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Release Date: 2004 | Tracklist

Band: The Descendents
Album: 'Merican EP
Released: 09/02/2004

To me, The Descendants are an unknown pop punk band. I had heard of them, but after a disliked track one of my friends sent me I was put off them. Now, there is so much hype over their new upcoming album "Cool To Be You", that I decided to give these pop punkers another chance. I'm so glad I did.

Nothing With You - 8/10
The Descendants have all the nessesary ingrediants to make a well rounded pop punk song. Great riffs, great vocals, great lyrics. Great everything. This song displays how a pop punk song should sound, and if you ever wanted a description of what power pop-punk in my book sounds like, then this song would be quite self-explanatory.

'Merican - 8/10
This is a lot different than the first track, and proves these guys are more than a band having fun. With their political lyrics looking at American History (Ku Klux Klan, Vietnam, slavery, pollution) and the Bad Religion like riffs, this is another good point for this band. Also, the chorus must be one of the best I heard in years; you'll sing along those few sentences in no time!

Here With Me - 7/10
A bit slower, but still as punky. It is a typical po punk song and The Descendants know how to make them sound right. It's loud, and it's guitar, bass and drums match perfectly with the lyrics.

I Quit - 7/10
The end of this album is lacking slightly, but this rock 'n' roll kinda song is still a great song to listen to and just rock to. With a chorus anyone can shout along to ("I quit, I quit!") and hard and heavy guitars, this band are still doing it right.

Secret Track - 5/10
Now we go to the hidden unnamed track. I don't have a problem with bands trying out something different, but Descendents better stick with their energetic or lightfooted hearfelt songs instead of this slow and useless rubbish. No wonder they didn't have a title for it, and I try to look at it as a decompression-song after 4 amazing tracks.

This taster is a reminder to everyone about how REAL pop punk music should sound nowadays, and The Descendents are doing it right, and have been for the past 14 years. This EP has certainly changed my opinion on this superior band, and I will be looking forward to the day when their new album comes out!

Look out kiddys, the grandaddys of pop punk are back!

4 smiley faces out of 5 :D:D:D:D:(

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February 15th 2004


They've been around for more than 14 years. Heck, they released Somery, their version of a "Best Of" collection in 1991 or something with material dating back to their first album in '81. It's always good to hear that they're coming back with some new songs because they're proof that even the smartest scientists (Milo) can make excellent pop-punk songs that last. Proof? Sublime covered "Hope" on their first major release and Blink 182 covered it at a show I went to in 1999.

Good review. :thumb:

April 7th 2004


Hey cky2kendall_the_third weebl and bob rock and so do the Descendents - 'Merican

Mike Rakhabit
April 21st 2006


Some of the descendents best work in my opinion.

Nice review.

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