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December 29th, 2009 | 3 replies

Release Date: 2003 | Tracklist

Myrkwid is composed of one member, namely F.M.H. who is also the drummer in Ewiges Reich. If you don't like Ewiges Reich you should still check out Myrkwid, I think this solo project is a lot better than the Ewiges Reich I have, namely Krieg Hass Tod. This is also the only release I am familiar with by Myrkwid, as his entire discography seems to be very limited, released on many small labels with releases limited to a few hundred copies.

Part I seems to be the beginning of a concept that continues through Part II. The songs are simply labeled Act 1, Act 2, etc. I don't know why but I have always liked when black metal bands don't have extravagent names or crazy photos of them wearing homemade leather with carpenter nails in it. It seems bands like Myrkwid actually care more about the music they are making, rather than having their image form a part of the music. That being said, lets see if the music is as good as it promises to be...

The first major success of the album is the incorperation of acoustic/clean guitars into several "interlude" type songs. With heavy reverb and delay the guitars give the feel of a huge hollow area, as though the recording had been made in some huge hall. I could even picture the music originating from some clearing in some dense woods, due to the mood of the music and its nature. The tonality is extremely dark in these songs, but not ridiculously dissonant (which is something that black metal bands overuse ---> see Xasthur).

The guitars are thin, grainy and misty in sound. You won't find a lot of original metal riffing, just your basic power chords and tremelo riffs. F. M. H. decides that he will do whats been done, and this pays off as you some very classic Norwegian style riffing in these songs, but still a little touch of originality and a little influence from everywhere, so that Myrkwod doesn't sound like a clone. Drums have suprisingly good production, very clear and distinct cymbals, only the snare and bass drums are a bit muffles. Vocals remind a little of Nargaroth with the sort of harsh distorted quality that Kanwulf's singing has. I actually believe that the blend of vocals and guitar is better here though.

In all, this is a very good example of the continuation of the early 90s bands, and this release is from 2003. No keyboards, no super heavy riffing or blastbeats, very traditional. Probably most similar to the first two Gorgoroth full lengths, except for the vocal differences, and a bit of the acoustic/black metal work of Ulver

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December 29th 2009


many months pass and we get a whole bunch of silenius reviews in the space of two days - awesome

nice job

December 29th 2009


More bm to check out, pretty pumped. Keep 'em coming Silenius.

December 29th 2009


i JUST looked into these guys on MA

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