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School's Out



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August 28th, 2005 | 14 replies

Release Date: 1972 | Tracklist

Although the music of Alice Cooper has been labelled no less than extensively, the music and influences themselves have ranged far beyond any destitute categories or slander that were only inevitable from the variety of jazz, rock and blues insights, morbid clothing and accused lurid song-titles such as Dead Babies.
At the time School's Out was produced, the infamous and influential band known as Alice Cooper were denounced for nearly any problem that the ministers and mothers could relate to a band of youthful boys who were sick of the 60's love caprice, and took it upon themselves to form their own notion.
They had recently released Killer and opened up to new fans, even internationally. It now seemed that what was known as an over-rated song from a deadpan album would be the next step. At least it seemed through common observation.

No one should be unfamiliar with the title track. The riff is well-known and represents the infamous guitar styling of Alice Cooper, bluesy, rocky and also quite jazzy. In terms of general musicianship, it seems almost deprived in order to create this instant hit, this set-list encore, this overemphasised studio work?... I've always felt it was a song that worked on a number of levels, if not a little overblown in terms of what they have also released. Yet the sensationalism shouldn't have ruined a more than favourable song.

Then we jump into Luney Tune an the jazz influences become more apprehensible. Though the music is cheery, you can't escape the loathsome nature behind a drug addict turned criminal who steals a razor and ends his misery.

Gutter Cat… begins with a bass riff and the instruments enter all at once to the repetitive tune until the interlude, comprising of nothing but an organ and finger snapping lead you into the final verse in which the aforementioned Jets are voiced.

Street Fight takes the previous track to it's destination and plays a fight scene in the background from both The Jets and the cats howling at one another with a furious bass-line.

The bass also starts Blue Turk with nice lead work, jazzy instrumentals and well-written lyrics, sung masterfully. Then the solo; the guitars and horns maintain the jazz vibe. As the song ends, there are mixed feelings of a song that's not as bad as I feared, but perhaps not as good I hoped, worth a listen at least.

A lead guitar line begins this with some light drumming. It goes on with a piano part and spaced lyrics, with a fast and catchy chorus until the guitar starts screaming for another few lines. The lyrics are just as strange as the music, and the lyrics are weird.

The follow-up track Public Animal #9 is infectious and besides the intro and solo, the instrumentals are fairly simple. There's a great deal of irony expressed in the lyrics as the narrator is a self-proclaimed hooligan in the field of particularly petty crimes. Compared to a great deal of music by Alice Cooper, this one track is particularly joyful and almost stinted.
An acoustic riff and muffled vocals begin one of the best tracks on School's Out. It says goodbye to the school and their sad feelings that accompany the departure and everyone can associate with, even if it isn't embraced as such. It might be worth listening to the album that helped define the term "teen anthem."

Grand Finale is the final track, an instrumental that at first sounds oddly like those backing tracks preset in keyboards. It's a bit like techno meets jazz and at the end; it turns into a mid 70's detective theme, then "pow!" it's over. Along with Gutter Cats…, this is a satirical track about the "West Side Story" stereotypes of troubled youth.

Either way you look at it, it's a clever and engaging concept album, and enough to reach the Top 10 smash in June, 1972. Irreverent and outrageous as ever, yet with a theatrical flair. For an album like that to stand the test of time for over three decades would be naïve.

Best Tracks: School's Out, Luney Tune, Alma Mater.

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August 28th 2005


yea i think i may have herd the schools out song on a back to school commercial (SCORE).

hey can anyone help me here i have a few ?s
why do the moderatirs delete reviews?
who the hell r the moderators?

August 28th 2005


Moderators are the people that were loyal members who obeyed the rules and were picked especially to handle the reviews and users and to make sure the rules are followed. They have the power to punish anyone for breaking these said rules.

Your review was probably deleted because it broke on of the submission guidlines http://www.sputnikmusic.com/guidelines.phpThis Message Edited On 08.28.05

December 28th 2005


^ i completely agree

March 21st 2006


awesome review, although schools out is WAY overplayed, still somewhat of a guilty pleasure, AWESOME review

June 8th 2006


Schools out for the summer, Schools out for ever!

June 8th 2006


There's so much more to Alice Cooper than that song. But it's still a great one. And this album is great as well.

June 8th 2006


I was gonna go see Cooper in concert a few years back. I ended up not going for some reason...:upset:

Digging: Bill Callahan - Gold Record

December 14th 2007


School's out is an awesome guitar hero song yes?

March 7th 2013


Pretty old review.

Digging: Rush - Permanent Waves

Staff Reviewer
February 5th 2015


Album Rating: 3.5

Schoooool's out fo-eva

Digging: Gorillaz - Song Machine, Season One: Strange Timez

April 29th 2017


Album Rating: 3.5

My version of this album has a terrible mastering. These songs probably sounded killer live though

July 2nd 2017


Album Rating: 4.0

Album is better than a 3 to my taste. A start of a gradual shift towards more theatrical works. The album is artier than two previous harder-rocking LPs, but it's still great.

April 6th 2018


Album Rating: 4.5

Not as great as "Killer" and "Billion Dollar Babies" but an amazing album indeed.

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