Discovering the Waterfront



by Understanding In a Crash USER (60 Reviews)
August 25th, 2005 | 298 replies

Release Date: 2005 | Tracklist

SilverStein - Discovering The Waterfront

Audio CD Released: August 16, 2005
(Included DVD 2 - Disc album)
Label: Victory Records
Genre: Pop-Punk
Anticipation Level: 7.5 (Out of 10)
...According to Victory Records this was one of the most anticipated sophomore albums this year, but I beg to differ.

1. Your Sword Versus My Dagger
2. Smile in Your Sleep
3. Ides of March
4. Fist Wrapped in Blood
5. Discovering the Waterfront
6. Defend You
7. My Heroine
8. Always and Never
9. Already Dead
10. Three Hours Back

Song Overviews

1. Your Sword Versus My Dagger (2:59) - The first song to start off the album actually caught my attention when I was listening to samples. I loved the dual vocals during this song switching to low screams to melodic vocals to the chorus where you can hear much improved singing. The guitar follows a nice lead riff to the pop-punk power chords driving it through the chorus and even a small palm mutey break down feely thing during the last minute of the song. I loved this song to be honest... 9/10

2. Smile In Your Sleep (3:13) - Ahhh it's the first single. When I saw this video the song didn't impress me, I was like eh its silverstein. The video concept of the game "clue" was kind of cool though. The lyrics feel like they were written by a 10th grader who recently broke it up with a school hottie. I loved how the song dramatically got slower towards the last minute with another breakdown esque type interlude. Sometimes it takes the most basic lyrics to relate too in a song though... "and all the times you promised me that everything would work out in the end, you were gravely mistaken..." 7/10

3. Ides Of March (3:36) - After hearing the first two songs you'll either be saying UGHHH, or Ahhh... with anguish or relief. If you were expecting a slower, emotionally driven, Northstar type song here it is. The first two songs basically smack you on the upside of the head and all of a sudden its get suddenly slower. It speeds up in the chorus and the lyrics were journal like in this song. It was a beautiful song but for the reasons I couldn't really get into it because it wasn't well placed IMO, on the tracklisting. 7/10

4. Fist Wrapped In Blood (2:57) - I heard this song on purevolume before I got the album and thought it would be one of my favorites and I wasn't mistaken. A slow building up intro gets you ready for some of the best vocal work I have ever heard from this band. This could be one of there best songs with all the backing vocals and layered guitar work it went down very well. Once again where silverstein prevails is in its dual vocals perscription of almost a double sided conscience. Screams and Melody and sing-a-long like chorus. There were so many change ups and speed changes during this song that it kept be breathless. Even the outro was a goodie... 10/10

5. Discovering The Waterfront (4:45) - It's going to be very hard to relieve the tension that "Fist Wrapped In Blood" created but why follow it up with a ballad like song? Your screaming about getting "bound and gagged" in the song before this and now all of a sudden your slow dancing to "I wont forget you's!". I thought this song would of been ideal as the last song on the album as it was a real tear jerker (Okay not really.)Seriously though, the vocals alone are amazing/haunting, solid from start to finish. Then the harmonic like ending was beautiful. 8/10

6. Defend You (3:28) - The screams in this song are the perfect example of the improvement over "When Broken Isn't Easily Fixed". This song was another harder one on the album but it seems like as the songs get crunchier and louder the lyrics get clicher and clicher... 8/10

7. My Heroine (3:27) - A cool clean riff starts off in the beginning of this song. For a slower intro by them I thought this song was wonderful and had just the right amount of screaming with sprinkled emotion. This song hands down was a winner.. 10/10

8. Always and Never (3:49) - Wow the beginning of this song really surprised me, didn't sound like a song they would write at all. Great guitar intro, but a matter of fact the whole song rocked out. Sounds like a song that Funeral For a Friend would write and I loved how this sound was laid out from start to finish. The chorus was one of my favorites during the album...

Take it back to the streets
I'll start again
I'll never look back
I'll never look back, back
How do you feel it if
you don't feel anything
Don't have a heart attack
don't have a heart attack
But I won't stop you 10/10

9. Already Dead (3:17) - The song never really grabbed my attention. The vocals were relatively better but it felt like a cliche pop-punk song. It wasn't bad just wasn't anything to rock over about either. 6/10

10. Three Hours Back (3:34) - A great ending to an album. I was hoping that they would of jam packed the "up and go" songs and slow it down 'till the end but this was another great way to go. Another good song to end... with a catchy BASS riff. (8/10)

11. Call it Karma (4:14) - If I have my sources correct this song was a song thrown onto the album as a last second thing. I've seen Three Hours Back as the last song listed on some sites but I guess they added this. The song was a good song and it felt like it could of been written for "When Broken Isn't Easily Fixed" but was thrown onto this album. It was good nonetheless. 9/10

(I base my rating accordingly to the genre of Music, calm :) )
Overall: 4.5
Guitars: 4.5 [Dearly talented at times and some of the songs perfectly illustrate how good they really are.]
Bass: 4 [It's a pop-punk band you really cant expect much but actually it did what it came to do and in some songs it actually stood OUT!]
Drums: 3.5 [Nothing out of the line or crazy]
Vocals: 5 [It was such an improvement singing and screaming toned compared to anything before this. If it wasn't good it just got BETTER]

Tibits: Take it to the harsh crowd for anyone to know that a sophomore album is usually really, really bad, or really, really good. I always saw Silverstein as a wannabe band but I never thought they were bad. I thought they were smart taking screams and mixing them with pop-punky music which is what alot of bands have been doing as of the last few years. It seems like that a band tries to mislead its "pop-punk" title thinking its something bad by using screaming so scene kids and the not so intent listener thinks that a bad like silverstein or the Used is screamo or hardcore. This album in my opinion was a better produced value and better overall then "When broken isn't easily fixed". In terms of sound they sound mostly the same and lead the same routes since this band has begun. Fans of the first album should take up this one if they liked the first one. Songs still come with fast, hard, screams with melodic choruses (sing-a-longs) and other songs come with the slow melodic harmonic feeling. I didn't look into the DVD enough to gauge an opinion but come on I got this CD for $9.99 and I wouldn't care if they filmed themselves eatting Sushi for the dvd, the album was amazing. I took this album after I got it recommended to me and I advise you to do the same but if this is the first time you ever heard the band buy the first album first.

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August 28th 2005


Album Rating: 3.0

Ok, so I got my hands on this one and checked it out. It's not really that original or unique, but they do it solid. I liked the use of screamed/melodic vocals. The screaming kicks in at those places you would say "Kicking it up a notch now would be great".

I'd say: 3/5

Nice Review! :thumb:

Storm In A Teacup
September 4th 2005


Album Rating: 4.0

Nice Review! Silverstein has evolved a lot since their first album which was good too, but i thought this one was so much better. The dvd however i thought wasn't that great.

Storm In A Teacup
September 17th 2005


Album Rating: 4.0

Is it me or is the new album not getting advertised or "publicized" as much as the first album I haven't seen any commercialls or read any articles for it yet?

September 28th 2005


I think this is an amazing cd, nice guitar rifts, great vocals, screaming where it fits. I think its a must have for the CD collection.

October 25th 2005


Album Rating: 4.5

Dude, how do you saw this is "pop-punk"? maybe I'm mistaken, but the last time i checked pop-punk was stuff like blink-182 or sum 41. I think the appropriate genre would be "post hardcore". Ive never heard a pop punk album with screaming in it. Im not trying to criticize, just wanted to let you know

October 26th 2005


I absolutely loved this album. 'The Ides of March' i think you underrated tho. I absolutely loved that song. beautiful, solid song with mighty nice vocals. However your review was dead on with the rest. A very clean album, pretty decent track placement, and nothing less than vast improvement from their previous album.


October 26th 2005


Seriously, I see more and more people putting post-hardcore bands as pop punk. It's getting annoying. If you want pop punk try like fall out boy, i'm not saying I don't like some pop punk, but it's kind of getting ridiclous how people are trying to comercialize post-hardcore **cough cough**hawthorne heights**cough cough**garbage.

December 5th 2005


Album Rating: 1.0

rusty_knives, what you're doing is preferring one nightmare over another. Both Silverstein and Hawthorne Heights are of the same ilk, which is pop punk with occasional screaming, as I hope to accurately call popcore. Considering what appears to be a mirror shot avatar that includes unkempt dark hair and an undersized black band shirt, I'd have to say you're probably no luminary on the subject either. Also, you talk as if pop punk is a dirty pleasure. I don't know if you have heard of bands like Bodyjar, All, and The Lawrence Arms, but those are all really respectable, good pop punk bands that Silverstein should feel privelaged to be connected to.

December 7th 2005


Album Rating: 4.0

This album was incredible and similar to you I bought this after hearing Fist Wrapped in Blood on purevolume. These guys put out a solid album and do what they do very well. They also put on a great show, I got to see them on the Never Sleep Again Tour with Hawthorne Heights, Aiden, and Bayside playing acoustic and Silverstein was by far the best band. They should have a good future ahead of them.

faintly falling ashes
December 8th 2005


this review was the best written one i have seen yet!

i hate like putting music into exact genres.. but if i had to, i would put silverstein in the emo-pop-punk, but i might also call them screamo, just loosely. these guys are very good and EXTREMELY underrated. i also like the fact this cd is less advertised. i dont want publicity to ruin another good band. and also.. i agree that hawthorne heights is garbage. the cd was ok to an extent, but i saw them live and they f***ing blew.. just ruins it for me. even-so the album itself was nothing great

December 25th 2005


Album Rating: 4.0

like it better then the first.

Trax: 1,2,3,6,and7

December 26th 2005


Album Rating: 4.0

i really like this band, the vocals are awesome and quite dynamic being that shane can sing and scream. The guitar players are very very good, some of the best i have ever heard, and hawthorne heights sucks, i hate hawthorne heights, anyway, good review

February 24th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

ive been listening to this and When Broken Is Easily Fixed alot lately, and i have come to realize that the guitar work was far superior on WBIEF than it is on here, but the vocals and other instruments have vastly improved on Discovering The Waterfront. I think you gave a lot of songs a lower rating than they deserve, but ur review is good. and codiak, im glad you mentioned that hawthorne heights sucks, because they do and that just shows that most people who like silverstein despise hawthorne heights, i.e. everyone who posted a comment on this board.

mixed company
March 5th 2006


I didnt really like certain songs on the album because they were just laggy, to slow but the instumental and vocals improved. WBIEF was so energetic in the beginning of the album till the end as appose to this one. Still a good album though.

March 13th 2006


Album Rating: 3.0

i like this album cause it helps unleash my anger within. smile and ides are great songs here

Two-Headed Boy
March 13th 2006


Album Rating: 2.0

"Anger within".

Jeez, everything is black, ain't it?

March 21st 2006


hey good review SUM 41 ROCKS lol just wanted to let you all no lol and sum 41 is no longer pop at all NO POP i dont like how all you hardcore EMO wrist slitters catagorize Sum 41 as POP!!! like WTF!!!! they are punk rock ok ok ok ok ok there jeeze

March 23rd 2006


omg i love this band soo much its incredible. they are so awesome. my brother introduced me to the band in "when broken is easily fixed" and i fell in love. when i found out that they had a new cd out i had to have it and it is incredible. 5/5

March 25th 2006


Album Rating: 4.5

it is incredibleThis Message Edited On 03.24.06

March 25th 2006


did any1 notice this guy is good wen hes not screaming but he sucks wen he is.

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