: not all of you:-*

November 10th 2005


Album Rating: 4.5

i would give Ice Cream Man a definate 5/5 IMO. good review to a great album

November 11th 2005


omg liek eruption >>>>>>>> liek evry othar guiter in musik

Storm In A Teacup
November 11th 2005


Album Rating: 3.5

[quote=Br3ad Man]Thanks badmoon, I wanted a review of this cd, but you surpassed my expectations. Good Work.[/quote]

Wow, standards for reviews must have been pretty low back then.

Storm In A Teacup
November 11th 2005


Album Rating: 3.5

Okay, whatever happened to these people that were reviewing just a year ago? Grew up and taking care of families.

December 28th 2005


this is a fantastic album, i bought it a week ago,


February 6th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0


Van Halen kicks all ass.

February 7th 2006


Eruption owns, simple as!!!!!

February 26th 2006


Album Rating: 5.0

Theres only one word to describe this VH album.....MASTERPIECE!!!, Great Review!!!!

March 13th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

This CD is really good. All the songs are great. Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love, Jamie's Cryin', and Feel Your Love Tonight are my 3 favorites though. I also love the part in Atomic Punk where David Lee Roth sounds like a madman. It's kinda hot...

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