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My Awesome Compilation may not be the most known band in the UK, but the release of their "extended EP" The View Is Amazing certainly turned some heads in magazines and with fellow pop-punkers. It was this attention that led them to the creation of their debut album on Sorepoint Records. Their chirpy yet tongue-in-cheek style that sounds like a blended version of Jimmy Eat World, Fall Out Boy and Armor For Sleep is demonstrated well on this full-length, changing styles quickly.

"You Need Discipline" bursts out the speakers in full volume, banging out another riff which will have you nodding along and humming while Chris screams the album title through the verses. It's an amazing opener, hooking you into their powerful mix of sing-along chorus' and verses and light-headed yet heavy music. "Put Up A Fight" is a perfect poppy number, leading you from a funky keyboard melody into MAC's trademark over-distorted roaring sound.

After getting past the equally impressive pop-punk numbers "Gave You Everything" and "Set To Go", the album slows down the pace a little with it's 'ballad'. "What You Do" emphasizes on a beautifully crafted piano melody accompanied with very simple yet effective lyrics. Still, it's lengthy and drags on for what it's supposed to do.

About 5 minutes after the previous track and we get to the title track, providing more clean and polished pop-punk efforts. The vocals take a while to get used to in this American-dominated field, but My Awesome Compilation manage to get round this with light screaming thrown in every now and then. "Longshot" then begins with a static introduction, which heads straight into another pounding and heavy riff. It trails off slightly, not offering anything we haven't heard before on the album, but still it's a nice listen.

"Sirens" is a bit more fast-paced, yet lacking in instrumental value. It works great, but the vocals throw it off in the verses and sound messy. Yet it's rocky feel mixed with a simple pop works like a charm, and left me wanting more. The only other thing I disliked about this song with the amount of feedback. Obviously left in on purpose, but it does nothing good for the ears and ruins the music that isn't half-bad. "As Always" is one of the more catchier numbers on this CD, beginning with a chirpy melody instead of a heavy and hard riff for a change. There isn't really nothing new about this song, but it manages to keep your hooked in like previous songs haven't. The dual vocals really mix up the song as well, with the 2 voices contrasting well.

The last major heavy song, "Asking For Trouble", is another slow-paced song led by a heavy riff and impressive drumming. Again, after about half an hour of this music, it does wear a little thin. Nevertheless, it's still a good track to lead you into the finale. "Awake" is undoubtedly the album's highlight, overshadowing the other 10 songs. Acoustic, rolling drums and a piano are thrown together to pull out an amazing ender to the band's latest effort. The piano and rolling drums really make the song sound deeper, and add a necessary level of charm and addiction.

I'm not going to say My Awesome Compilation are astounding or groundbreaking, because they aren't. If they were American, they would be nothing short of a blip on my radar, another Purevolume to listen to and throw away. But still, their music is hard-hitting pop-punk, catchy and hard to dismiss. From the second that guitar is strummed in "You Need Discipline", to the awkwardly unproffessional ending of "Awake", Actions pulls out track after track of no-strings-attached pop-punk that is made for one reason: For the listener to enjoy. And it's hard not to enjoy this.


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The View Is Amazing

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September 2nd 2005


Album Rating: 3.5

Hmm I liked "The View Is Amazing" (I also reviewed it, hehe) and i've been waiting to hear "Actions". I finally have and it's pretty good. Good review. *Thumbs up*

November 30th 2005


Put up a fight is friggin' ausome!

December 15th 2006


I saw these guys supporting Alkaline Trio a while back and they were awesome. Way better than the headliners! This album is great too.

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