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Invaders Must Die



by BobbbyLight USER (10 Reviews)
November 11th, 2009 | 10 replies

Release Date: 2009 | Tracklist

Review Summary: The Prodigy make a return to past forms, with varying degrees of success.

The Prodigy more or less made modern electronic music what it is today. Their influence is undeniable. Their first disc, Experience, was a quirky mix of jungle and drum & bass mixed in with some clever vocal samples. There were some classic tracks on that album but the Prodigy really didn't become The Prodigy until their second disc. To this day I still think Music for a Jilted Generation is my favorite electronic release and I think I'll go to my grave with that thought. After that they had the mega hit with Fat of the Land which added a lot of vocals from Maxim and Keith, 2 guys who were largely relegated to be hype men at their concerts. The first five tracks on that disc were as good as anything Prodigy had but the disc quickly faded after that.

Since The Fat of the Land it has all been downhill for the Prodigy. While they have remained very popular in the UK their fame in the US has all but vanished. Since the Fat of Land there were mis-steps like Baby's Got A Temper and then an absolutely horrible LP follow up to Fat of the Land in Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned. The disc was feature heavy with a whole lot of people the Prodigy shouldn't have been working with. Tracks with Twista were terrible, Kool Keith got a little bit too much time as a guest and Juliette Lewis nailed it on one track and flopped on another. All together their last disc was a disappointment to everyone except the most hardcore Prodigy fans.

So would they make a comeback to the mainstream with their latest disc" Pretty unlikely, but they will always have their built in fan base. The disc starts of with the title track, which was the first single. Overall a good track but far from great. The second track is their second single titled Omen. Prior to the release the Prodigy made it a point to be known that they were trying to go back to the "old Prodigy" and that is really felt on Omen. The track is a throwback to the Experience days with simple beats and a catchy hook. The rest of the disc really follows the same pattern. The third track, Thunder, is very reminiscent of Wind it Up due to it's reggae sampled vocals.

While this disc does avoid featured guests, it does have vocal samples galore. Most of them are boring and unnecessary and since they are in almost every song it starts to feel repetitive. The only sample I really like is the female vocal on Warriors Dance, which is probably my favorite track. I just don't understand why every song has to have vocals on it. I am struggling to remember for sure, but I think there are several tracks between Experience and Jilted Generation that didn't have any samples at all. And that's OK, this is electronic music. It's the music that's important and it's nice to hear a group as good as The Prodigy without vocal samples everywhere.

The biggest problem with this disc is that there really aren't any standout tracks. Each one just blends into the next. Then there are tracks like Oman Reprise which is just a big tease. After the first minute of this track I was feeling like it was going somewhere. It had a deep, brooding beat and I was waiting for the explosion. Then I looked at my Zune and the song was over at 2 minutes and 19 seconds. It just dies.

While the Prodigy did do a good job of going back to their roots, they forgot to make it interesting. Tracks never builid into anything. Every song falls into the same pattern. I think the most hardcore of Prodgy fans are still going to like this. For those of us who felt they have been fading the last decade aren't going to have their mind changed by this one. Its too bad, but their best work is behind them.

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November 11th 2009


Album Rating: 2.5

Good review. I've still never bothered with this album. They hit it big with Fat of the Land and then completely dropped everything good about that album.

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November 11th 2009


Album Rating: 4.0

great review man, I have only heard the 2 singles + World's On Fire and I thought all of them were decent but I'm not really interested in hearing another 8 tracks just like the aforementioned. Idk, maybe I will get this at some point if I'm bored, but most likely (at least for now) this will go unchecked by me.

November 11th 2009


Album Rating: 4.0

Didn't mention Take Me To The Hospital, that's a huge tune!

November 11th 2009


Album Rating: 4.0

Didn't mention Take Me To The Hospital, that's a huge tune!

Really enjoy this album but not as good as Jilted or FoTL

Staff Reviewer
November 11th 2009


"The Prodigy more or less made modern electronic music what it is today"


"The first five tracks on that disc were as good as anything Prodigy had but the disc quickly faded after that."

Narayan, Firestarter and Climbatise is one of the biggest three punch combos i've ever heard.

Decent review but you don't mention enough about the music except Omen.
Warrior's Dance is your fav track. Why? And what does it sound like?
No mention of Dave Grohl drumming on Run With The Wolves either

November 11th 2009


I haven't listened to this for a bit, it did grow on me a lot though.

November 12th 2009


Album Rating: 3.0

@ Deviant... thanks for the comments... but I am going to disagree.

The first two points are a matter of opinion, so they can't be "wrong". I am curious to know who you think had more influence on dance music since the mid 90's.

As far as the music and what it sounds like, in the very first paragraph I give a description of what they did sound like and the throughout the review I point to them going back to their roots. I guess my thought was that people would tie their "roots' back to the first paragraph.

I also go into detail on Omen, Thunder and Omen reprise. I don't know how much detail I should go into, I thought a sentence was enough.

I mention Warrior Dance in relation to the vocal samples on the entire album, I didn't want to go further than that.

Don't take this as me being defensive. I am really starting to love writing reviews and I want to get better, so I welcome the comments. I just want to see what your feedback is on what I just wrote.

November 12th 2009


i still need to listen to this

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Staff Reviewer
November 12th 2009



I might've come off too harsh, trust me wasn't trying to be, just a big Prodigy fanboy.

"The Prodigy more or less made modern electronic music what it is today."
If it is just your opinion (and there's nothing wrong with that) i'd probably mention that just because it's such a bold statement. Imo they didn't make electronica/dance what it is today, I think they set out to turn that genre upside down.

You mention that Experience mixed Jungle with D&B, but they significantly changed their sound after that. While they incorporate elements on IMD from the Experience days (trance vocal samples, synths etc.) there's also huge elements of their other albums too (Colours is musically related to AONO and Warrior's Dance bears a big resemblance to Breathe off of TFOTL).

"The third track, Thunder, is very reminiscent of Wind it Up due to it's reggae sampled vocals."

Still doesn't get across what kind of sound this song is going for, and listening to this album (and any other Prodigy album) you should know that the Prodge like to throw in a lot of different genres.

Just nitpicks man, I do like the review and I pos'd, just little areas that could be improved upon maybe?

November 13th 2009


Album Rating: 3.0

Again, thanks for the feedback. I was just looking for more of your opinion... I see what you are saying about going into the sound a bit more. I also see the elements of past albums that I could've mentioned as well.

I do believe that they have had more influence on electronic music than anyone in the last 15 years, but maybe saying they "made it what it is today" is a little out there. I try not to make hyperbolic statements, I might scale that back if I was to re-write this.

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